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1. National Trust Membership from £76.80pp

National Trust Membership offers superb value for money for those planning a number of visits during the year plus a great free parking perk too. Our National Trust Membership Guide sets out some of the additional advantages of family membership that includes up to 10 children or grandchildren, (17 years & under), for FREE!  Priced from just £76.80 for individual membership up to £133.80 for 2 adult family membership, this offers great savings throughout the year.  As the National Trust looks after 300+ historic houses, more than 600,000 acres of land & 700 miles of coastline, you’ll never run out of things to do!

TO MAKE A PURCHASE GO TO National Trust Membership Offer.


National Trust Hidcote Garden

National Trust; Hidcote Garden, (photo; Phil Loach)

2. National Trust Family Membership includes up to 10 Children/Grandchildren FREE

The great advantage with National Trust Family Membership is that it includes up to 10 children or grandchildren for free, (5-17 years). As children under 5 years also gain FREE entry too, this membership subscription can offer some substantial family savings over the course of the year. Good to see that this relates to both the 1 & 2 adult family membership rates for full flexibility, (currently £83.40 & £133.80 respectively).  This generous offer includes all children for whom you have parental responsibility or who are living with you, including children who are fostered or placed with you for adoption plus grandchildren.

More details on how this offer works go to National Trust Membership Offer.

3. Heritage Open Days; Free Entry,

Look out for Heritage Open Days that offers FREE entry to 5500+ historic houses, castles & gardens within England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.  These open doors weekends run during select dates in September each year offering you the chance to enjoy complimentary entry to a range of settings, many of which that normally attract admission charges.  Look out for more details as they emerge for 2023.

4. £5 M&S with National Trust Direct Debit Membership

Here’s a chance to enjoy National Trust Membership and pick up a FREE £5 M&S eGift card as a reward.  This offer is eligible for new National Trust members only that opt to pay by direct debit.  Remember, you can always cancel the direct debit before membership renewal next year.  There are a range of reward options including Amazon, Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose. Simply sign up and tell the National Trust where to send your FREE £5 e-gift card.  This double deal gives you all the benefits of NT membership, (unlimited entry to National Trust settings, parking perks & family offers), plus an added bonus for you to enjoy too.

More details available at National Trust Membership – FREE £5 M&S e-Gift Card Offer.

5. National Trust Senior Membership, (save 25%)

The National Trust offers a reduced priced pensioners membership rate for the over 60’s BUT you have to ask for it! You can save 25% off standard adults rates for over 60’s that have been members for 5 years or more within the last 10 years.  Simply call 0344 800 1895 for further details as you will not automatically receive this discount and unfortunately it cannot be back dated.

More details available at National Trust Senior Membership Offer.




6. FREE £15 NT Gift Card If You Pay By Direct Debit

Here’s a chance for new members to pay by annual direct debit online and receive a £15 National Trust gift card for your trouble.  The great news with this offer is that the gift card can be used in NT shops and cafes allowing you to make your membership go even further.  This offer is available for new members only paying for joint, family, individual or young person membership.

More details available at National Trust Membership FREE £15 Gift Card Offer.

7. Gardeners’ World Magazine 2 for 1 Discount Card

Each year Gardeners’ World magazine runs a 2 for 1 discount card that is valid at 390+ gardens around the UK & Ireland throughout the year. Previously we’ve seen a number of National Trust properties included within this promotion including Berrington Hall, Chirk Castle & National Trust for Scotland’s Brodie Castle, (previously Powis Castle & Gardens, Rowallane garden, Packwood House).  This promotion runs in the May edition of Gardeners’ World each year and arrives in stores mid April.  Whilst the 2022 promotion is no longer available in store, you’ve the option of ordering a back copy.  More details available at 2 for 1 Gardeners’ World Offer.

8. National Trust Membership Reciprocal Arrangements

Did you know that National Trust members can enjoy FREE entry to similar heritage settings around the World?  This reciprocal arrangement is in place for settings far and wide including Scotland, Jersey, Australia & Italy and offers members great savings further afield and can link in nicely with travel abroad.  Find out more details over at National Trust Reciprocal Arrangements.


Stackpole nature reserve national trust

National Trust Stackpole Nature Reserve, (photo; Phil Loach)



9. Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Unfortunately clubcard vouchers cannot be redeemed against National Trust membership although previously we’ve seen eligibility for settings under the National Trust for Scotland.  Worth keeping an eye out to see if this runs again in the future or, alternatively, redeem clubcard vouchers against English Heritage/Cadw membership that offers value for money for Tesco shoppers.  More details of this and many other offers available at Cheap English Heritage Membership Offers.

10. Try a National Trust Setting Instead of a Service Station

Ingenuously, the National Trust plotted out their own visitor attractions within close proximity of major motorways around England and Wales. So if the children need a burn off some energy, looking for a scenic picnic spot or just fancy a quick bite to eat, it could be worth checking out some of these settings. More details available at National Trust Stop Off Options.

11. Cheap Tickets to the National Trust

There are a growing number of visitor attractions that are willing reduce their entrance fees as an enticement to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Previously, National Trust were offering discounted entry to many of it’s settings around the country for those who arrive without the car with 1 in 6 settings now offering reduced price entrance or tea room vouchers for those arriving without the car. Worth double checking if this discount is available at the NT setting of your choice.


Packwood House National trust property

National Trust Packwood House, (photo; Phil Loach)


National Trust Film & TV Locations

Follow in the footsteps of the stars with our round-up of the most popular TV & Film locations.  Not surprisingly the National Trust offers plenty of authentic backdrops to many of our well known costume dramas & fantasy worlds.  You can find out more information over in our guide to National Trust Film & TV Locations.

English Heritage Membership Offers

For those that enjoy National Trust membership, look out for a range of English Heritage offers running throughout the UK. Take advantage of promotional codes, membership offers and even FREE entry deals for those looking to stretch their savings even further. More information available at English Heritage Membership Offers.

National Trust Scotland

Look out for offers running on National Trust Scotland membership that includes free reciprocal arrangements with the National Trust.  We particularly like the FREE entry to offer for up to 6 children with family membership that offers good value for money.  More details available at National Trust Scotland Membership Offers.

Still not sure? Then look out for our National Trust Membership Guide packed with top tips to make your membership go even further!

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  1. Avril Stephens says:

    As a possible new member am I eligible to attend and vote at the AGM in October?

  2. Judith Drew says:

    No answer found. As a member of N T. I have two complimentary tickets,
    can I use it just for one person.

    Ms Judith Drew

    • Hi Judith, we at Topdogdays are independent of the National Trust, (we simply let you know where the deals are), so perhaps worth contacting the National Trust directly with your query as I do not have the full terms and conditions of this free ticket offer, Liz

  3. Marie McMahon says:

    Why does the national trust not accept tesco vouchers. This would enable me to visit national trust venues with my family.

    • Hi Marie, unfortunately you are correct in thinking that National Trust do not accept Tesco clubcard vouchers against membership, (although Cadw does). You do have the option of using clubcard vouchers against English Heritage or RHS membership that might be worth considering? We’ve put together some alternative options for cheap National Trust membership that might be of interest including free sweeteners, (free £5 M&S gift card), senior discounts or family membership that includes up to 10 children free entry. Liz

  4. Stephen Briggs says:

    It’s very informative!

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you’ve found the information of interest, here’s hoping you find a National Trust deal or discount that suits, all the best, Liz

  5. David and Linda Tillison says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Thank you for your letter regarding membership.
    We would like to claim our 25 percent concession for our joint membership with effect from May 2019.

    Many Thanks

    David and Linda Tillison

    • Hi David & Linda, thanks for getting in touch. We, at Topdogdays, are independent of the National Trust and so are unable to help you with this matter. Best to contact the National Trust directly to seek further clarification, all the best, Liz

  6. Mary Jarman says:

    Is National Trust free for children in August

    • Hi Mary, whilst I’ve come across a free entry offer for children at National Trust properties some years back, I am not aware of any current free offers. Membership can often offer the best savings for those planning NT trips throughout the year, Liz

  7. janice fores says:

    We currently have a joint senior membership with the scottish national trust. Can you advise whether this membership covers our grandchildren? Many thanks.

    • Hi Janice, the family membership options at the Scottish National Trust allow entry for up to six children, (opt for either 1 adult or 2 adult family membership) but unfortunately the joint senior membership is only available for 2 adults, one of which must be 60 years or over, and does not include children, all the best, Liz

  8. Nick Ashby says:

    There are places that offer 2 for 1 for N.T members.This is not part of,or run by the N.t.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your feedback on National Trust offers & 2 for 1 vouchers. Topdogdays is indeed independent of all visitor attractions, including the National Trust &,English Heritage, and simply let you know where the curent offers lie. All the best, Liz

  9. Irene Smith says:

    I am looking to purchase family membership for the National Trust. Are there any promotional codes or special offers available on NT membership at the moment?

    • Hi Irene, I’m a firm fan of National Trust family membership that includes up to 10 children/grandchildren within your subscription. You can also pick 1 or 2 adult NT family membership so there’s plenty of options available to suit all sizes of family. New National Trust members can also apply for a £5 M&S gift card if they pay for membership by was of direct debit, (you can find more details within our main National Trust article).

  10. Is there a pensioners discount for new members to the National Trust

    • Hi Mike, unfortunately this in not a discounted senior rate for new National Trust members. The National Trust senior rate is only available to those that have been members for 5 years or more, (within the last 10 years), and are now over 60 years old. I hope that answers your question? Kind regards, Liz

  11. Mr Keith Fairhead says:

    Have tried to page your seniors gift card value £15.00 but unable to find the connection on line , We wish to become members of N Trust ,,please let us know how to find the voucher Thank You K Fairhead

  12. Evelyn clark says:

    I want to join and be able to take my 5 grandchildren,but as they do not live at the same address your memberships do not cover this.If you charged less you would get a lot more members

    • Hi Evelyn, thanks for your feedback on the National Trust membership schemes. Whilst Topdogdays is independent of National Trust, I can share your frustration that the family membership only relates to children all living at the same address. There is a discounted senior National Trust membership rate that is available to those over 60 years that have been NT members for 5 years or more, (within the last 10 years), that might be of interest to you? Kind regards, Liz

  13. Mrs s e dilley says:

    how much is a membership for a couple of pensioners to join as my husband is partially sighted and i am his carer

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Mrs Dilley, there is a senior membership rate but unfortunately this is only available to those that are over 60 years and have been a National Trust member for 5 out of the last 10 years. Regarding the National Trust policy for visitors with disabilities it states;
      ‘Our admission policy admits the necessary companion, or carer, of a disabled visitor free of charge, on request, while the normal membership, or admission fee, applies to the disabled visitor. To save having to ‘request’ a companion’s free entry, an ‘Access for all Admit One Card’ can be issued by our Supporter Service Centre. This card is made out in the name of the disabled person, not the companion, so there is not a restriction to taking the same person on each visit.’ It might also be worth finding out whether this also applies to National Trust membership too – you can contact the National Trust call centre on 01793 817634.

  14. I find the whole national trust thing,a waste of time.We joined many years ago for 1 year and like most we exhausted the local ones quickly, common sense tells you that each generation has LESS OR no interest in historic items,even like us at 60 we prefer modern life and modern things to visit.National trust is now run by well paid business people who live in a social circle and want to keep it that way, Use your brains man,as they say up north reduce your prices for monday to friday to half,or 2 for 1,reduce your out priced cafe prices,it is all only basic items,your aim should be to get people through the doors who will spend more,who return on regular basis.MEMBERSHIP IS JUST A CON TO KEEP TAKING DIRECT DEBITS YEAR AFTER YEAR.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Martin, thank you for your comments on the National Trust membership offer. Whilst topdogdays is independent of the National Trust, (we just let you know where the deals are), it is interesting to hear your thoughts on value for money. I suppose the National Trust might suggest that their running costs are such that they need to bring in a certain level of income through their membership fee income. I do take your point that if you are no longer making use of National Trust membership then it makes sense to cancel you direct debit to ensure membership no longer continues.

  15. Can I use the promotional code for the national trust if I am looking to purchase membership just for 1 year?

    • Hi Sheila, you do need to sign up for direct debit to take advantage of this National Trust Promo code. However there is nothing to stop you from cancelling the direct debit before the next year’s membership is due:)

  16. Victor Rodwell says:

    We support the National Trust, but we are neither UK residents nor long-term visitors. We live in the USA and visit England for 1-2 weeks each year to cruise on our shared-ownership narrowboat “Willoughby”, and hopefully to also visit one at least one NT property. As you are aware, many Americans, Canadians, and others also visit only briefly.

    So might the National Trust consider offer a modified annual membership (e.g. for less than a month, and/or for say reduced rate entry into more than 3 NT properties) for foreigners who visit briefly? I suggest that could tap an otherwise largely untapped source of income for the NT.

    Finally, does “OAP” apply to a non-citizen whose passport documents that his/her age as over 75?

    Thank you for considering these questions.

    Cheers! Vic Rodwell

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Victor, I don’t know if you have come across the National Trust Touring Pass that provides access to National Trust setting for overseas visitors. The Touring Pass is available to purchase for 7 or 14 days and gives access to over 300 houses & gardens in England, Wales & Northern Ireland during your chosen period. Prices start at £25 for 1 adult, (7 day pass) with 2 adult & family pass options too. This might be something to consider?

  17. henrietta wells says:

    I understand the membership is cheaper for OAPs. could you please tell me what the membership cost is for OAPs? Thank you

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Henrietta, if you take advantage of the promo code and pay by direct debit, the individual senior National Trust membership price is £50 for those age 60 years & over. If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, the senior membership price is £60. NT members that are 60+ and have held membership for at least 5 years in the past 10 years, can also pick up further discounts but you will either need to email them directly or phone the National Trust on 0344 800 1895 (local call rates apply) to secure this discounted rate. I hope this helps, kind regards Liz

  18. Ian Wolverson & Carla Prior says:

    We are joint members.

    We are both well past 60 and do not pay the reduced rate. We read about this in the Times – that you have to ask. Why? This is only clear online, so we have been paying the standard rate rather that the over 60’s rate for a decade. If we have to ask, why not make this clear er on the renewal. NT skullduggery.

    Our renewal is due and we are now asking for the over 60’s rate to be applied to this year’s fee.

    • Hi Ian, Topdogdays is independent of the National Trust, (we simply let you know where the deals are), so you are best contacting the National Trust directly to request the senior reduced NT membership rate. I have to agree it is a shame that you have to request this reduced fee rather than being offered it automatically but hope you manage to resolve matters quickly. Kind regards, Liz

  19. Dawn Bowyer says:

    If we buy a membership for our disabled son aged 20,how much will it be and do his carers go in for free ?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Dawn, the National Trust states that their ‘admission policy admits the necessary companion, or carer, of a disabled visitor free of charge, on request, while the normal membership, or admission fee, applies to the disabled visitor.’ For more information, you can contact the National Trust directly on 01793 817634.

  20. rebekah behan says:

    Its such a shame there is no membership for just 1 local site to accomodate us doggie walkers. Not everyone wants to travel to see all the sites and buildings. Just want a healthy walk at the local trust site. I think alot more people would buy a local cheaper pass and increase revenue overall.

    • Hi Rebekah, I love your idea – I could see the potential benefits for local people plus added revenue for the National Trust too. Whilst we are independent of the National Trust and unfortunately do not have any influence over policy, I have to say it sounds a cracking idea to me:)

  21. Where can I get a list of all places I can visit free as a member of the National Trust

  22. clive dann says:


    • Hi Clive, thank you for your feedback on National Trust memberships. I have to say I like your thinking and I can see it makes financial sense to offer a monthly payment plan. Whilst we at Topdogdays are independent of National Trust, (and any other visitor attraction), you may wish to pass your comments directly to the National Trust. You can email then directly on

  23. ?remember reading about eating N.T meals during sept and getting 2 for one pudding vouchers for oct 2013 now not find offer in magazine ??

  24. Barbara Brodie says:

    Good Afternoon Team
    We are visiting Dorset/Hampshire within the next couple of weeks. Do you have any special discounts for 2 pensioners please.
    Thank you very much
    Kind Wishes
    Barbara Brodie

    • Hi Barbara, the National Trust deals tend to concentrate upon their annual membership offers & I cannot find any specific deals for the Dorset/Hampshire regions. If you have been National Trust members for 5 years or more, (in the last 10 years), & are now over 60, you can take advantage of reduced price pensioners membership. Alternatively if you join the National Trust online & pay by direct debit, you can take advantage of 3 months free membership. Have a lovely holiday. All the best, Liz

  25. This dicount card no longer applies to national trust properties

  26. We have been joint members for many years and my husband has just turned 60, however on contacting the NT i was told that nothing could be done as he is not the lead member. As i am not yet 60 we will have to continue paying the 92 pounds until i am, i do feel this is a bit unfair, is there any way around this?

    • Gosh that seems a tad unfair but unfortunately we are independent of the National Trust and don’t have any say over their senior reduced membership offer. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know though so we can pass this on to our readers.

  27. Vivien Wetherill says:

    Our joint membership is due for renewal – how much is a direct debit joint senior reduced rate please? We have been members for over 6 years

    • Hi Vivien, thanks for your query regarding National Trust membership rates. Topdogdays signposts to deals & discounts for visitor attractions & is independent from the National Trust so best to contact the NT directly for membership rates. I understand that the senior membership is available to those that have been members for 5 years or more, (within the last 10 years), and are now over 60 years old. You can contact the National Trust directly on 0844 800 1895 or

  28. As my two grandchildren are now over 5 years of age, is the Trust going to repeat last years “Kids go free in August”

    • Hi Ann we’ve been told that the National Trust is not going to be running the national Kids Go Free Offer in August this year. I understand that a select number of National Trust settings will be offering kids go free offers but, as yet, we’ve no further details. We’re sure to update our National Trust offers page as we hear more information on this. It is a shame as this was a fantastic deal over the past few years.

  29. Jill Wood says:

    My self and my mother want to visit National Trust properties this year. Neither of us drive. I am still finding it difficult to access information on how to get to the properties without a car and on which properties give free tea vouchers etc. Please make this information more accessible and increase your incentives for non-drivers.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for your feedback. Whilst we are independent from the National Trust, (Topdogdays signposts to deals & discounts to visitor attractions), your suggestions have been noted and could perhaps be incorporated into future blog posts regarding National Trust properties.

  30. Phil Leworthy says:

    Tried to join up but I keep getting the message’ we are having tech problems’
    Are you aware of this?


    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Phil, the National Trust website seems to be working today, so perhaps some technical glitch over the Bank Holiday.

  31. What a lovely opportunity for families to she what a wonderful world this is and hopefully feel like joining the National Trust

  32. The price of joint membership on your lead page is £66.37 and when I proceed to booking it changes to £69.00. This is not what I expect of an orgernisation of your reputation! What is going on?

  33. We were members within the last 10 years for 5 years but gave up a few years ago because of illness. Could you give me information about cheaper membership please

    • Maurich, The National Trust site states that they offer a Senior membership to;
      “Members aged 60+, who have held National Trust membership for a total of at least 5 years in the last 10 years. To buy senior membership, please call the Membership Department on 0844 800 1895.”
      It would be worth giving them a call to see if you are still eligible for this.