Thorpe Park Car Parking Charges

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Car Parking Charges for Thorpe Park

Most guests driving to Thorpe Park will now need to pay for parking as part of their day out.  Once you have found the right Cheap Ticket Deal for Thorpe Park it’s worth planning ahead to make the most of your visit.  Follow our guide to Thorpe Park Parking below that includes current parking charges, information on how to purchase your car parking tickets plus a few methods to bypass these charges altogether.

stealth coaster at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Stealth, (photo; Phil Loach)


For those looking to purchase a car parking ticket online but without Thorpe Park tickets, here’s how you can do it. Go online to Thorpe Park Tickets and simply select the day ticket option online. Instead of purchasing tickets look across the tabs at the top where you will find the ‘Enhance your Day’ option from which you can select parking. Find out how you can bypass these car parking charges below as well as alternative methods to collect car parking tickets.

Thorpe Park Car Parking Charges & Free Parking

Car parking at Thorpe Park is currently charged at £8 per car where guests will require a car parking ticket to exit from the barriers at the end of the day.

i. Thorpe Park Hotel Guests

Extend your visit with a night at the on-site Thorpe Shark Hotel that includes FREE parking at Thorpe Park.  Promotions vary throughout the year that sometimes include some nifty additional perks so worth checking out what it available.

More information available at Thorpe Shark Hotel – Free Parking Perk!

ii. Free Parking Gold & Platinum Passholders

Whilst standard/discovery passholders do need to pay for parking, both Gold & Platinum passholders can take advantage of FREE parking at Thorpe Park. Simply scan your Premium Pass at the car park exit to take advantage of this free parking perk.

iii. 2 Day Thorpe Park Parking

In previous years we noted that a 2 day parking ticket at the Thorpe Park was priced at the same value at a 1 day ticket. That means for those planing 2 days at the park, you can pick up free parking on the second day. Often a second day at the park can cost just a few £’s so this free parking perk is a double bonus. If you have already purchased a car parking ticket, just pass to the staff at the fastrack ticket booth, who can transfer this over to a 2 day parking ticket.  Double check if this is running this season.

iv. FREE Parking Motorbikes

There are no parking charges in place for motorbikes at Thorpe Park and you will find a designated bike area located next to the annual pass office as you first enter the park. As you exit the park simply navigate around the exit barriers or catch the attention of exit barrier staff. Helmets can be stored in the larger lockers or handed into Guest Services located within the dome.

Look out for our Thorpe Park 2 for 1 Vouchers & Deals packed with money saving ideas to help you get the most from your visit.

Thorpe Part water rides

Thorpe Park, (photo; Phil Loach)

Thorpe Park Car Parking Tickets; Alternative Methods

1. Book Online; whilst purchasing Thorpe Park Tickets you can add your parking ticket to your transaction.

2. Ticket Booths; car parking tickets are available from the ticket booths on the day of your visit. This method works well for those using 2 for 1 vouchers & other promotional offers.

3. Fastrack Ticket Booth; located within the park you can purchase car park tickets from the fastrack unit that can be found close to Guest Services.

4. Annual Ticket Booth; as a last resort, car parking tickets can be purchased from the Annual Pass Ticket Booth located near to the exit barriers.

5. Machines? Whilst there are currently no car parking token machines at Thorpe Park, we’re hearing they are on their way. More details on this as they come in.  See below for more information on FREE parking options, passholder perks & parking for motorcyles.

Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Tidal Wave, (photo; Phil Loach)

Car Parking Tips for Thorpe Park

1. It is simple advice I know, but please remember where you have parked.  In the heat of the excitement, it is easy to forget to take note of where you have parked as you dash for the entrance.  It all looks very different when the car park is full to brimming at the end of the day, (we know), so look out for markers to help you navigate your way back.

2. There are currently no car parking machines at Thorpe Park so why not pick up your car park ticket from the fastrack ticket booth within the park during your day.

3. Whilst there is no express parking at Thorpe Park, you’ll find that all parking is very close to the main Thorpe Park entrance.

4. Remember you’ll only need ONE Gold/Platinum Passholder in your car to pick up FREE parking at Thorpe Park.

Practical Information for Thorpe Park

Drop Off Area at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Fastrack Tickets







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  1. I will be coming to Thorpe Park in the a 7.5m Motorhome. I have read I will need to park in the coach park. Could you tell me how much this will be.

    • Hi Phil, as you correctly state large caravans & motor-homes must park in the coach car park at Thorpe Park that is located on the right-hand side when driving into the Thorpe Park resort. When I have looked online at Thorpe Park it does state that coaches & mini buses, (minimum 12 seats) can park in the coach car park for free but it is unclear whether this applies to motorhomes too. It might be worth getting further clarification directly from Thorpe Park, Liz

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi – I have bought a car park ticket for my trip but i may have to leave the car park and come back later during the day to pick up my daughters. Will my car park pass allow me to do that?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Michelle, your Thorpe Park car park ticket is generally for one entry/exit. You could make use of the drop off/collection area that avoids the ticket barrier as an alternative.

  3. Lisa Prescott says:

    I’ve purchased park tickets and now I’m trying to pay for parking but I can not select the date for the parking. How do I do that?

    • Hi Lisa, if you are booking direct with thorpe park, you should be able to add car parking to your transaction. You can always purchase parking on the day at Thorpe Park if you are having difficulty, Liz

  4. Sheila Norris says:

    Can i use my blue badge when i visit with my grandchildren and if so do i have to pay

    • Hi Sheila, there is disabled parking available at Thorpe Park, (although there is a charge in place even with a blue badge of £8 a day).

  5. John lawley says:

    I think it’s terrible having to pay extra for parking when you’ve paid such a lot of money for a family.not really fair is it

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi John, I have to agree it is a shame that often the last thing to do at a theme park is pay for parking having spent quite a sum during the day already. Unfortunately we at Topdogdays are not involved in the running of Thorpe Park – we just let you know where the deals are. Thanks for getting in touch, Liz

  6. I want to purchase car park tickets only online for tomorrow. Nowhere can I see a date to put in for when we visit. Am I right in assuming you the car park ticket doesn’t have a specified date on it and you just show it at the barrier?

    Many thanks

  7. ummm where exactly can u park that is what i am looking for…

    • Hi, the car park at Thorpe Park is relatively compact compared to other merlin theme parks. As you enter the theme park, you will be directed off to the left where Thorpe Park staff will usher you into available car parking space’s. Wherever you park, you will not be too far away from the main entrance – just remember to look where you’ve parked as it all looks different at the end of the day when it is packed with cars! Have fun:)

  8. Hi
    Do the disabled with a blue badge pay for parking?

    • Hi, there are designated parking spaces available for blue badge holders – simply follow the signs for SHARK Hotel Car Park and you’ll see the designated area. Unfortunately parking charges do still apply.

  9. John edmondson says:

    We are coming down for the x factor on Monday but can’t book parking online as we have free tickets, will we be OK to pay for parking on the day as we arrive?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi John, you can pick up car parking tokens from the park on the day that are available from the ticket booths, fastrack kiosk or even the annual pass office close to the exit. You can still pay for your car parking online even if you do not need theme park tickets – go to thorpe park online & simply select the day ticket option online. INSTEAD of purchasing tickets look across the tabs at the top where you will find the parking option under Extras. Add to basket and select the print@home/mobile ticket options to avoid having to collect from the attraction.

  10. Mrs A Dizdar says:

    I think it is unfair that customers have to pay for parking on top of high prices to enter the park. Why should motorbikes go free? They take up a little less space, so charge half the price of a car!!

    • Hi, I have to agree with you there but unfortunately topdogdays is not involved in the running of Thorpe Park or the car park:(

  11. hey I both a tickets and I forgot to add parking ticket.. how I can get it without baying fast track or extra tickets ect..

    • Hi, you can pick up car paring tickets at Thorpe Park on the day of your visit either from the ticket booths or the fastrack ticket booth, (you don’t need to puchasing fastrack tickets to purchase a car parking ticket). Alternatively you can just purchase car tickets only online at Thorpe Park.

  12. Hello, I don’t have a printer – if i buy my parking online with my ticket, will this be ok on exiting the car park to scan on my screen, or does it need to be actual paper? Thanks for any advice! 🙂

    • Whilst we at Topdogdays are independent of Thorpe Park, my understanding is that you will need to print off a parking pass. Best to discuss with the staff at the ticket booths or fastrack booth on the day of your visit.

  13. Meg Sharpe says:

    We would like to go to the surf competitions on Saturday at the lake. How do we get in without having to buy tickets for everything else? We will be spectators only

    • Hi Meg, thanks for your query to Topdogdays – we are independent of Thorpe Park but happy to help if we can. Is this event taking place at Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey as I’ve not come across it? There is a JB Ski, Thorpe Road, Chertsy that is separate from the Thorpe Park theme park – could it be this?

  14. Hi there,

    I have just purchased a parking ticket online in advance for collection at the park on the day we go. Just wanted to know is the parking ticket valid for the day we decide to go, or is it the day i purchased the parking ticket online?

    Only asking as website does not state this & would rather save the embarresement on the day if this is the case!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Simon, it looks like when purchasing a separate parking ticket online for Thorpe Park it does not request information about the actual date you plan to visit the park so this should be fine:)

  15. Do you know if Thorpe Park charges £6 for parking tickets if I were to buy on the day rather than online?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Pavi, yes my understand is standard Thorpe Park parking is currently £6 per day. You can either purchase online in conjunction with theme park tickets, pay at the ticket kiosks or the fastrack ticket booth within the park. You also have the option of purchasing car parking from the annual pass booth close to the car parking exit barriers.

  16. Katrina Bassick says:

    I have a question…
    Why, when you charge your customers 50 quid to get in do you then charge £5 for the car park.

    Also more worryingly your staff just charged us £6 is he making a tidy some or am I missing the small print here.

    • Hi Katrina, topdogdays is independent of Thorpe Park, (we simply let you know where the thorpe park deals are), & not involved in the day to day running of the park. However I have to agree it is a shame that parking charges are in place when costs can be quite high already on a day out to a theme park. I can see that car parking this year is standing at £6 a vehicle for 2016 so we’ll change our information accordingly.

    • Karen Lewin says:

      Agreed. Charging for parking is a disgrace. Thorpe park tell the charge is to maintain the car park. It’s gravel and grass. I’ve also seen no visible upgrade since my childhood when it was free to park.

      • Hi Karen, I have to agree… it is usually the last thing a theme park guest will do is purchase a car parking token and, I always feel, perhaps not the lasting impression they should be looking for!


    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      As you begin the process to book Thorpe Park tickets online, you will see an option to purchase a car parking voucher online too. Simply add the car parking token to your online order & continue with your transaction. Hope this helps:)

  18. We live at 2 norlands lane, Thorpe and have noticed a huge increase in parking outside our house of people visiting Thorpe park since you imposed car parking charges and it’s not yet the summer. Will you be lifting these charges in order for our road to get back to normal. Struggle to get out with cars blocking vision, making it dangerous.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Liz smith

    • Hi Liz, I’m sorry to hear about the parking problems you are experiencing close to Thorpe Park. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any assistance with this matter as Topdogdays is independent of Thorpe Park and can only suggest contacting Thorpe Park directly:(

  19. hi I have a family of 6 wanting to visit Thorpe park, I have 3 2 for 1 tokens I wanted to know if it’s cheeper to that way or to buy a family ticket, is it also cheeper online or the same if I purchase on the doors, thanks

    • Hi, 2 for 1 vouchers are only valid against single on-the-gate-tickets & not family tickets and you can only user 1 voucher per transaction. So you would need to split into 2’s at the ticket kiosk and have enough of the stipulated adults/children for each voucher. On the gate prices, (you cannot use 2 for 1 vouchers when booking online), for Thorpe Park currently stand at £45.60 an adult, (12 years & over) or £37.20 a child. The Thorpe Park family group ticket only offers access to 4 people, (of which 2 must be adults), so you would need to top up with single tickets. If you book online & in advance, you can take advantage of discounted prices but unfortunately cannot take advantage of 2 for 1 vouchers. The cost of booking online will vary depending upon the age & make-up of your family & whether you can book in advance. You could contact Thorpe Park directly on 0871 663 1673 to get a accurate cost of booking in advance to check which method would work out cheaper for you.