Insider’s Guide to the London Dungeons

1. The London Dungeon; Online Savings

When looking for Cheap Tickets for the London Dungeon look out for substantial savings off walk up prices that come with time ticket slots too.  Although timed sessions will not completely avoid the queues, (the London Dungeon suggest you should anticipate up to a 45-60 minute wait during peak times), it will substantially reduce your waiting time.


Costumed actors like guy fawkes at the London Dungeon

The London Dungeon; Guy Fawkes

2. The London Dungeon; Pick Wisely

If you have booked tickets online, then ensure you join the correct line at the London Dungeon.  The lines are clearly marked for those that have pre-booked tickets but if in doubt check with a member of staff.  It may seem like simple advice, but many a person has joined the wrong queue and ended up waiting longer than needed for entry!

3. Stay Ahead at the London Dungeon

With up to 45 people per tour, visibility can be restricted particularly for those with children, so try stay at the front of the tour as you move between the set tales to secure a good vantage point.

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Costumed characters at the London Dungeon

The London Dungeon; Dick Turpin

4. The London Dungeon; Merlin Passes

There are restrictions on dates for standard Merlin Passholders during peak times.  Standard passholders must also use the general admission queue rather than priority access.  Premium Passholders can join the fastrack priority access queue & have no restrictions on dates during general operating hours.

5. The London Dungeon; Walk This Way

Unfortunately, this isn’t a setting that you can wander around freely as you will need to move along with your tour & guide at all times.  There is only one way around the London Dungeon; each tour takes up to 45 people and lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

The London Dungeon is now ideally placed next to the London Eye & London Sea Life Aquarium along the Southbank of the River Thames.  Your closest tube/train station is now London


London Eye Views of London 600

The London Dungeon; Practical Information

i. Combination tickets; add a visit to the London Eye or Madame Tussauds with a discounted combination tickets that offers value for money for those planning to visit a number of attraction in London.

ii. Rides; there are 2 rides within the London Dungeon.  The Boat Ride is located at the beginning of the tour, (prepare for a soaking), & can be avoided if you request assistance from a member of staff.  The ‘Drop Dead – Drop Ride’ has an alternative route clearly marked if this isn’t for you.

iii. Ride Restrictions; there are height restriction in place on both rides plus accessibility is limited on the Boat Ride.

iv. Photos; there is the inevitable photo opportunity as you enter the Dungeon that is subsequently available for purchase. Whilst this can be a bone of contention with the children, I always side-step the issue by choosing not to pose in the first place.

v. Suitability; this attraction is full of surprises with live actors, in character, offering scares & thrills along the way. Prepare for a soaking on the water ride, thrills in the pitch black, gruesome tales & smells so I would suggest this is not suitable for anyone of a nervous disposition.

vi. Children; The London Dungeon does not recommend this attraction for children under the age of 8 years, (see above).  Anyone who wishes to leave the tour early can just let a  member of staff know and you’ll directed to the nearest exit, (but no re-entry).

vii. Educational: I would say less educational and more a bit a interactive fun of a gruesome nature.

viii. Lockers; unfortunately there are no lockers or in fact any space to store belongings at this attraction.  There is a left luggage facility within Waterloo Station, just a short walk away, charges apply.

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london dungeons and the london eye on the south bank

The London Dungeon on the South Bank

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