National Trust Membership Deals: Reciprocal Arrangements

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National Trust Membership; FREE Reciprocal Arrangements

We’re always on the lookout for National Trust Membership Deals but here’s a reciprocal perk that is often overlooked by NT members that offers you the chance to make substantial savings.  Not many people realise that National Trust members are entitled to FREE visiting arrangements with 14 similar heritage organisations around the world.  Whilst oversea travel might not be high on your itinerary at present, you might be surprised to see Scotland, Jersey and the Isle of Man are all included in this perk, (more details below).

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Packwood House National Trust

National Trust Packwood House, (photo; Phil Loach)


National Trust Membership: FREE Entry to Scotland/Jersey/Isle of Man & more

This National Trust free reciprocal arrangement is available at 14 other heritage settings including Australia, Canada, Italy, Malta, The Bahamas & The Cayman Islands.  When we are back up and travelling again, then this is a great free perks for those planning trips abroad.  However it is those settings closer to home that perhaps are of more interest at present as we see free reciprocal arrangements in place for Scotland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.  Whether it be Threave Garden in Dumfries & Galloway, Falkland Palace or the Hamptonne Country Life Museum in Jersey, there are plenty of attractions to choose from.

With an array to heritage settings available at each of these sister sites, this is a great way to make your membership go further.  Interestingly the reciprocal arrangements do not reach to free parking but as the bulk of your cost lays with the admission charges, there are still plenty of savings to be made.

You can find more deals & discounts over in our National Trust Membership Offers & Codes.

National Trust for Scotland

The great news with this deal is that it also works for National Trust for Scotland members that can make use of this reciprocal arrangement too.  Here NT for Scotland members can pick up FREE entry to National Trust settings based in England and Wales so works as a nifty perk either way.  National Trust for Scotland family membership also offers free entry for up to 6 children, (under the age of 18 years) so it’s double deals with this offer.

More information available at National Trust for Scotland Membership Offers.


Blakeney Nature Reserve National trust

National Trust Blakeney Nature Reserve, (photo; Phil Loach)



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