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Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Picnics

Picnics at Blackpool Pleasure remain a bone of contention between guests & park managers.  Seemingly due to limited space within the park, picnics can no longer to brought onto site which has not gone down well with paying guests.  However there are still ways & means to bypass these restrictions for those that know how, (more details below).

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coasters at blackpool pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

What Food & Drink Can You Take into Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Whilst in previous years, you’d been able to take in non-prepared snacks & bottled drinks into the park, restrictions have tightened further over the years.  Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s current picnic policy only allows the following into the park;

Bottled water

Any food for medical purposes

Any food required for special dietary needs

Baby food/baby formula

Top Tip; there are lockers available to hire BEFORE you enter the park.  This offers you an opportunity to store your picnic in a locker prior to entry into the Pleasure Beach.  Whilst you will not be able eat your packed lunch within the park, the beach is  directly across the road so there are plenty of options to enjoy a picnic by the seaside!

Revolution coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Revolution

Lockers at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

There are plenty of lockers at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with locations both prior to the entrance to the park and within the Pleasure Beach.  Lockers can be used as often as you like during your visit at no additional charge and are currently priced as follows;

Large sized lockers; £4 for the day.

Extra large sized lockers; £5 for the day.

You can still enjoy a picnic at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

With lockers available prior to your entrance into the Pleasure Beach, you can still manage a full day at the Pleasure Beach and enjoy a picnic.  Simply secure a hand stamp from security for re-entry & enjoy a picnic either directly outside the park or by the beach, the choice is yours.  Worth investing in a good quality cool box/bag to ensure your picnic food is stored safely.

TOP TIP TO BEAT THE QUEUES; there are plenty of ways to reduce your queues including Speedy Passes at Blackpool Pleasure Beach that offers you a method to buy your way out of the queues on busy days at the park.

red arrow skyforce at blackpool pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Skyforce

All You Can Eat Deal at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach All You Can Eat deal allows you to load your expenditure on refreshments upfront with  ‘unlimited’ food & drink deals.  This deal offers you the choice of a selection of restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes and bars all day, (subject to terms & conditions).

Eating Outside of Blackpool Pleasure Beach

You can leave the Pleasure Beach during your visit, (just ensure your hand is stamped for re-entry) & make use of eateries close to the Pleasure Beach.  One popular haunt is the Pizza Hut that is located at the back of the Big One, (but outside of the Pleasure Beach).

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  1. John Fearnyough says:

    We were intending to visit the Pleasure Beach this week , but have just read about the no own food allowed, we think it is an absolute disgrace particularly since most people can’t afford any form of extra expense. So we will be boycotting the pleasure beach and spending our hard earned cash elsewhere

    • Hi John, sorry to hear that. Whilst we”re independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we know there are still ways and means to take in some food and then make use of the lockers located outside the park to store a picnic.

  2. Collins family says:

    The once open admittance for all has changed for more profit, even if you don’t ride you still pay, and is slowly being regulated by more and more by for your own safety security but at what time did a sandwich become a favoured instrument for attack.
    We went to BPP last weekend and got stopped by an obnoxious bag fiddler who took great relish (pardon the pun) delving into our private belongings in our bag then advising us to rent a warm box locker for our food and expand the bank account of BPP further.
    This would mean wasting even more time than queuing for rides by wandering around Blackpool for a place to sit and eat.
    Unfortunately we had paid by this time and had we not we would have turned and walked away.
    Now whist fiddling they did find unexploded sandwiches and non euro regulated hardly broiled eggs so promptly refused to allow these articles of extreme danger into the park this took time and the queues were allowed to grow even longer.
    We went back outside the entrance to discuss what we would do and noticed at this point frustrated customers were just walking through the plastic knife and fork detectors into the park unchallenged while the over zealous security were busy bag sniffing through other innocent families belongings and we just walked past too and had a lovely picnic of our own lovingly prepared food and managing to avoid wasted time and the microwaved pre cooked garbage prepared by people I don’t know and don’t want to buy from.
    We have decided that we will never go back and if more people voted with their feet then maybe when it hits the PROFIT line and gets fewer customers than Morecambe then we may be allowed some freedom of choice again and security can again become SECURITY not bag sniffers.

    • Whilst I share your frustrations, your write up did give me a wry chuckle. Unfortunately Topdogdays is independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach so has no influence over their food policy. We tend to leave a coolbag in the lockers available outside of the park to get round these restrictions. I’ve never been a fan of this food policy but if you take advantage of allowable food items and supplement with a picnic outside of the park then you can avoid paying for food altogether, best Liz

  3. Beverley Jewitt says:

    Hope I can bring my gluten free food as I’m a coeliac. Need snacks.

    • Hi Beverley, whilst Topdogdays is independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, I can see from the BPB site it states that ‘Allowances are made for guests with special dietary requirements and dedicated picnic areas are also provided for school parties booked in advance. Storage facilities are provided for those who bring outside food to the park. Please note the following items are permitted beyond the main entrance:

      Bottled water
      Any food for medical purposes
      Any food required for special dietary needs
      Baby food/baby formula

      Guests with special dietary requirements can report to an Ambassador upon arrival.’

      I hope this helps, Best Wishes, Liz

  4. Jennifer Knowles says:

    I think it is unfair not to be able to bring in a packed lunch I have are in there before and not been impressed the food is substandard and over priced so it’s a no from me never to visit anymore

    • Hi Jennifer, it is a shame as most theme parks do allow picnics. However there are ways and means to take shop bought snacks into the park & then use then lockers just outside the park to store your picnic!

  5. Tracey Derbyshire says:

    It says that u can take non prepared food in but not prepared food, why is that? U can either take food in or u can’t, what’s the difference?

    • Hi Tracey, whilst we are independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, my guess would be they are possibly making the distinction between bringing in a full packed lunch and bringing in the odd snack to tide you over. However you still have options to eat a packed lunch outside of the park, just remember to get your hand stamped as you leave the pleasure beach.

  6. Hi thinking of coming this week.. But just wondering if you have lockers big enough for prams? Or anywhere to keep prams?.. My little was is 2 so can walk fine but is not use to walking around all day so may get tired which is why we would like to bring the pram however don’t fancy pushing it round all day and leaving it while we enjoy the rides..

    • Hi Jade, there are different sized lockers at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, (some larger lockers are available just outside the park, some smaller lockers can be find inside the park). From my recollection, I wouldn’t say any of the lockers were large enough to house a pram but perhaps might be wise to double check this directly with Blackpool Pleasure Beach as Topdogdays is independent of all visitor attractions.

  7. Hi,
    Do you know if small rucksacks can be left in the ride stations at BPB? Thank’s


    • Hi Jack, always best to use the lockers provided on-site by Blackpool Pleasure Beach if you are taking a small rucksack.

  8. Hi, im planning on going tomorrow. As we wont arrive untill about 2.30pm, do u know if we would get a discount on the full day price?

    • I don’t think Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer a late entry ticket…your options are paying for a full price wristband or paying for entry and then just paying for the ride tickets for select rides.

  9. Me and the wife have boycotted PB because of the silly sandwich police. I’ve never heard such nonsense if the great British public did the same they would soon change their policy.

    • We agree with you entirely. We were told we had to pay £3.50 for a locker that’s ensured for £500 liability, for bloody sandwiches! Myself, wife and daughter decided to try and eat a full loaf of stodgy brown bread between the three of us in the wind and pouring rain outside the gate. This, in total, lost us around 1 and a half hours of time on the park and now we can never even look at a loaf of bread again, let alone eat one. We’re with you on boycotting PB. It’s completely overrated if you ask me, we’re glad someone feels the same.

      • Hi John, thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify that we’re not suggesting boycotting Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but working around the rules in place to ensure you can still take a picnic should you wish.

  10. nice description. i m planning to go there what is the meaning of pb pass and vat?

    • The Blackpool Resort Pass offers discounted entry to a number of Blackpool visitor attractions including Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Madame Tussauds, Blackpool Sea Life Centre, Sandcastle Waterpark & more.
      More details can be found at Blackpool Resort Pass.