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UK Visitor Attractions; Free Entry for Blue Peter Badgeholders

Here’s a great tip for those looking for FREE entry to 200+ visitor attractions around the UK; apply for a Blue Peter badge.  Valid badgeholders can pick complementary entry to a wide variety of settings including safari parks, London visitor attractions, museums & theme parks.

What Attractions Offer Free Entry with a Blue Peter Badge?

There are now over 200 visitor attractions around the UK that currently offer free entry to Blue Peter Badgeholders.  Attractions include theme parks, zoos, museums, wildlife parks, historic houses, aquariums & London attractions including the Tower of London, Knowsley Safari Park, Eden Project, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum and Eureka!

Whilst the Blue Peter badge free entry offer remains in place for plenty of visitor attractions around the UK, unfortunately all Merlin Attractions, (such as Alton Towers, LEGOLAND Windsor and Sea Life Centres), are no longing participating in this scheme.

the eden project site in Cornwall

The Eden Project, (photo; Phil Loach)

Blue Peter Badgeholder; The Detail

Worth checking with individual attraction websites to see opening times and whether they are operating this Blue Peter promotion as normal before planning your visit.

To secure free entrance Blue Peter bageholders must be aged between 6 & 15 years & be accompanied by a full paying adult.  You must also be able to show your Blue Peter badge & accompanying Blue Peter badge card at the ticket kiosks on the day of your visit. There are some restrictions on dates with this offer at specific attractions so worth double checking entry requirements to avoid disappointment.

beefeaters at the tower of london

Beefeaters at the Tower of London, (photo; Phil Loach)

How To Apply For A Blue Peter Badge

There are a selection of Blue Peter Badges available so there is sure to be something that will appeal to your child.  Whilst some badges are difficult to achieve, (such as the gold badge), others are quite easy to achieve, (such as the purple badge that simply asks your child to complete a review of a Blue Peter episode).  Simply check through the options and find the badge of choice.

For more details and to apply go to Blue Peter Badges.




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  1. Hi can I get into the edon project for free with a bp badge

    • Hi Freya, yes Blue Peter Badge holders, age between 6-15 years old, can enter the Eden Project for free when accompanied by an adult with their own valid entry (ticket/Annual Pass/Locals’ Pass/Membership). Remember to book your visit online, ensure that you book a (free) time slot for Blue Peter badgeholders at the same time. On the day of your visit to the Eden Project, please show the badge and ID card or letter.

  2. so I would like to go to other places for fun so I do have a card but do I need to tell you my name and number and no leaving

    • Hi Jacob, you will need to present your Blue Peter Badge and badge winner’s card at participating attractions and be accompanied by an adult paying full price. Worth checking with the attraction of your choice before setting off to see if you need to book in advance or if there are any excluded dates with this offer, Liz

  3. Should be able to go to Drayton Manor. 🙁

    • Hi Gabriel, unfortunately Drayton Manor is not available under this free entry offer. Adventureland, Digerland and Crealy Theme Park are all included within this Blue Peter badge offer.

  4. Hi, can I use my BP badge to get free visits to theObscura & World of Illusions attraction in Edinburgh?

    • Hi Orla, unfortunately the Obscure & World of Illusion is not valid under the Blue Peter free entry offer although both Edinburgh Zoo & the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith are both included in this offer.

  5. I am really happy that I sent my drawings to Blue Peter because now I can visit loads of parks and attractions, I hope I will get a diamond badge

    • Well done Sophie, there are plenty of free entry offers to take advantage of when you visit with an adult paying full price entry.

  6. I think blue Peter is really funny exiting exiting
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  7. Rebecca metters says:

    I think blue Peter is really funny and exiting

    • Hi Rebecca, glad you enjoy Blue Peter and all the free entry offers & benefits that come with Blue Peter badges, Liz

  8. Rebecca metters says:

    I think you are cool 😎

  9. Helen Cale says:

    Can you use blue peter badges to go in to eastnor castle ledbury

  10. amazing

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Thanks Amy for getting in touch – yes the Blue Peter free entry offer can offer some great savings.

  11. I’m trying to find a badge attraction in York can you tell me some

    • Hi Sam, try DIG, Jorvik Viking Centre, York Maze or Yorkshire Museum of Farming that all come under the umbrella of Blue Peter attractions that offer free entry with valid blue peter badges & badge cards when accompanied by a full paying person, Liz


    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Grace, there are 170+ visitor attractions around the UK that are included with the Blue Peter badge scheme that offer free entry when accompanied by a full paying adult. You can find the full list over on the Blue Peter website but includes museums, non-merlin theme parks, sporting museums and even a safari park, all the best, Liz

  13. harrison says:

    thanks blue peter card I am so happy I can get into oyan towers for free

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Harrison, unfortunately the Blue Peter badge free entry offer no long applies at Alton Towers or any of the Merlin Attractions:( However there are still plenty of visitor attractions that have signed up to this free entry offer.

  14. layla hurlock says:

    i think its really good and active its updative and cool

    • Good to hear you’re interested in this free entry offer with valid Blue Peter badges – makes for some great savings!

  15. I want a blue peter badge I have never had one I watch your videos on the tv every day and if I get a blue peter badge it will change my life and family’s life

    • Hi Jasmine, thanks for getting in touch. We are independent of Blue Peter, (Topdogdays simply lets you know how to make best use of your Blue Peter badge) and you will need to apply via Blue Peter. Good luck with your application, Liz

  16. were can you go with your blue Peter card

    • Hi Paul, there are 170+ visitor attractions around the UK that you can visit with your Blue Peter Badge. Check out the full list over at Blue Peter attractions for more information.

  17. delroy taylor says:

    Hello can the bpb be used at Drayton manor park.

  18. iwohs

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Emily, perhaps showing my age but I had to look up what your message meant:) I’ve taken from Google; The symbol of idealism, intuition, energy, inspiration, determination, courage, but also tensions and contradictions.

  19. Hi, is the bpb accepted at London zoo or whipsnade zoo? Thanks

    • Hi Alan, yes you can use this blue Peter free entry offer at both ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo. To gain free entry, each child must have a badge and valid badge card, and be accompanied by a full paying adult.

  20. Rachel McKay says:

    Do Children get free entry to Alnwick Castle with the Blue Peter badge and card ?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Rachel, unfortunately Alnwick Castle is not one of the attractions valid under the Blue Peter badge offer:(

  21. Can Blue Peter badge holders get free entry to all National Trust properties

    • Hi Anne, whilst there are a number of historical attractions within the Blue Peter badge offer, (such as Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Audley End House & Beeston Castle), this offer does not offer free entry to National Trust properties.

  22. Where can they be used in London as the web still includes some Merlin attractions

    • Hi Jake, there are still plenty of attractions within London that run the Blue Peter badge offer including HMS Belfast, Tower of London, ZSL London Zoo, London Transport Museum, Ripley’s London & St Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately the Merlin attractions are no longer included with this free entry offer.

  23. Tracy Davies says:

    Hi can we use blue peter badges for entrance to the think tank science museum birmingham?

    • Hi Tracy, unfortunately the blue peter badge offer cannot be used at Birmingham Thinktank museum although they are valid at Black Country Living Museum is that is any use. You can find more cheap ticket offer over on our Birmingham Thinktank attraction page.

  24. Can you use the BPB at the sandcastle water park in blackpool.

    • Hi John, unfortunately you cannot use the blue peter badge at either Blackpool Pleasure Beach or Sandcastle Water Park, (although it is valid at Blackpool Zoo Park if that is any use to you). All the best, Liz

      • Thank you, hey that’s great take anything for free these days

        • Very welcome John, I know what you mean! To gain free entry the valid badgeholder will need to be age 6-15 years and present both badge and badge card and be accompanied by a full paying adult. Enjoy, Liz

    • Friendly Neighbourhood Hobbit says:

      You can use it at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, not too sure about Sandcastle though, was wondering myself hence I found this thread. 🙂

      • Top Dog Days
        lizwalsh says:

        Hi, you can use Blue Peter badges at Blackpool Zoo Park but unfortunately not at Blackpool Pleasure Beach nor Sandcastle Waterpark.

  25. Hi ya ,

    My son has had a blue peter badge and pass for a couple of years now and has made a very good use of it, which has been much appreciated by myself.
    I have heard though that they are stopping the badges and passes this week, is that true please as my son has another 2 years.
    kind regards

    • Hi Toni, we know that all Merlin Attractions are pulling out of the Blue Peter badge offer from 1 January 2017, (including Alton Towers, Legoland Windsor & Thorpe Park), but my understanding is that the Blue Peter badge scheme will still continue with the non-Merlin attractions, (although Topdogdays is independent of both Merlin & Blue Peter so unfortunately I do not have any insider knowledge). Hope this helps, Liz

  26. Is Warwick castle good.Also when is the best time of the year to go

    • Hi Anna, I suppose it will always depend upon what you are looking for in an attraction. The advantage at Warwick Castle is there is plenty to do within the setting including displays, the Dungeon and exploring the castle. However plenty of additional spend activities to be sure to set a budget before you go. Warwick Castle is all year attraction but you’ll probably get more from your day in better weather, Liz

  27. Oh no! So I have a Marlin pass, daughter has a blue peter badge. We want to go to London eye, it is included with the Marlin pass but not with the blue peter. What is the best deal, so that I can take her on the London eye.?

    • Hi Freyabelle, unfortunately the London Eye is not included within the Blue Peter badge free entry offer:( The London Eye is included within a Merlin Pass although there are restriction if you are using a standard Merlin Pass, (excluded August & bank holidays).

      • Freyabelle says:

        Yes but I am confused. I have a premium merl in pass, want to

        • Hi Freyablelle, you can use a Premium Merlin Pass to gain entry to the London Eye. However you cannot use a Blue Peter badge to gain entry onto the London Eye – the London Eye is not included within the Blue Peter badge scheme.

  28. TopFashionGirl says:

    Can I use it in conjunction with the Chessington annual pass

    • Hi, there is nothing in the full terms & conditions regarding using a Blue Peter badge in conjunction with an annual pass although we’ve had reports from readers that they have been able to combine the two offers in the past. You are perhaps best contacting Chessington World of Adventure directly prior to your visit to ensure this is actually possible to avoid disappointment.

  29. TopFashionGirl says:

    Does blue peter send a badge to everyone who applies

    • Hi, you’ll need to apply for the Blue Peter badge of your choice – there is a wide variety of badges available so hopefully you can find one that suits your interests.

  30. Bubbleworks at Chessington is sadly closing.

    • Ah so sad to hear that Bubbleworks is closing at Chessington World of Adventures at the end of summer 2016:( After 26 years in operation at the theme park, it’s an end of an era.

  31. Blue peter sent me two badge cards ids, what shall I do

    • Hi, Topdogdays is independent of Blue Peter, (we simply let you know where the deals are currently running), so you are perhaps best contacting the Blue Peter team directly to answer your query regarding duplicate badge cards.

  32. D u need to be accompanied by an adult per person, or just, 2 kids to an adult

    • Hi Nabvi, the Blue Peter free entry offer cannot be used by more than one Blue Peter badge holder for each paying adult.

  33. London eye, pls be includes

  34. Can u use it in conjunction with a merlin pass

    • Hi Nabvi, there is nothing in the full terms & conditions that specifically relates to whether you can use a Merlin Pass in conjunction with a Blue Peter badge. We have received feedback from readers to say they have managed to use a Merlin Pass with this free entry offer but I’m uncertain if this is down to the discretion of each attraction. Perhaps best to double check with the visitor attraction you are looking to visit prior to your trip to avoid disappointment.

  35. I have a blue peter badge that is new and I earned it by being in the Shakespeare play but they never gave me a card will i still get entry?

    • Hi Zain, you will need both the Blue Peter badge & a valid badge card to secure free entry. You will also need to accompanied by a full paying adult too.

  36. Oriya Guota says:

    Why can’t u use it on the London eye??

  37. U CANNOT use a merlin pass with two blue peter badges, but u can with one

  38. U can’t use it at London eye tho

    • Thanks for the feedback, that’s right that you cannot use the Blue Peter Badge offer on the London Eye. Often the London Eye is excluded from Merlin offers & deals which I imagine is because it is such a popular London attraction.

      • Oriya Guota says:

        I think u can use it on London eye

        • Hi Oriya, whilst you can use a valid Blue Peter Badge at many Merlin Attractions around the UK at select times of the year, unfortunately the London Eye is not included within this offer:(

  39. U can use it at Shrek! I did

    • Thanks for the feedback. Whilst Shrek’s Adventure is not showing on the Blue Peter list of attractions, I can see in the Merlin terms & conditions for the Blue Peter offer that it includes Shrek’s Adventure! London so good to know this works in practice too.

  40. I should get a badge because when people are sad of have been left out I ask them to join our game I care for them, help them up when they are hurt and I don’t let anyone bully them PS.I would love this badge

    • Hi Rio, there are many different Blue Peter badoes you can apply for. Check out the Blue Peter site for further details and apply for the badge that best suits you, Liz

  41. Mrs Grant says:

    I am taking my 9 year old grandchild to Windsor Castle for a birthday treat. She has a Blue Peter badge. Can I use this to take her to the castle?

  42. dena carter says:

    My 7 year old Jessica got her blue peter badge for making a model and she is so proud of her badge and modle we have one very happy little girl.her sister and brother are busy messing my kitchen up to get there badge..thankyou bluepeter

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Dena, that’s lovely news and great to see the savings that can be made with a Blue Peter badge with over 200 visitor attractions offering free entry when accompanied by a full paying adult. Whilst topdogdays is independent of Blue Peter, we do think this badge offer offers great value for money. Good luck to the little ones striving to achieve their Blue Peter badges too:)

  43. Hi just reading some comments below I can confirm that I have a Merlin Annual Pass and have used it at the ticket office at Legoland, Thorpe Park and Chessington so far to get my son in with his Blue Peter badge. I contacted Merlin before I bought my pass and they confirmed the Merlin pass can be used in conjunction with a Blue Peter badge

  44. I am 13 and have a blue peter badge do I need to have a paying adult to use it ? Or can I just get in for free

    • Hi John, unfortunately you do need to be accompanied by a full paying adult to pick up free entry with a blue peter badge.

  45. I want to go to Thorpe park with a friend

    I have a friend who is 12 and a half do they count as an adult ? Also if they pay with a merlin pass can I get in with my blue peter badge for free ?

    Thank you

    • Hi John, adult prices kick in at Thorpe Park for those age 12 years & over. Unfortunately you will not be able to combine free entry with the Blue Peter Badge with someone using a Merlin Pass as you cannot use both options together:(

  46. so excited got my first blue peter badge your website is so useful for so many things thank you for let me use your website, definitely will be using it again.

    • Hi Robbie, congratulations on your first Blue Peter badge, that’s great news. There are plenty of visitor attractions where you can use this across the UK but remember to take along your badge card and an accompanying adult to secure your free entry.

  47. kailen patel says:

    I love the blue peter card

    • Hi Kailen, yes so do I! Easy to apply and achieve plus fantastic free offers around the UK for Blue Peter badge holders too:)

  48. bethany brown says:

    i went to s s Great Britain it was cool! but not just that i went free! COOL!

    • Hi Bethany, yes plenty of things to do in the UK and all the better if you can take advantage of free entry with a Blue Peter badge!

  49. We have adult merlin annual passes. Would the blue peter badge be valid with these

    • Hi Lucy, to secure free entry with a valid Blue Peter badge, badgeholders must be accompanied by a full paying adult. Unfortunately Merlin Passes will not be accepted as the accompanying full paying person:(

  50. Sorry it’s for madam tussuards and aquarium.
    2 adults and 2 children

    Can I book 2 adult tickets online and just use my 2 children’s blue peter badges for free entry for them

  51. Hi my 2 children have blue peter badges.
    Can I book 2 adults tickets online then my 2 children will just gain free entry ?

    • Hi Rebecca, the Blue Peter terms & conditions state that ‘to gain free entry each child must have a badge and valid badge card, and be accompanied by a full paying adult.’ From the Merlin terms & conditions for Blue Peter badge holders it states that children with a valid blue peter badge can secure free entry when accompanied by a ‘ticket bearing adult’ & cannot be used against any combination tickets. Whether this allows you to purchase tickets online in advance, I have to say this is unclear. You can find the full terms & conditions over at Merlin Blue Peter Badge Terms & Conditions. One other thing to note is that only ‘one badge holder can attend per ticket bearing adult and per transaction.’ If you could possibly feedback plse if find out any further information, it would be great to pass this onto our readers.

  52. Tallulah Tay says:

    Hi, we are planning visits to Cadbury world and Drayton Manor for half term, do you know if they accept Blue Peter badges please?

    • Hi Tallulah, unfortunately you cannot use the free entry offer with your Blue Peter badge at either of these attractions:(

  53. Hi I was wondering can I use my blue peter card to get into the shriek world I couldn’t find it on the website because I think it’s so new but maybe you could find out for me I need help and fast !!!!!!!

    • Hi Bella, whilst you can use your Blue Peter Badge at other London Merlin Attractions, unfortunately you cannot use this at the Shrek’s Adventure! London at present. We’ll keep an eye out to see if this Shrek attraction signs up for this Blue Peter offer in due course.

  54. Hi, If I book my adults ticket on line to save time later it is also cheaper. Does this class as full paying as no voucher is being uses, just booking in advance online?
    Thank you

  55. I’m 31 and got a Blue Peter badge aged 11. I still have it, but the cards weren’t around when I got mine! Can I still use my badge as an adult even though I don’t have ID? 🙂

    • Hi Laura, I like your thinking but unfortunately you have to be between 6 & 15 years old to take advantage of this offer:(

  56. I love blue peter that’s why I want a badge

  57. Are you allowed to got to ZSL Whipsnade for free with a blue peter badge it is not specified on both the blue peter website and ZSL

    • Hi Nisha, I can see ZSL Lonodn Zoo on the list of Blue Peter attractions but unfortunately not ZSL Whipsnade:(

  58. I have a child with a blue Peter badge but also want to take another. can I use in conjunction with a kids go free voucher?

    • Hi Heidi, I like your thinking but unfortunately you will not be able to use the free entry with the Blue Peter badge offer & the voucher at the same time:( All 2 for 1 vouchers state that they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounted ticket rate.

  59. Does there have to be a picture on the blue peter badge card to get the free entry and if so, how do i do that?

  60. emma wilson says:

    where can you find the list of 200 places you can go with a blue peter badge

  61. I am going to send a report of the lynx coming back to the UK.
    the lynx is in the cat family it had been extinct but some people
    say it is nice to see the lynx back in the forests and exotic places

  62. Becki suggars says:

    Hi have read the T&cs re blue peter badge entry – it’s not clear – is it one adult to accompany more than 1 badge holder – not a ratio of 1 adult per child?
    Just my daughter and her friend are badge holders so just 1 adult required?

    • Hi Becki, in the terms & conditions it states that ‘only one badge holder can attend per ticket bearing adult and per transaction.’ So you would need an adult per badge-holder child for this offer.

  63. Does any Blue Peter badge count? My son has a Blue Peter Sports Badge – I assume that this gets him free entry to these attractions just like the other badges, but I can’t see this specifically written down anywhere.

    • Hi Victoria, valid Blue Peter badges include Blue Badge, Silver Badge, Green Badge, Orange Badge, Purple Badge, Sport Badge & Gold Badge. Remember that the badge holder will need to present the Blue Peter badge & the badge winners card on the day and must be accompanied by a full paying adult

  64. My son received a blue peter photo I’d card but never expected a badge that every states you need both. We’ve never used it as always scared of being turned away because he never got issued a badge. This seems such a waste. His card has his photo on, is this accepted on its own?

    • Hi Paul, they do stipulate you will need both the Blue Peter Badge & the badge winners card to ensure you can take advantage of the 2 for 1 offers running under this scheme. Perhaps worth querying directly with Blue Peter at Blue Peter, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BH.

    • How do you put the picture on the card? Does it have to be any special sort of photo?

      • Hi Kirsty, unfortunately I cannot find any specific information relating to the photo on the Blue Peter Badge Card. Was there no specific instructions that came with the badge card?

  65. Michelle Hammond says:

    My daughter has a blue peter badge, can she use this for entry to Madame Tussauds, London. Thank you

    • Hi Michelle, I can see on the Madame Tussauds site that it states that ‘Blue Peter Badge Holders upon presentation of a Blue Peter Badge and Badge Winner’s Card, are entitled to free entry if accompanied by a ticket-bearing adult.’ Badge holders must be age between 6 & 15 years with only one badgeholder per transaction.

  66. love this got a badge the other day

    • Great news Lauren, well done:) Remember to take along both your badge & badge winners card to gain free entry to over 200 visitor attractions when accompanied by a full paying adult.

  67. Planning a trip to London – my son (11) has a BP badge and pass.
    Looking to use the 2 for 1 vouchers for my daughter, but pay full price for myself. Do you know if this is allowed?

    • 2 for 1 vouchers are generally very specific that they cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or concession. However, if you can split into 2’s at the ticket kiosk to purchase tickets, (I am assuming there is a 4th person in your party to cover the full price person for the 2 for 1), then this could be worth a try.

      For your son to gain free entry, he will need to be accompanied by a full paying adult plus meet the age requirements & hold both the badge & badge winners card.

      • Thank you for the answer – sadly there’s only 3 of us, idea was to get one in on a BP badge, one in on a 2 for 1 and pay for myself. Call me a cheapskate but find the entrance prices extortionate – was looking for a cheap day out at some of the sites!

  68. My daughter has a blue peter badge. I understand that she needs a full paying adult with her (the Blue Peter website actually says a ‘fee-paying’ adult). If I purchase my ticket with Tesco clubcard – does that count?

    • Hi David, my understanding is that to secure free entry the badge holder, (aged between 6 & 15 years) will need to show both his/her blue peter badge, badge winners card and be accompanied by a full paying adult. Unfortunately any discounted ticket, (including those purchased with Teco clubcard vouchers), would not be valid.

  69. Girl–2000 says:

    If you have the blue peter cards does it matter if you use the card and the adults use a annual pass to go in or do they have to pay, so that i can use the card?

    • To make of use your Blue Peter card you must be between 6 & 15 years and present both your badge & badge winners card at the ticket kiosk. You must also visit with a full paying adult so unfortunately, you accompanying adult will not be able to your their annual pass for this offer.

  70. i have four kids all blue peter bage cards holders. do i need 4 paying adults. we are a family of six.

    thanks in advance

    • Nish, unfortunately I do think you would need 4 full paying adults to take full advantage of this offer; the Blue Peter site states “Badge Attractions will admit one badge winner (with a badge and badge winners card) when accompanied by a full paying adult.”

  71. i have four kids all with blue peter badge holder cards, should there be four paying adults. this is difficult. we are a family of 6

  72. Hello ,

    I need Blue Peter Badge for my 5 year old daughter.

    Many thanks,


  73. carol griffin says:

    please can u say how i can get hold of wednesdays booking form for lego land i have mislaid them carol