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Insider’s Guide to Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

Once you’ve worked out the best Drayton Manor Ticket Deals & Discounts then it’s time to turn your head to more practical matters to get the most from your day out.

1. Thomas Land; Tips & Tricks

i. Head Directly To Base; Thomas Land is a popular attraction for young families and so avid Thomas fans should head directly to this themed area as queues tend to build throughout the day.

ii. The Thomas, Rosie & Percy Engine Tours; did you know that the Thomas & friends train only provides a ONE WAY journey from Thomas Land over to the other side of the park? You’ll often find a much shorter queue in place if you buck the trend and take the train from Tidmouth Station back to Thomas Land!

iii. Lesser Known Thomas Attractions; look out for more Thomas Land attractions squirreled away at the back of the park that attract shorter queues. Find Terences’s Driving School & a fantastic miniature Thomas railway over by Tidmouth Hault station that many guests don’t even know exist!


Shockwave at Drayton Manor theme park

Drayton Manor; Shockwave

3. Beat The Queues; Early Bird

Plan ahead & take advantage of the quietest time at the park which tends to be the first 60/90 minutes of the day.  Good to know that the car park & ticket booths both open significantly earlier than the park so ensure you are parked up & ready to go the moment the gates are opened. As the park tends to open about 30 minutes before the rides, this gives you ample time to find your bearings, select your first ride & start queuing before it opens.

4. Thrill Ride; Queue Capacities

Worth noting that queue capacities for thrill rides vary quite considerable at Drayton Manor;

Maelstrom; whilst the queues may look longer for this ride, the queues move quickly as capacity is high.

Stormforce 10; both tend to get busier throughout the day with queues peaking at around 1-2pm.

Accelerator; remains a popular at the park although more of a family coaster than the high end thrill ride.

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Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

5. Drayton Manor; Non Queue Attractions

As the queues begin to build at the park, look to intersperse rides with non-queue attractions to balance your day.  For time away from the queues look out for attractions such as Spencer’s Outdoor Adventure Play, the Drayton Manor Zoo, Dino Trail or even the Discover Thomas Exhibition.

6. Cheap Tickets to Drayton Manor

There are plenty of ways to reduce your entrance charges at Drayton Manor for those planning to shop around. Take advantage of cheap ticket promotions that can also include online discounts, adult and toddler tickets plus loyalty rewards.

7.  Drayton Manor; Fastrack Tickets?

Whilst there are no fastrack tickets available at Drayton Manor that ‘in it together’ attitude remains popular with theme park users.

8. Drayton Manor; Picnics & Lockers

Picnics are welcome at Drayton Manor and offers an easy way to make some savings at the park.  There are plenty of lockers available, (located behind the Carousel or at Emily’s play area), to store your belonging with a range of pricing options available.   You also have the option of storing your cool box in the car; just remember to get a hand stamp when you exit as this will allow you to gain re-entry into the park.

More information available at Drayton Manor Tickets; Deals & Discounts.


thomas land at Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor; James & the Red Balloon

9. Ride Photography Deals

For those that like to pick up a ride photo or two, look out for the photo pass offer at Drayton Manor.  This offers a discounted price on 4 photographic items, (including Thomas Land photos & driving licences) plus free digital downloads too.  The added advantage with this offer is that you can use it throughout the season should you wish.

10. Extra Attractions, (young families)

The great advantage with Drayton Manor is that there are plenty of other things for young families to see & do away from Thomas Land that offer you time away from the queues.

i. Spencer’s Outdoor Adventure Play; a fantastic adventure playground for children for young children, (8 years & under).

ii. Drayton Manor Zoo; wander around the zoo & keep an eye out for the feeding times.

iii. Dino Trail; go back in time and explore a world packed with friendly dinosaurs.

iv. Emily’s Adventure Play; this indoor play area runs timed sessions throughout the day, (worth booking a session on busy days).

v. Discover Thomas Exhibition; this miniature railway is great for little ones as they try to spot the Thomas & his friends as they speed by.

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