Insider’s Guide to LEGOLAND Windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; Tips To Beat The Queues

1. Cheap Tickets to LEGOLAND Windsor

Our first top tip starts before you enter the park by searching for cheap tickets to LEGOLAND Windsor.  There are plenty of ways to reduce your entry charges whether that be 2 for 1 vouchers, online discounts or even free ticket promotions.  More information available at LEGOLAND Windsor 2 for 1 Vouchers and Deals.

2. LEGOLAND Windsor; Parent Swap

The Parent Swap offers parents/carers with younger children the chance to ride the thrill rides without having to queue twice. This FREE option secures priority entrance for Parent 2 & child for each ride, (Parent 1 & child will need to stand in the normal queue) and primarily helps families with young children under height restrictions achieve a good balance of rides. More information available at LEGOLAND Windsor – parent swap.

3. LEGOLAND Windsor; Early Access, (not currently available)

Did you know that LEGOLAND Resort Guests can take advantage of EARLY ACCESS to the park before it opens to the public?  Guests can make use of separate access point into the park and enjoy exclusive use of a selection of rides & attractions.  Attractions can vary but often you’ll find Coastguard HQ, L-Drivers, LEGO City Driving School available before opening time.  This allows you to get a few of the most popular attractions under your belt early in the day. Resort guests can also pick up a discounted entry at the park, free parking, a pirate-themed water play area plus look out for promotions including Kids Go Free offers.

More details available at LEGOLAND Holidays; Hotel and Theme Park  Packages

the dragon coaster at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; The Dragon

4. LEGOLAND Windsor; The Early Bird

We’ve found that the first 60/90 minutes the park is open is often the quietest time of the day.  Ensure you have left ample time to park up, purchase tickets, pick up a locker & opt for a  Q-bot in good time to be ready the moment the park opens.  Worth noting that in previous years LEGOLAND Windsor has allowed access into The Beginning, via the turnstiles, around 30 minutes BEFORE the rides & attractions open for the day.

5. LEGOLAND Windsor; 2 for 1 Vouchers

There are always plenty of 2 for 1 vouchers available for LEGOLAND Windsor each season to help you save money.  It is recommended that all vouchers are now redeemed in advance to guarantee entry  and remember 2 for 1 vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with tickets purchased online but only with full price tickets.  Follow our guide to 2 for 1 vouchers and the many other cheap ticket promotions running throughout the season including free ticket options!

More information is available at Cheap Tickets for LEGOLAND Windsor.

6. LEGOLAND Windsor; Reserve & Ride/Q-bots

Look out for the Reserve & Ride system, (formerly known as Q-bots), that offers you a method to buy your way out of the queues. Whilst the Reserve & Ride is additional to your theme park entry, it does provide you with an option to pack more rides into your day. Be aware that numbers limited so worth considering pre-booking your Reserve & Ride ahead of your visit.

More information available at LEGOLAND Windsor Reserve & Ride.

Legoland resort hotel

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)

7. LEGOLAND Windsor; Navigation

LEGOLAND Windsor works hard to disperse customers around the theme park as it opens its doors for the day.  Once you have entered the park via The Beginning, it is worth positioning yourself to await the park’s opening through one of the following avenues;

i. Enter to the right, (by Lego Star Wars); this is ideal for those looking to access the main thrill rides such as The Dragon, Dragon’s Apprentice & Pirate Falls. This winding path will take you through to Pirate Shores but don’t get distracted with the River Splash ride you’ll see during your journey as this will drain all your early ride preparation.

ii. Enter to the left, (by Funky Fashions & Sweet Stop); this path is ideal for families with younger children wanting to access the ever-popular Driving Schools/Coastguard attractions before the queues begin to build.  Try not to get distracted with playground equipment & Miniland you’ll find during your journey as these are best kept for busy times at the park.

iii. The Hill Train; unless you’re one of the first in the queue for the Hill Train, we’d suggest it’s quicker to walk, using the first 2 options, rather than spend valuable time queuing for this attraction!

Follow our LEGOLAND Windsor Cheap Ticket Guide to find valid 2 for 1 vouchers, online promotions & even free ticket options!

Miniland at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland

8. LEGOLAND Windsor; Popular Attractions

The largest queues tend to build quickly for The Dragon, Pirate Falls, Vikings River Splash & Laser Raiders, (older children) as well as the Driving School/Coastguard attractions for younger children. To get ahead of the queues, concentrate on these popular attractions trying to get a few under your belt early  in the day.  Try heading straight for The Dragon & Pirate Falls at the far edge of the park and working backwards to complete the busiest rides first.

9. LEGOLAND Windsor; Non-Queue Attractions

As the park gets busy, intersperse rides with large non-queue attractions that allows children to run off some steam and adults to take a well earned break.  Look out for Miniland; a miniature world all made out of LEGO bricks, Castaway Camp; huge adventure playground, Brickville; extensive playground for younger guests or take in one of the many shows running during the season.

10. LEGOLAND Windsor; Picnics & Lockers

Take a picnic to LEGOLAND Windsor for some easy savings that also allows you to avoid lengthy queues for lunch too. There are a limited number of lockers dotted around the park to store your belongings as the car park is some distance away from the attractions.

Find more information with our LEGOLAND Windsor; Guide to Lockers & Picnics.

the dragon at legoland windsor

The Dragon at LEGOLAND Windsor, (photo; Phil Loach)

11. LEGOLAND Windsor Kennels

Previously LEGOLAND Windsor provided unsupervised kennels for dogs that was located close the main entrance to the park.  Unfortunately this is no longer available at the park much to the disappointment of theme park customers.

12. LEGOLAND Windsor; DigiPass

Look out for the Digipass available at the park that offers unlimited digital downloads of ride photography during your day at the park.  Extend you pass over 2 days or even purchase an annual option that is valid at all 4 Merlin theme parks, (LEGOLAND, Chessington, Thorpe Park & Alton Towers).  Digipasses also come with 50% off driving licences, magnets & keyrings too!

More information available at LEGOLAND Windsor; Digipass.

13. Young Families

i. Lost parent stickers; available from Guest Services that allows you to add your mobile phone number to quickly reunite families.

ii. Water fun; don’t forget the children’s swimwear for Duplo Valley.  This extensive outdoor splash zone for younger children won’t fail to entertain. Although swimwear is available from the store close by, it won’t be the cheapest option.

iii. Drench Towers; remember children under 6 years will need to be accompanied with Drench Towers so you’ll need your swim wear too!

iv. Pushchairs;  Strollers are available for hire from The Beginning.

v. Parent Swap Passes; passes are available from Guest Services, (more details above).

driving school legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; Driving School

14. LEGOLAND Windsor; Parking

Most customers will now need to pay parking charges when visiting LEGOLAND Windsor by car.  Standard parking is charged at £8 per vehicle or £16 for preferred parking that is located close to the main entrance, (online discounts available).  There are still a few options available to avoid these charges or reduce your charges for preferred parking.

Find out more in our LEGOLAND Windsor Parking Guide.

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  1. Linus Pertusini says:

    We went to Legoland Windsor on 4th April for my son’s Birthday. During our visit we purchased a photo of us all for £10 and I was informed by the cashier that we could download the same photo when we got home if we used the reference on the receipt. I cannot see anything about this on your website. Please could you let me know how we can do this.

    • Hi Linus, thanks for getting in touch regarding your query on digital downloads for Legoland Windsor. Whilst we at Topdogdays are independent of Legoland Windsor, (we simply provide money saving ideas to help you enjoy your day out), you could perhaps try Picsolve to find out more information about your ride photos. I hope this helps, Liz

  2. I would like to
    Use my tesco vouchers to buy tickets … Do you know if these tickets get you straight to the turnstiles or do you need to exchange them for tickets once you have paid and printed on line ?

    • Hi Vicky, you will need to redeem your clubcard vouchers for entry reward tokens prior to your visit to LEGOLAND Windsor. You will then present these to the ticket kiosk staff at LEGOLAND Windsor on the day of your visit.

  3. Our family premium merlin passes expire on 2nd April 2016. We have renewed. Does anyone know if the start date for our passes would be the day after our old ones expire (3rd April) or the date we collect them. We may be collecting them before our old ones expire.

    Thank you for any answers

    • Hi Kelanne, I know when you purchase a new premium passe and elect to collect from an attraction, then the pass begins from the date you collect. However I’m not sure if this is also the case with renewals.

  4. Hi,

    Can you tell me; during the months of May/June and July, which day during the week is usually the quietest? We would love to bring the grandparents with so a Saturday and Sunday will definitely not be an option.

    I will appreciate your comment on this.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Jane, yes you’re right the weekends will certainly be busy. It goes without saying that bank holidays & school holidays are to be avoided if you are looking for a quieter day. Often schools will wrap a teaching training day around the beginning/end of a school holiday too. I understand that Fridays tend to be a busier weekday & end of term school trips tend to take place from the end of June. Hope that helps..

  5. Love this site .. Just hope they may have more info about other places to visit all over the uk ..

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Lisa, always appreciated:) Yes, we have more information on other top visitor attractions around the UK including more UK theme parks, water parks, zoos and other adrenaline fuelled activities so do keep checking back.

  6. Hi,
    I can’t find the answer to my question… but maybe you can help.
    I have a kellogs voucher (2 for 1) can I buy the single ticket online and then get the free ticket at the turnstile, or have I got it wrong? It would spoil our day out for me to mess this up and have to pay something like £50 for one person! Thanks…

    • Hi Jo, with all 2 for 1 vouchers for Merlin Attractions, (Legoland, Chessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers), you must purchase a full price ticket on the day from the ticket booths and cannot combine it with a ticket purchased online. This is because, within the terms & conditions, it states that the voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or concession & online tickets are always discounted already.

  7. Muhammad Tariq Ahmed says:

    I have to drop my kids at Lego land tomorrow with some older cousins, where & could I save parking at the entrance


    • Hi Tariq, Legoland’s own risk assessment states that “The drop off / pick up point is situated at the main entrance to the Park” Whilst I have no personal experience of the Legoland Windsor drop off point, I am aware that Alton Towers, Thorpe Park & Chessington all offer drop off access without incurring parking charges.

      • Muhammad Tariq Ahmed says:

        Absolutely right was the reply, it is no problem in dropping off at the entrance, which isRight in front of the entrance

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lizwalsh, 19/04/2017

We went to Legoland Windsor on 4th April for my son's Birthday. During our visit we purchased a pho... Read more »

Linus Pertusini, 18/04/2017

Hi Vicky, you will need to redeem your clubcard vouchers for entry reward tokens prior to your visit... Read more »

lizwalsh, 09/08/2016

I would like to Use my tesco vouchers to buy tickets ... Do you know if these tickets get you strai... Read more »

Vicky, 08/08/2016

Hi Kelanne, I know when you purchase a new premium passe and elect to collect from an attraction, th... Read more »

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