Insider’s Guide to Chessington World of Adventures

Once you’ve picked up Cheap Tickets to Chessington World of Adventures follow our guide below packed with tips & tricks to help you get the most from your day out.

Chessington 2022 Resort; Early Ride Time

Extend your visit with an overnight stay at either of Chessington Hotels, (or try a spot of Glamping), and take advantage of EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the park.  Overnight guests can enjoy entry to the park from 9.15am allowing  access to the park before it opens to the public with a selection of rides & attractions open each day.  This is a great method to get ahead of the queues before the park opens for the day and is included with your resort stay along with FREE parking!  Look out for promotions that run throughout the year including Kids Go Free offers.

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Chessington; Parent Swap Passes

Young families can take advantage of a Parent Swap Pass that allows both parents & a child to ride without having to queue twice. Parent 1 & child queues & rides as normal but the second parent can use the fastrack entrance to bypass the queues. This works particularly well in groups of adults and children as you can still enjoy the thrill of the rides together. More details available at Parent Swap Passes.

vampire coaster at Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures; Vampire, (photo; Phil Loach)

Chessington; Fastrack Tickets

A fastrack ticket offers you a method to buy your way out of the queues that can be particularly beneficial on busy days at the park.  Purchasing fastrack tickets allows you to bypass the queues by accessing your selected ride or attraction through a separate entrance.  Tickets range from a fastrack solo for an individual ride from just £3pp through to unlimited fastracks for £70pp, (fastrack tickets are in addition to your entrance charges) with discounts for those that book online in advance.

Chessington; Non-Queue Activities

As the park starts to build, it can be worth interspersing popular rides with non-queue activities that can be found throughout the park.  In fact the great advantage at Chessington is there is plenty of attractions available for younger customers away from the crowds.  Look out for the Land of Dragons playground, Amazu adventure playground, Chessington Zoo, (including feeding times), Chessington Sea Life & Wanyama Village & Reserve.

Chessington; Early Bird Perks

The first 60/90 minutes of the day is the best time to get round the main attraction rides before the queues start to build. Ensure you are parked up & ready to go the moment the park opens.  Passholders can circumnavigate the standard queue lines by making use of the dedicated passholder entrance that can offer quicker access to the park.

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Chessington; Thrill Rides

There are six main thrill rides available to guests at Chessington: Vampire, Kobra, Dragon’s Fury, Rameses Revenge, Tomb Blaster & Dragon Falls, (a water ride).  Thrill seekers would be wise to head straight to the back of the park to begin ticking off a few off these popular attractions early in the day.  My advice would be to start with Vampire as this is the largest coaster at the park!

zufari at Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures; Zufari, (photo; Phil Loach)

Chessington; it’s the ride not the queue!

Did you know that it’s the RIDE QUEUE that closes at the stipulated end time & not the actual ride?  For those in the know this can give you one last chance at the main rides as the park begins to empty for the day.

Chessington; Single Rider Queue, (not currently available)

Look out for the Single Rider Queue in place for Dragon’s Fury that can offer you a quicker queue time if you don’t mind filling up space within the carriage.  Whilst this does mean you won’t be able to experience the thrill of the ride with friends & family, you may find the queue much shorter.  Simply join the separate Single Ride entrance and you’ll filter on as space appears within each carriage.

Chessington; Food & Drink

Take a sandwich and have an early/late lunch that allows to avoid the food queues whilst making some easy savings. There are a number of picnic spots around the park plus a good range of lockers available available to rent by the hour or day.  For those opting to purchase refreshments, remember that passholders can secure 20% off food & drink at Chessington outlets.

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chessington world of adventures hotel

Chessington Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)

Chessington; Lost Child Wristbands

Lost child wristbands are available at the park for that extra piece of mind.  Simply pop into guest services to take advantage of this FREE service.

Chessington; Height checking service

If your child is very close to minimum height requirements it’s worth opting for the Height Checking Service available from guest services.  Staff will measure your child & apply a wristband to confirm he/she is above the minimum qualifying height restrictions that alleviates any discord with ride attendants during the day.

Chessington; Choose Your Day

The easiest way to avoid the queues is to visit during off peak times if that feasible.  Look out for quieter times that tend to run during March/April, (avoid Easter) & September/early October.  Fridays tend to be busier than any other weekday and teacher training days can be especially quiet for school age children.  Young families can make use of term time/weekdays but check the park is open before you set off to avoid disappointment.

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Chessington Zoo

Chessington Zoo, (photo; Phil Loach)

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