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1. LEGOLAND Windsor; Kellogg’s 2 for 1 Vouchers

Look out for this LEGOLAND Windsor 2 for 1 voucher from Kellogg’s that is valid for use until 30 June 2022, (restriction on dates). Remember that all vouchers now need to be redeemed in advance against full price tickets, (not alongside discounted tickets), so savings are perhaps not as substantial as initially thought. Grown-ups Go Free vouchers can now only be used when you pre-book in advance through a designated link.

2. LEGOLAND Resort; Hotel & Theme Park Tik’s

Extend your visit with an overnight stay onsite at at the LEGOLAND Windsor resort that comes free parking, themed rooms and on-site facilities.  Look out for promotions that run throughout the year that can offer value for money for those looking for an extended stay. Unfortunately LEGOLAND Windsor 2 for 1 vouchers are not valid for use on these short break special offers.

TO BOOK GO TO LEGOLAND Resort Hotels; Accommodation & Tickets.


legoland windsor resort hotel

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)


3. LEGOLAND Windsor Tickets from £29pp

Pick up discounted theme park tickets for LEGOLAND Windsor from just £29pp.  This offer from Attractiontix offers substantial savings off full price tickets currently priced at £53!  Prices vary depending upon the date so worth booking in advance.

To book go to LEGOLAND Windsor Tickets from £29pp.

4. LEGOLAND Windsor; 2 for 1 Vouchers

Check out our full round up of 2 for 1 vouchers for the LEGOLAND Windsor that are valid to use. In general terms, 2 for 1 vouchers can secure one free entry when accompanied by a full paying person and cannot be used in conjunction with online ticket discounts or any other offers. Vouchers now need to be redeemed in advance with pre-booked tickets.

5. LEGOLAND Windsor; FREE Ticket Offer

Pick up 2 FREE tickets to LEGOLAND Windsor in this newspaper promotion that runs each year in the Sun.  This is particularly beneficial to those that have flexibility as you cannot select a specific date to visit.  It is quite a complicated promotion but if you follow the instructions to the letter, you’ve a chance to enjoy complimentary entry to the park, rides & attractions.  This offer tends to run May/June time each year so keep checking back for further details.

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The dragon ride at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; The Dragon


6. LEGOLAND Windsor; Tesco Clubcard

Redeem clubcard vouchers to gain entry to LEGOLAND Windsor that can offer substantial savings for regular Tesco shoppers. You no longer have to pay for your tickets in full with clubcard vouchers as there’s now an option to top up with a credit/debit card. Opt for a 1 day entry ticket, a standard Merlin Pass or even a LEGOLAND Windsor Annual Pass. Simply redeem your vouchers prior to your visit & book your tickets online in advance to take advantage of this deal.  There is also the option to upgrade your standard Merlin Pass to a Premium Merlin Pass with an additional cash payment of around £50pp on the day.

7. LEGOLAND Windsor Pre-School Ticket

In previous years, we’ve come across this Pre-School Ticket deal that offers a joint adult and child ticket, (3-5 years), for around £25.  This tends to run during select off peak times, during term time, giving you the added bonus of a quieter experience at the park.  We’ve also come across options for 1 adult accompanied by 2 or 3 young children too so keep an eye out for this toddler ticket offer.

8. LEGOLAND Windsor; 2 for 1 Voucher

If you travel by train you can download a 2 for 1 voucher for LEGOLAND Windsor that can offer you value for money. You will need to present valid train tickets, your downloaded voucher and pre-booked tickets to gain 1 free entry to the park. Keep an eye out for dates this voucher cannot be used at the park. More information is available at LEGOLAND Windsor 2 for 1 Voucher.

FIND OUT HOW LEGOLAND Q-bots can save you time around the park in this queue-busting method to bypass the crowds!


Miniland at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland


9. LEGOLAND Windsor; Group Rates, (not currently running)

LEGOLAND Windsor offers discounted rates for groups with differing rates available for parties of 10+, youth groups, school bookings and groups of 30+ guests that run throughout the season. Worth double checking what group rates are available for the date of your planned visit.

10. LEGOLAND Windsor; Merlin Pass Sale

LEGOLAND Windsor comes under the umbrella of Merlin Attractions so you can gain entry with a Merlin Pass.  Keep an eye out for the Merlin Pass Sale that tends to run each year that often provides the best savings for those looking to invest in a pass.  Whilst the standard Merlin Pass is cheaper, it does come with some restrictions on use and you will need to pay for parking.

Remember our LEGOLAND Windsor Guide – tips to beat the queues to help you pack more into your day!


the dragon coaster at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; The Dragon

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  1. Jessica Briggs says:

    Is there a discount for seniors?

    • Hi Jessica, we have seen senior discounted tickets for LEGOLAND Windsor in previous years but unfortunately I cannot see this promotion running this year, sorry.

  2. Hi. Can I use my Tesco points vouchers for Legoland on 28th fireworks?

  3. Planning to go to legoland on the 8th of September
    4 adults 2 kids 2 years and under
    Have been told that coupons or 2 for one offers are available.could you please let me know which is the best to get

    • Hi Mike, try the Kellogg’s 2 for 1-vouchers,that are valid at LEGOLAND Windsor on the 8 September. Just ensure you have enough vouchers to cover your party, have fun:)

  4. Twıce ı trıed 2 book 1+1 offer at for the 5th aug at holiday inn T5 offer of £181 for 2adt+ 2 chd . no luck, ı am outsıde uk at the moment , has this offer finished?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      If you go through LEGOLAND Holidays then all short break packages at partner hotels, (including Holiday Inn T5) include 2 day tickets at the LEGOLAND Windsor – is that what you are looking for? Availability will be limited during the main summer season so best to check book as soon as possible. You can find more details available at

  5. 1+1 offer does it inc. 1st Day park fee and if we are staying at one of the near htls does it inc. Car parking fees

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Unfortunately the 2 for 1 vouchers do not include parking at LEGOLAND Windsor as there is an additional fee for parking at the park. Parking is included for those staying at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel but unfortunately not for guests staying at hotels close-by.

  6. Alison Karp says:

    I have already bought tickets for Friday 28th October and was wondering if you have a kennel available and if so how can I book.


    • Hi Alison, it does look like you can purchase an online ticket for the kennels at Legoland without having to purchase theme park tickets. As you start to make a booking there is a tab at the top ‘Enhance Your Visit’ & under that you will see ‘Extras.’ Once you have navigated through to there you will see the ‘Dog Kennel Service’ tab where you can pick your date. Just ensure you haven’t selected any theme park tickets as you go through the process! Alternatively you can contact Legoland Windsor directly – more details available at Hope this helps, Liz

  7. hi, can I use the Kellogg’s voucher one adult free with one full paying adult that I have cut from cereal packet on sat 29 oct when fireworks are on ?

    • Hi Shelia, mmm it doesn’t explicitly say within the full terms & conditions whether the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher is valid at Legoland on 29 October or not. However it does state that the voucher excludes ‘any events & concerts’ and I rather suspect the fireworks nights will come under this umbrella term however I cannot be certain, (sorry I can’t be more definitive in my answer but if you do find out more do let me know so we can pass it on to our readers). One other thing to consider is that a 2 for 1 voucher will not guarantee you entry if the park reaches capacity through pre-sale tickets and these firework events can get pretty busy.

  8. Hi I’m trying to find The cheapest way to take my children to Legoland in. Half term. My Son is registered disabled, we are in receipt of DLA and my daughter is a student. My son is 10 and my daughter is 16. I do have child Go’s free voucher too.
    Thank you for your help.
    Tracy x

    • Hi Tracy, guests with a disability are entitled to bring in a helper for free, (you may also be able to apply for a ride access pass). It would be interesting to see whether you can can combine the free helper with the kids go free voucher, (an adult at LEGOLAND Windsor is deemed 16 years & above so this could possibly apply to your daughter). Whilst 2 for 1 vouchers always state they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, it would be interesting to see whether this applied to the free helper with a disabled guest. Be great to pass this on to our readers if you do find out any further information. All the best, Liz

  9. Are there lockers

    • Hi Joanne, there are indeed lockers available for use at LEGOLAND Windsor. There are 3 blocks of lockers located within the park that cost £1 for a single use. You can find more information over at LEGOLAND Windsor Lockers. At peak times, these lockers can get snapped up quickly so best to bag one early on during your day to the park to ensure availability.

  10. Hi,

    Are there any discounts or deals that can be used when staying at the legoland hotel? We are planning to stay in August but can’t find any deals 🙁

    • Hi Joanne, I can see Kids Go Free offers running during June but unfortunately this doesn’t currently extend to August. All short breaks to the LEGOLAND Hostel include a free second day at the park, free parking and early access into the LEGOLAND Windsor with Kids Go Free offers running at select times of the year.

  11. Cheap tickets for legoland now

    • If you are looking for cheap tickets to LEGOLAND then worth considering 2 for 1 vouchers that offers 1 person free entry when accompanied by a full paying guest. Alternatively look out for online discounts that can offer considerable savings if you book in advance.

  12. How does the early entry work in practice if you are staying the legoland hotel?

    • Hi Sheila, for guests staying at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, you can take advantage of early entry into the theme park before the park opens to the public.This usually takes place from 9.30am as the park opens at 10am each day. Whilst only a select number of rides are open, it does give you a chance to get a few popular rides under your belt before park opens for the day. You can also position yourself well as other popular begin to open at 10am.

  13. Hi,

    another way to save on paying for tickets is to keep an eye out for The Sun paper.
    They offer 2 free tickets to various merlin attractions, all you have to do is collect 10 tokens r codes then send away or enter them online. Sometimes they offer 2 for 1 deals also so perfect if you have extra people you can get them half the price too.

    • Good tip Lauren, thank you. If I recollect, this free ticket offer happens around May time?

      • Not sure when the Legoland one starts but I know the Alton Towers deals start next weekend

        • Thanks Lauren – now that’s good to know, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the Alton Towers offer! They are such good deals if you can be flexible on when you visit:)

  14. Hi. Me and my husband r looking to visit legoland on the 17th March. I have got two tickets with my Tesco clubcard and my daughters come home from school last week with children go free coupons on the back of world book day leaflets. Am I able to use them with my clubcard tickets I already have?

    • Hi Emma, unfortunately I don’t know the specifics of the children go free coupons that you have from world book day. However, I am aware that all free entry vouchers for Legoland Windsor would only be valid when accompanied by a full paying person and cannot be used in conjunction with any discounted tickets or concessionary offers including Tesco clubcard vouchers, sorry:(

  15. Hi
    I visited with my 5 year old last week with a child goes free ticket. When paying he gave me a returning adult go free.. Can the returning adult be used in conjunction with 2 complimentary tickets for adult and child? The park unfortunately was closed so I was issued 2 tickets to return. If so we would like to go back with her dad and wondered if I can use the returning adult and 2 tickets as entry?

    • Hi Tasha, I’m not sure if you mean this is an adult go free voucher? If so these can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer and require the ‘free’ person being accompanied by a full paying person paying the on-the-gate price ticket.

  16. Went to purchase tickets through groupon for lego land, but it only gives option of ‘third release’ what does this mean?

    • Hi Stacey, this Groupon promotion has been running for a couple of weeks now. The LEGOLAND Windsor Groupon promotion in particular has been selling well during this time which consequently has led to only limited tickets options available, (ie the 4 adult/child tickets only). In terms of the release options, Groupon states that ‘The vouchers for these deals will be released in batches, but this does not affect the price or options of this deal’ – I hope this helps:)

  17. Why don’t Legoland just reduce the prices so that we can book direct without going around the houses trying to get a deal. Bloody stupid company.

    • Hi John, it does sound like a plan rather than having to search out 2 for 1 vouchers/discounted tickets for Legoland Windsor as I’m sure most people by now know not to pay full price on the day. However, saying that, surely then I’d be out of a job!

  18. cristinaMitroi says:

    I have one ticket from kellogg’s cereal valid until 30 of june 2016.Can i still use if i want to book the tichet online for 2 kids and one adult?I want to book the ticket for next wekend and i want to now if i can use the ticket at the entrace.

    • Hi Christina, unfortunately you can only take advantage of an adults go free voucher when you are accompanied by a full paying adult or child paying the full on-the-gate price ticket and cannot be used in conjunction with online ticket discounts.

  19. Hi …. There is any voucher at Kellogg’s for March 2015? Regards

    • Hi Michele, the Kellogg’s Free Adult Entry voucher is valid at Legoland Windsor in March from the date that the park opens, (13 March) through to the end of March. Vouchers can be found on promotional packets of Kellogg’s breakfast bars & cereals.

  20. Offers in may lego land?

    • Hi Nancy, we are starting to see another Kellogg’s free adult entry voucher for 2015 on select promotional packets of breakfast cereals & breakfast bars that includes Legoland Windsor. As the theme park season takes off in March, I’m sure we’ll soon start seeing many more Merlin 2 for 1 vouchers & offers.

  21. Ruy Pimentel Marques Junior says:

    Sr (a). Responsible,

    I would like to purchase 4 tickets (adults) for Legoland in Windsor for the 9th of January 2015. How do i?


    Ruy Marques

  22. Jerry Slocombe says:

    My wife and I are taking our grandchildren to Legoland on 29th August 2014. Is it possible to print 2 for 1 offer vouchers at home? Thanks …

    • Hi Jerry, sorry the 2 for 1 vouchers for Legoland Windsor that we have written about all require a purchase of a promotional item such as Kelloggs cereals or Walkers Crisps. They can be found in most supermarkets…just look out for the voucher promotion on the front of each item. You can find more details over at 2 for 1 vouchers for Merlin Attraction.

  23. Hi, are there any offers on any cereals I can get at the moment? Hoping to visit Legoland on 24th July? Have the half price one from quavers but is that with a paying adult? Is there still an adult goes free one? Thanks

  24. Ann Fitzpatrick says:

    Any deals for 2014 yet? I’m thinking a family pass for an Xmas present would be a great idea.

    • Hi Ann, sorry not that I am aware of at the moment. Historically Legoland Windsor run a promotion in December where you can pick up a free standard pass if you purchase a quantity of Lego from Legoland Windsor. Alternatively, Merlin run a Merlin Pass sale in January but don’t think these are quite what you are looking for. Do keep checking back & we’ll update as new offers come in.

  25. John Turvill says:

    Hi, my wife got the 2 for 1 offer from the Sun but I need a ticket and we heard that we could get one at a discounted price. Can you help with this please.

    • Hi John, unfortunately with a 2 for 1 voucher you will need to purchase a full price ticket on the day of your visit to Legoland Windsor and cannot take advantage of other discounted ticket offers.

      • does anyone know if you can use the half price abbey well vouchers to get half price for a whole group on the same trip? the website T&Cs seem to suggest that you get a half price voucher for another person???

        • Hi Sam, I am not aware of the terms & conditions of this half price voucher for Legoland Windsor, although in general terms we find these promotions tend to offer just one person discounted entry per voucher & per transaction so best stocking up!

  26. Dave Byrne says:

    I picked up a 2 for 1 Legoland voucher for WH Smiths earlier this year & wasn’t sure if I can use it in the school summer holidays?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Dave, when reading through the terms & conditions of the WH Smiths voucher for Legoland, Windsor, the voucher is valid throughout the season, excluding special events & between 27 October to 4 November. This voucher allows one free entry when accompanied by a full paying adult and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.