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This free ticket offer for Thorpe Park has now expired but there are still plenty of Thorpe Park 2 for 1 Vouchers & Ticket Offers running throughout the year.

Thorpe Park: 2 FREE Ticket with The Sun, (now expired)

We’ll let you know more details should this promotion run again during 2022.

This newspaper promotion is running in The Sun during May & June 2021 & offers you and a friend free entry to Thorpe Park.  There are now 2 distinct methods available to apply for your free tickets and you can find out more details below on how this works.

stealth coaster at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Stealth, (photo; Phil Loach)

Thorpe Park; 2 FREE Ticket Promotion, (2 options)

1. Collect Tokens

Simply collect 10 differently numbered tokens that will be printed in The Sun from 29 May – 15 June 2021. You will need to complete an application form, (printed in The Sun on 29 May or available online), and provide possible dates within a range of date bands. Each application must include;

  • The required number of valid tokens from The Sun.
  • Each tokens must be differently numbered.
  • List all 3 band dates for your application to be processed.
  • A completed application form received by 28 June 2021.
  • A list of 3 band dates on the bottom right-hand corner of the front of the envelope.

Postal applications tickets are sent out within 28 days of receipt of your application.

2. Collect Sun Saver Codes

This method requires readers to sign up for the Sun Savers reward club. Once registered, pick up the Sun each day and collect Sun Saver codes, (you will need 9 unique number codes) & apply online. This method allows you to select the actual date of your visit although bookings will incur a £2 booking fee.  You will then receive e-tickets which can be printed or displayed on your mobile device.

Free Thorpe Park tickets are available from 7 June & 14 October 14 2021. There are  4,700 tickets available during school and bank holidays and 2,200 weekend tickets available. Please note that the some dates are limited to Sun Savers applications and not available for postal applications

We’ve plenty of other Thorpe Parks Deals and 2 for 1 Vouchers available for those that prefer an alternative option.

Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Tidal Wave, (photo; Phil Loach)

Thorpe Park 2 FREE Ticket Offer; Fixed Date Tickets!

Plenty have asked but worth being aware from the start that tickets are non-transferable.

If you are collecting tokens, you will not be able to select the actual date you would like to visit the park but rather choose from a range of possible date bands. If you are successful in your application you will be allocated non-transferable tickets for a particular date within one of these date bands. This deal works particularly well for those that can remain flexible with their dates.

If you are collecting Sun Saver Codes you have the advantage of selecting the actual date of your visit although you do have to register for the reward club to apply. Applications processed in this manner will incur a £2 booking fee and again are non-transferable.

Worth noting that tickets are limited and that this deal works on a first-come-first-served basis for each given date band.  To give yourself the best possible chance of securing free tickets, you should aim to collect and apply as quickly as possible ensuring you follow the application process to the letter.

Swarm the ride at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Swarm, (photo; Phil Loach)

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  1. Janette Salvage says:

    Does anyone have myesterday & today’s codes please

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Janette, whilst I don’t have any codes for you, the good new is that you only need to collect nine unique sun saver codes from a possible of 18 codes that will be printed in the sun between Saturday, May 29 – Tuesday, June 15, 2021, hope that helps, Liz

  2. Hi / I booked thorpe park tickets through sunsaver codes but cant remember the date and I have no ticket information , how can i find this out

  3. Harjinder sandhu says:

    my daughter sent you token for Thorpe park ticket but she has not received tickets yet . please can you investigate what is happening because me and my son received the tickets.

    My daughter still waiting for her Thorpe park tickets.

    • Sorry to hear that – unfortunately we at topdogdays are not involved in the running of this free ticket offer to Thorpe Park, (we simple let you know where the theme park deals can be found). You could contact the promoters directly by emailing –

  4. Dave from Surrey says:

    Sent off for my tickets as soon as possible after saving all the papers. It never said in the T & Cs that there was limited availability and that you may not get any tickets at all!!!!!!
    Really disillusioned with the SUN and will never trust their offers again.

    • Sorry to hear that Dave. Whilst we”re not involved in the running of this offer, it’s always worth a punt as can’t beat free tickets if it pays off.

  5. steff carter says:

    I have received my tickets for thorpe park do u have to go on the date printed on the ticket or can you go up untill that date

    • Hi Steff, with the free ticket offer to Thorpe Park, you can only use the tickets on the date stipulated. They are not valid for use on any other day. Have fun:)

  6. Loraine Macdonald says:

    I still haven’t received my 2 free tickets yet for Thorpe park i must of been 1 of the 1st to send them back about april/may its been so long i forgot but i feel very disappointed cos i made sure i got that paper every day 2 get them tickets and still not here

  7. Loraine Macdonald says:

    I sent my vouchers of in May for the 2 free tickets and still have not received them I was probably 1 of the 1st to send them so I feel very let down

    • Hi Loraine, unfortunately we’re hearing similar feedback from many others too. Whilst we at Topdogdays are not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the deals are running), we are aware that there were only a limited number of free Thorpe Park tickets available under this promotion each year. Sorry this has not worked out for you this year:(

  8. Amanda ball says:

    Sent off tickets strait away to thorpe ok promised grandson nice day out .didn’t get any

    • Sorry to hear that Amanda, unfortunately there are only a limited number of free tickets available for each date band and it would appear that demand far exceeds available tickets. Fingers crossed for you next year, Liz

  9. Ms Harvey says:

    Hi, I sent off all the tokens and form before closing date, for my niece. I even sent a stamped addressed envelope. She still hasn’t received any tickets. What a waste of my time and money. I am really quite upset


    Wendy Harvey

    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear that this free ticket offer has not worked for you. Whilst we are not involved in the running of this offer, your feedback has been useful and can inform other readers when they consider this Thorpe Park free ticket offer next year.

  10. Natalie Duke says:

    Hi I sent off my forms well before closure date but I’ve still not heard back, how long does it normally take to get the e-tickets?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Natalie, from the terms & conditions I can see that the promoters aim to send out the tickets within a month of receiving successful applications. However, in practice, I know this can take longer particularly for time dates later on in the season. I understand that there are only a limited number of free tickets available for each Merlin Attraction including Thorpe Park so unfortunately this does often mean some disappointment.

  11. Jean Whitcher says:

    Hi, i sent off my tokens early and still have not received my Thorpe park tickets are they still being issued, thanks

    • Hi Jean, I know with the free Alton Towers tickets offer, they dispatched the tickets in phases depending upon the date band, (ie the early date bands received their tickets first), so this might be the case. However the terms & condition state that tickets will be issued within a month of receiving successful applications, (although this also wasn’t the case in the Alton Towers offer). You can always contact the promoter directly over at for further information.

  12. cheryl corser says:

    Hi, I know its a big ask and not sure if you do change ticket dates, but I have received 4 tickets for Thorpe Park 2 for the 26th July and 2 for the 27th, can these be changed at all please for dates in August??

    • Hi Cheryl, sorry we at topdogdays are not involved in the running of this offer, (we just let you know where the deals are). Unfortunately I am aware that tickets allocated are given on a strictly non-transferable basis:(

  13. Hi I received my tickets. When I try to download to print it says error. Is there somethi g wrong with the site?

    • Hi Toni, good to hear that Thorpe Park tickets are still arriving but sorry to say we are not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the deals are running). Might be best to contact the promoters directly with your query about downloading tickets, good luck with it, Liz

  14. Catherine says:

    I sent the tokens and application form off on the 6th of May and I haven’t heard anything

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Catherine, from the terms & conditions of this free ticket offer the promoters indicate that they strive to send out all allocated tickets within one month of receiving successful applications. However from the Alton Towers free ticket offer, I understand they phased allocated tickets based on date of visit so those visiting in the early date bands received tickets first. Fingers crossed for you, Liz

  15. Kirsty wray says:

    Hi I sent off my Thorpe park form and tickets and haven’t heard anything. I usually always hear back and am worried that the email could have been seen wrong. Is there anyway of checking?
    Thank you

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      They state in their term & conditions that it can take a month from receiving successful applications and I know from the Alton Towers free ticket offer it can take much longer than that.

  16. Catherine Smith says:

    Hello Liz

    Please can you help me? I sent my tokens off quite a while ago now and was wondering when I will receive an email with the e number for Thorpe park.

    Please can you let me know the name of the email I should be looking out for?

    Many Thanks

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Catherine, in the terms & conditions of this free ticket offer they suggest that successful applications should receive tickets within 1 month of sending in your application although with the Alton Towers offer tickets were being received much later than this.

  17. Eleanor Evatt says:

    I was wondering how long it takes to receive the tickets? I sent my tokens off last week and have not received them via email yet.



    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi, the terms & conditions suggest the promotets look to send out tickets within one month of receiving successful applications but in reality, from our experience of other free ticket offers, it can take much longer than that. Fingers crossed for you, Liż

  18. Marie Smith says:

    I got my 10 ticket with the sun but i need the address to send them so i can get my ticket and booking form to get my free 2 tickets thank you .

    • Hi Marie, you can send your application to THE SUN/THORPE PARK OFFER,PO BOX 4001, COLCHESTER, CO28FW. Applications must be received by 22 May 2017.

  19. I don’t get how it works?? Can someone explain pls

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Gavin, this was an opportunity to apply for 2 free tickets to Thorpe Park by collecting tokens in The Sun newspaper. Unfortunately it is now too late to collect the relevant tokens, (this offer was running from 22 April through to 9 May 2017 where you needed to collect 10 differently numbered tokens), but look out for this offer running again next year.

  20. Kimberley says:

    Hiya is there anyway I can get a new booking form?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Kimberley, you can currently download a Thorpe Park application form online, (you’ll find the link within this article). Worth printing it off as soon as possible as the link doesn’t last for too long normally.

  21. Hi
    I missed the Thorpe park pull out to stick the token in. What can i do now?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Sarah, are you looking for the application form for this free ticket offer to Thorpe Park? You can still download and print off a copy of the application form online – we’ve added a link within our article. These links don’t tend to stay online for too long so best to print off as quickly as you can.

  22. Laura Hutchings says:

    I’m missing token number 10 i could not find it in any papers isthere any chance you have one spare?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Laura, sorry to hear that but unfortunately we don’t have any tokens here – we simply let you know where the deals are running.

  23. Rachel Armstrong says:

    Hi, I have missed token 2 is there any other way of getting it? Thank you

  24. Jackie palmer says:

    Can you advise what range of dates the Sun offer will cover this year? If unable, can you remember the dates for last year’s promotion?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jackie, there are 8 separate date bands running with this free ticket offer for Thorpe Park that run from 29 May through until 19 October 2017. You will need to select 5 date bands in order of preference.

  25. Chris stevens says:

    I think it’s shameful of you to say you don’t deal with this as we are still waiting for our tickets for the sun deal who do we contact about this

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Chris, Topdogdays is independent of Thorpe Park & The Sun newspaper and is not involved in running this free ticket offer – we simply signpost people to where offers for Thorpe Park and other top attractions are running.

  26. Chris stevens says:

    I Sent off for Sun tickets and still have not received them

  27. vicky welsh says:

    I sent off my tokens and still haven’t had my tickets via e-mail or the post, can you please advise me, this is the second time this has happened.

    V Welsh

    • Hi Vicky, unfortunately Topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the deals are), so cannot advise you on this matter. We do hear reports each year of people receiving their tickets quite some time after application deadline but similarly we also hear of people not receiving any tickets so fingers crossed for you.

  28. keeley house says:

    Hi I sent my tokens and sae away as soon as I collected enough tokens but havent heard back. Just wondered when I would recieve my tickets please. Thank you x

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Keeley, whilst topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer, (we just let you know where the Thorpe Park deals are), I am aware that the closing date to receive the application was only today, (24 May), so fingers crossed they are on their way to you:)

  29. Tracy Fredericks says:

    Hi there

    I applied for thorpe park tickets and have received them. Is it possible to have another date for the tickets as the pair I received fall on a day my son has an important exam and he cannot miss the exam for this day out.

    Please reply by email or contact me on

    Kind regards,

    Tracy Fredericks

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Tracy, topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer,(we just let you know where the deals are), but unfortunately the terms & conditions are very clear on this issue and tickets are non transferable with this free thorpe park ticket offer:(

  30. hi I collected all tokens from the papers but didn’t realise I needed a code from the back page to claim online – is there a way I can get the code?

  31. Carol Mepham says:

    I returned the form with my five dates for Thorpe Park tickets. The dates were all for Sundays, I received the tickets today for a Friday and cannot make that day. What can I do ?

    • Hi Carol, whilst we are not involved in the running of this offer, (we just let you know where the deals are), I am aware that within the terms & conditions of this offers it says that tickets are non-transferable:(

  32. When do u get the tickets arrive

    • Hi Jake, whilst we are not involved in the running of this offer, I understand that tickets are beginning to arrive through the doors so fingers crossed for you:)

  33. vicki watts says:

    I have collected 10 tokens out of the sun newspaper but I am not able to print the form off as I am only using my phone. Please help me and send me a form to my address. I need the tickets by the 21st of august as its my daughters birthday on the 22nd x

    • Hi Vicki, unfortunately we cannot send you an application form but you could always try a library as they offer printing services?

  34. Hello, I have 2 for 1 tickets and would like to use them for thrope park! Which would be for effective my 2 for 1 tickets or my student nus card? There’s going to be 4 of us going so is there a cheaper way of doing it?
    Thank you

    • Hi Shalika, with a 2 for 1 voucher the ‘free’ person needs to be accompanied by a full paying person purchasing an on-the-gate price ticket at Thorpe Park, (currently a full price peak adult ticket for Thorpe Park is £59.99). There is currently a good Groupon promotion that offers Thorpe Park tickets for £27pp and includes a ride digital download. More details available at Thorpe Park Deals. Tickets purchased online from Thorpe Park also offer substantial discounts off the main gate price too.

  35. I want to visit

  36. I submitted my 8 sun tokens but still have not received my 2 free tickets. Could you please let me know why.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Arlene, Topdogdays simply signposts to the deals & discounts but doesn’t hold the offers ourselves so unfortunately I can’t help you with this. These free ticket offers are very tricky as you have to follow so many instructions but fingers crossed for you.

  37. Rebecka Jade says:

    Hello, I have collected my 8 tickets for two free tickets to Thorpe park but on this page I cannot find a way to download the application form can u please help me or send me one.
    many thanks

    • Hi Rebecka, you can find the booking form for the free tickets to Thorpe Park. Scroll down to near the bottom of the article and you’ll see a link titled ‘Click Here For The Booking Form.

  38. i can’t find the booking form online, can anyone help?