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1. Diggerland UK Theme Parks; Online Savings

Save up to 15% off walk up prices to Diggerland when you book online with Attractiontix with discounts available at all 4 parks, (Yorkshire, Devon, Durham & Kent). Children under 90cms go FREE of charge at all Diggerland parks and those over 90cm can take advantage of this discounted ticket price. Simply select the park of your choice, make a purchase and present your e-ticket on the day of your visit.

For YORKSHIRE go to Diggerland Yorkshire Cheap Ticket Offer.

For DEVON go to Diggerland Devon Cheap Ticket Offer.

For KENT go to Diggerland Kent Cheap Ticket Offer.

For Durham go to Diggerland Durham Cheap Ticket Offer.


Diggerland ride


2. Diggerland Deals; Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Unfortunately Diggerland has now pulled out of the clubcard voucher offer that previously proved popular with tesco shoppers.  As of the 1 February 2018, you can no longer redeem tesco tokens for Diggerland tickets although any specific Diggerland tickets already exchanged with Tesco will be accepted for the 2018 season.

3. Diggerland; Over Half Price Entry for Over 65’s

Great to see that Diggerland is once again running their half price offer for those over 65 years.  Why not persuade the Grandparents to take the children to Diggerland this theme park season that offers value for money for all the family.  This discounted ticket offer is valid at all 4 Diggerland settings and even cheap if you book online in advance.

4. FREE Tickets to Diggerland

Yes it’s possible to pick up FREE tickets to Diggerland each year in the Kent’s Big Weekend Ballot.  Whilst this offer is only available to Kent residents, it’s a great way for eligible applicants to enjoy a day out for free.  Tickets allocated via a ballot system so we’ll bring you more details as they come in with this offer.

Follow our Diggerland guide below packed with tips & tricks to help you get the most from your visit!


diggers at diggerland

Diggerland Fun 2013


Diggerland Guide; Tips & Tricks

i. Dress Up; Diggerland is primarily an outdoor attraction so it can get quite muddy.  Remember the wellies during the wetter months.  Children will particularly enjoy the dirt & mud around the digger areas so don’t feel restricted to sunny days; just dress appropriately!

ii. Height Restictions; many of the rides have minimum height restrictions in place and so I would suggest that Diggerland is best suited to children 0.8/0.9m tall & above. Whilst Diggerland is free for children under 0.9m tall, there is only a limited number of activities available for young children.

iii. A Helping Hand; consider your child’s ability to navigate basic controls on the diggers that do take some maneuvering skills.  Many of the digger activities allow you to accompany your child for a helping hand.

iv. Picnics; are welcome at Diggerland & there are plenty of picnic tables available around the site.  You will also find a limited choice of refreshments available on site.

v. Paid For Attractions; whilst there are a number of additional charge activities around the site, there are plenty of activities included within the entrance charge to keep you busy during your visit.

See how to keep ahead of the queues at Diggerland parks below with our top tips & hints.



Diggerland Fun


Diggerland; Tips to Beat the Queues

During our recent visit to Diggerland, (during the summer holidays no less), we found queue times averaging around 10 minutes throughout the day.  The queues tended to build for the have-a-go-digger experiences but with a few tips to the wise, there are always ways to beat the queues.

1. The Early Bird; in line with many popular visitor attractions, the first 60/90 minutes of the day is usually the quietest time.  Be ready to go the moment the park opens and have in mind the rides/drives you wish to undertake first.

2. Queue Capacities; these tend to be relatively quicker for the Diggerland ‘rides’, such as Groundshuttle & Spindizzy.  This then allows you to concentrate on the slower capacity ‘experiences’, such as operating/driving the diggers, earlier in the day.

3. Back To Front; worth starting at the back of the park and working towards the front of the park to buck the trend.

4. Eyes Open; the park is relatively compact, allowing you to keep an eye on the queues at many of the most popular experiences during the day. When you spot the queue is down, simply head over that way.

5. Last Orders; take note of the the park closing times as the rides will cease operating at this time whether you are in the queue or not.  This was something we fell foul of at the end of the day leaving me with one disappointed lad who missed out on his last ride.


Diggerland digger ride

Ground Shuttle


Diggerland UK Theme Parks; Topdog’s Verdict

Two nine year old boys & a whole host of diggers to muck about with all day long; we’re in digger heaven surely! The boys were off in seconds, not quite believing their luck at the range of digger activities they saw before them. I must admit I was pretty amazed myself at the things you could do with a digger! Scooping up mud on a digger is one thing, but digger skittles, hooking a duck or searching for treasure whilst operating a digger were activities I’d never experienced, (oh yes, this one isn’t just for the kids plenty of adults have a go too).


By Liz Walsh


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