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English Heritage Membership; Promo Code (valid code)

Look out for this English Heritage Promo Code that offers 15% off both annual and gift memberships for new members.  This promo code will secure you a 15% discount off standard membership prices when you book online using the promo code EHAFF2023 & sign up by direct debit, (remember you can always cancel the direct debit for next year if you change your mind).  This offer is valid on all annual & gift memberships with the exclusion of Life Membership and remember adult membership also allows you up to 6 accompanying children FREE entry!

TO BOOK USE THE PROMO CODE EHAFF2023 at English Heritage Membership.


Lindisfarne Castle english heritage

English Heritage; Lindisfarne Castle, (photo Phil Loach)


English Heritage – up to 6  children go FREE!

There are some great family savings to be made with English Heritage as each family adult membership gives you free entry for up to six  accompanying children, under 19 years, within your family group.  Great to  see that these free child entry offers are valid with both 1 or 2 adult family membership.  For double deals, sign up for English Heritage membership & pay by direct debit and you can receive 15 months membership for the price of 12 months and remember the promo code too, (see above).

More details available at English Heritage – Membership.

Free Entry For Heritage Open Weekend, (September)

Pick up FREE entry to thousands of historic settings including historic houses, castles & gardens during the Heritage Open Days weekend that runs every September.  Many settings are limited to certain days & times during the open weekend so worth checking the details before planning your visit.  We’ll bring you more details as they come in for September 2023.

English Heritage Membership; Clubcard Vouchers

Regular Tesco shoppers can exchange clubcard vouchers for English Heritage membership with this deal.  Again the great advantage with this offer is that adult membership comes with free entry for up to six  accompanying children (under 19 years) within your family group.  Great to see a range of pricing  options dependent upon the membership category you require, (single adult, senior or joint adult English Heritage membership).

TOP TIP; remember to use the promo code EHAFF2023 to secure 15% off English Heritage Membership that is valid on all annual & gift memberships!


St Mawes castle cornwall english heritage

English Heritage; St Mawes Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


English Heritage; 2 for 1 Offer with Gardeners’ World

Each year Gardeners’ World magazine runs a 2 for 1 discount card that is valid at over 350 gardens around the UK & Ireland. We’ve seen a number of English Heritage properties included within this promotion including Osbourne, Carisbrooke Castle, Down House, Kenilworth Castle, Eltham Palace & gardens, Belsay Hall, Castle & gardens & more.  This promotion runs within the May edition of Gardeners’ World each year. More details available at Gardeners’ World 2 for 1 Discount Card.

English Heritage Memberships; Associated Attractions

An added bonus with English Heritage Membership is that you can pick up FREE or discounted entry at 100+ associated visitor attractions too for added value for money.  We’ve come across offers such as half price entry to Warwick Castle, 30% discount of Blenheim Palace or 2 for 1 entry on Churchill War Rooms. Always worth keeping an eye out to see what offers are running when planning your next  day out.

TOP TIP; explore our guide to National Trust Deals packed membership offers included free child entry and 2 for 1 offers!


the iron bridge in Shropshire

English Heritage; The Iron Bridge, (photo; Phil Loach)


English Heritage; Life Membership

For those looking for a longer term investment, then it is worth considering the benefits of Life Membership.  During your lifetime, this allows you, an adult guest and up to 6 children within your family free entry to English Heritage sites.  Find our more details can be found within our English Heritage Life Membership Guide.

English Heritage; Blue Peter Badge Holders

Blue Peter badge holders can gain free entry to many English Heritage sites including Stonehenge, Osbourne House, Bolsover Castle, Roman Vindolanda & Roman Army Museum.  Free entrance is strictly for Blue Peter badge holders, (age 6 – 15 years), that are accompanied by a full paying adult.  Simply flash your Blue Peter badge & accompanying Blue Peter badge card at the ticket kiosks on the day of your visit. More details available at Free Entry to English Heritage Setting for Blue Peter Badge Holders.

Free School Trips to English Heritage Sites

Teachers & students can take advantage of free days out at English Heritage sites.  Schools that are interested in visiting any of the English Heritage sites can visit free of charge and this includes a free site visit for teachers to help plan ahead.  That’s free entry to 400+  English Heritage sites!

TOP TIP; save 15% off standard membership prices when you book online at Book Online at English Heritage using the promo code EHAFF2023.


Stokesay Castle English heritage

English Heritage; The Civil War Garrison at Stokesay Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)

English Heritage 2 for 1 Entry Offer with Country Life, (now expired)

Here’s a chance to pick up 2 for 1 entry on 100+ English Heritage settings and make some big savings on admission costs.  Simply purchase promotional packets of Country Life butter & spreadable, download your 2 for 1 voucher and book your tickets for the participating attractions of your choice.  Even better news, due to the recent upheaval, this promotion has been extended until 30 September 2021, (even if your 2 for 1 voucher has an expiration date of 31st March 2021)


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  1. Steve Whitmill says:

    So what is the discount code for Warwick Castle please?

    • Hi Steve, if you are an English Heritage member, you will be able to go online to your EH members area, and find details of all the associated attractions, Liz

  2. Michael Atkinson says:

    Hello, is Bolsover Castle taking part in the 2 for 1 countrylife offer? When I try to book online and enter my unique code I get an error message saying “Invalid code “

    • Hi Michael, sorry to hear you are having problems with this 2 for 1 voucher offer for English Heritage. Unfortunately Topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the deals can be found), so perhaps best contacting English Heritage directly with your query by emailing, all the best, Liz

  3. gloria Brissenden says:

    I cannot see where to enter the promotion code for 2for1 entry. The code isCX******** Please advise me . Thank you Gloria

    • Hi Gloria, sorry to hear you are having difficulties with this English Heritage/Country Life 2 for 1 voucher. You can enter your unique promotional code and email address over at and they will generate and send you by email your 2 for 1 voucher, hope that helps, Liz

  4. jean mc creadie says:

    Hello I tried umpteen times to get 2 for 1 entry voucher and nothing seems to be happening I thought this would be good to pay a visit but can not even get in to get voucher print out the set out for this offer as I can see is not in any use for to register totally ridiculous so I think I just give up as offer is no use thanks J Mc Creadie

    • Hi Jean, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with this 2 for 1 voucher for English Heritage. Topdogdays is independent of all visitor attractions and promotions, (we just let you know where all the deals and discounts can be found). Worth ensuring you have entered the unique code with no spaces between characters and the upper/ & lowercase is matched and ensure the voucher is valid for use at your chosen English Heritage attraction. If you still can’t get it to work, you can email English Heritage directly at for further assistance, Liz.

  5. Lucie Thomson says:

    I have been battling with the site which promotes your 2for1 voucher in conjunction with Country Life Butter. There is no where to input the code so that I can receive a voucher. I read the emails from other frustrated people who also had no luck in obtaining a voucher and followed the instructions given but even then found it impossible to see where to input the code .(There was supposed to be a red box which popped up and under which the code could be written – but there was no red box.) Why put forward a promotion which has clearly been so poorly handled? It only makes people just give up and feel that your historical sites are not worth the bother of visiting. In future just organise your promotions properly as ultimately it makes you look bad.

    • Hi Lucie, sorry to hear you are having trouble redeeming your 2 for 1 Country Life butter voucher for English Heritage. We are Topdogdays are independent of both English Heritage and Country Life butter, (we simply like to let you know where promotions, offers and vouchers are running for top visitor attractions around the UK), so unfortunately do not have any influence over the administration of this promotion. As you can see from the comments, you are not alone, in struggling to redeem this offer. I have taken another look and if you go to this should take you through to where you can enter your unique code, (you should see a box with a red ‘submit’ tab next to it). Hopefully that helps? Liz

  6. Wendy Honywood says:

    What offers have you got for o.a.p s?

    • Hi Wendy, look out for the discount senior membership available at English Heritage that is available for those age 65 years & over. Good to know that there is also an English Heritage joint membership offer, (discounted from the standard joint membership price), for a couple where one is under 65 years and the other is 65 years or over.

  7. Mr & Mrs Ruskin says:

    Hi W are new members and just opened our books etc.
    It tells us to register our cards ,but I cant see how.
    Cards xxxx53
    the other card is nearly the same but ending in 52
    other numbers are xxxxx53 and ending in 53.


    • Hi sorry to hear you are having problems with your English Heritage membership cards. You are probably best contacting English Heritage directly with your query as we at Topdogdays simply let you know where the deals are running. I hope your difficulties are resolved quickly, all the best, Liz


    After many years membership I am afraid we cannot take advantage of our cards .When they expire end of Oct 2016 ,we will not renew
    Please acknowledge our resignation .Thank you

    • Dear Mr Blount, thank you for your query to Topdogdays regarding your English Heritage membership. We are independent of English Heritage and in this instance I think you would be best emailing English Heritage directly to cancel your membership on

      • I am sorry that I have to cancel my English heritage

        • Hi Denis, unfortunately we at Topdogdays are independent of English Heritage, (we simply let you know where the best EH deals & discounts are to be found), so you will need to contact them directly to discuss cancelling your membership, all the best, Liz

  9. Mrs Patricia Worsfold says:

    I am a member living in Margate. I have several pensioner friends who would very much like to visit Walmer and Dover Castles. I can provide transport but am wondering if ‘single visit’ entry tickets are available to buy on the day.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Mrs Worfield, thank you for your query to Topdogdays. Whilst we are independent of English Heritage, I am aware that you can buy day tickets to both Dover & Walmer Castles on the door and do not need to be añ English Heritage member to visit. Your friends may wish to look out for concessionary rates for seniors or cheaper adult tickets without the gift aid uplift. All the best, Liz