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LEGOLAND® Windsor; Reserve & Ride

The LEGOLAND®Windsor Q-bot, now known as Reserve & Ride, is a device that allows you to virtual queue for your rides rather than actually stand in the real queue.  This is a great LEGOLAND Windsor Tip as there are also options to extend this to either Reserve & Ride Express or Reserve & Ride Ultimate that effectively offers you fastrack entry onto the rides.  The standard option saves you standing in line but reflects the actual length of the queue rather than the Reserve & Ride Express or Ultimate that cuts your wait times down.



The dragon ride at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; The Dragon


LEGOLAND Windsor; Reserve & Ride

Reserve & Ride is in addition to your theme park entry and offers you a method to buy your way out of the queues.  As LEGOLAND Windsor is a busy attraction this offers you the chance to pack more into your day that particularly works during busy days at the park.  There are 4 types of Reserve & Ride available to purchase;

1. Reserve & Ride One Shot; available to purchase on the day from 1pm and offers you near instant access to 5 rides; The Dragon, LEGO Ninjago The Ride, Laser Raiders, LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure & Coastguard HQ

2. Reserve & Ride  Regular; allows you to electronically reserve one ride at a time where the reserved ride time reflects the actual length of the queue.  This allows you to avoid standing in line for busy rides so you can fit more into your day at the park.

3. Reserve & Ride Express; reduces you queue times by half where your reserved ride no longer reflects the actual length of the queue but rather reduces your wait times by half.  The advantage with the Express is you’ll get more rides done in a day but you’ll pay more for the privilege.

4. Reserve & Ride Ultimate; gives you immediate access to all the eligible rides at the park regardless of queue times.  This ensures you will enjoy all the rides at the park in one day but it comes at a greater cost.


Legoland resort hotel

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)


How To Use a Reserve & Ride at LEGOLAND Windsor

Simply select the ride of your choice & you’ll quickly be allocated a time slot to access the ride, (with the exception of Express).  Make your way to the Reserve & Ride line at the allotted time and, when finished, begin choosing your next ride.

Reserve & Ride; Tips & Tricks

1. Use your Reserve & Ride Regular/Express for rides with long wait times & actually physically stand in line for those rides with shorter waiting times.

2. Worth pre-booking your Reserve & Ride as they can sell out on busy days at the park.

3. Look out for any passholders discounts currently running on the day of your visit.

4. Some rides and attractions are not included within your Reserve & Ride Regular or Express. Should you wish to bolt-on these rides, there is an additional charge to pay.

5. Look at the for NEW Reserve & Ride One Shot is only available to purchase on the day from 1pm.

6. Reserve & Ride sales units are located in The Beginning, Heartlake City & The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, (restaurant level).

Follow our LEGOLAND Windsor Guide for more money saving ideas and tips to beat the queues.


Miniland at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland

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  1. Jerone Smith says:

    My personel opinion regarding your Q-Bot machines is:
    1/ It discriminates between people on a budget or with larger family’s
    2/ one admission fee should give all equal opportunity to the rides
    3/ It creates an victorian upper and lower class situation
    Personally I am in a fortunate position to purchase the ultimate but would not do so as to avoid disrupting others enjoyment.
    Something maybe your group overlooked, but its all about the money and not experience I suppose!!

    • Hi Jerone, thanks for your feedback regarding Q-Bots. Topdogdays is independent of all visitor attractions & unfortunately has no influence over Legoland Windsor’s operations & use of fastrack methods. I do take on board that Q-Bots & fastracks are unpopular with many but plenty of customers do opt to make use of these services to reduce wait times on busy peak times even with the added costs it incurs:(