Insider’s Guide to Gulliver’s Theme Parks

Gulliver’s Theme Parks; A Theme Park for Children

Billed as a family attraction Gulliver’s Theme Park is ideally suited for those with children age 2 & 13 years.  From family rides to first coasters over 4 locations, (Milton Keynes, Warrington, South Yorks & Matlock Bath), Gulliver’s has it all PLUS plenty of bolt on attractions to extend your visit.  Follow our money saving tips & tricks below to help you get the most from your visit.

rides at Gulliver's Theme park

Gulliver’s Theme Park, (photo; Phil Loach)

Gulliver’s Theme Park; What Works?

i. Few Queues; the great advantage at Gulliver’s is the lack of queues.  Even on busy days, you tend not to wait longer than 30 minutes for the top thrill rides and substantially less for the younger family rides.

ii. No Fastracks; there are no irritating fastrack tickets available at Gulliver’s so everyone is in it together, (purely a first-come-first-served basis).

iii. All Weather Attraction; each park has a good range of attractions located undercover so plenty to keep you occupied whatever the weather.

iv. Bolt On Attractionas; plenty of additional attractions now available at each site including Splash Zones, Nerf Zones & Dinosaur/Farm Park & SFEAR.  These work well as a stand alone option or as a bolt-on attraction to extend your day, (look out for discounted combination tickets).

v. No Parking Fees; good news that parking at Gulliver’s remains FREE of charge at all 4 locations.

vi. Cheap Tickets; plenty of promo codes & promotions running throughout the season.

children's rides at Gulliver's Theme Park

Gulliver’s Theme Park, (photo; Phil Loach)

Gulliver’s Theme Park; Tips & Tricks

1. Gulliver’s Theme Parks; Cheap Tickets

There are plenty of cheap ticket promotions running throughout the season at Gulliver’s Theme Parks.  Look out for Mums/Dads Go Free, Food Bank Weekends, Toddler Tickets, Grandparent Go Free & Late Entrance deals.

2. Gulliver’s Theme Park; Picnics

Pack a picnic for some easy savings at Gulliver’s Theme Parks with picnic spots to be found around the setting.  Lockers are available at each park that are priced around £1/£3 depending upon your usage or size of storage area.  You’re never too far from your car should you prefer to store your cool-bag in your vehicle.

3. Gulliver’s Theme Park; Parking

Good to see a theme park that still offers FREE parking.  As the car park is located next to the entrance, you also have the option of leaving your picnic in the car and collecting it later.

4. Gulliver’s Theme Park; Extras

Gulliver’s is not an overly commercialised attraction, so whilst there are opportunities for additional spend, they are more thoughtfully placed.  With no fastracks in place for guests to bypass the queues, there is a much more relaxed in-it-together atmosphere that resonates around the park

5. Gulliver’s Theme Park; Bolt On Attractions

i. Splash Zone; packed with water slides, interactive features & intermittent bursts of water, it’s a perfect spot to cool down and have some fun!  More information available at Guide to Gulliver’s Splash Zone.

ii. Nerf Zone; think kids, combat areas, shooting ranges & nerf!  A popular attraction that works well as a stand alone option or as a bolt on.

iii. SFEAR; an indoor aerial climbing assault course that works well for adults & children alike, (minimum height restrictions 1.2m), that can be found at Gulliver’s Land.  More details available at SFEAR; Tried & Tested.

Indoor climbing at Gulliver's Theme Park

SFEAR at Gulliver’s, (photo; Phil Loach)

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