Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

It you are looking for an early theme park experience, it is always worth checking out what online offers are available for those willing to book in advance.

More details available at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristbands & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Tesco shoppers can take advantage of a cheap day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach by using their clubcard vouchers.

Simply redeem your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for 1 day wristbands at BPB.  This ‘buy in full’ deal provides you with a wristband token for around £9.50 in clubcard vouchers.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Rainy Day Guarantee

BPB offers a FREE return visit if it rains continuously for 3 hours or more during your visit.  Your return visit must be taken the next day and you will need to present both your till receipt and your wristband, (that must remain on your wrist), to pick up a like-for-like FREE wristband.

A great way to insure against the bad weather at Blackpool.

More information available at Rainy Day Guarantees; Worth It?

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Nickelodeon Height Restrictions

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2 for 1 Deals on Wristbands

BPB often runs special deals at short notice, offering reduce price wristbands with specific promotional codes so keep checking back for all the latest Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2 for 1 deals.

Nickelodeon Land Reduced Price Wristbands

In previous years, BPB has offered Nickelodeon Land only wristbands for around £19 per person.  Whilst we haven’t seen this offer running for some time, we’ll bring you further details if it runs again in 2015.

Whilst this allows younger children to access the park at a reduced price, it is worth noting that a number of Nickelodeon rides do require children under 120cm to be accompanied by an adult.  As adults also require a wristband to ride, this option can cost more than you planned.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass for around £6

If you are not one for the rides, then this BPB pass gains you entry to the park for around £6. This pass is particularly effective for those who want to accompany children but don’t want to use the rides themselves.  If you change your mind, you can always pay for an individual ride or upgrade to an unlimited ride ticket at the park.

However, do take note of the height restrictions in place at Nickelodeon Land.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2 for 1 Vouchers & Deals

Previously, we’ve seen vouchers & deals for Blackpool Pleasure Beach available with;

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2014 Season Pass Sale.
  • Online; Free Pleasure Beach Passes.
  • Online; 2 for 1 vouchers on BPB wristbands.
  • Iron Brew; 2 for 1 vouchers on BPB wristbands.
  • Online; free return visits to BPB.
  • Reduced price December BPB tickets.

We’ll let you know as more Blackpool Pleasure Beach promotions appear during 2015.


The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Season Passes

Diamond Pass; this pass gains you unlimited entry to the Pleasure Beach but not access the rides.

Platinum Pass; offers unlimited access to all the rides at the park.

Worth keeping an eye for Blackpool Pleasure Beach Season Pass Sales that historically have run at the beginning & end of the theme park season.

 Blackpool Resort Pass

Another option for those planning to visit a number of Blackpool attractions is the Blackpool Resort Pass.

You can choose from either a Blackpool Resort Pass or a Blackpool Resort Pass Plus that offers 1 visit to all of the following attractions;

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Madame Tussauds at Blackpool
  • The Blackpool Dungeons
  • Blackpool Sea Life Centre
  • The Blackpool Tower Eye

Details haven’t been confirmed for 2015 but we’ll let you know when they have been released for the season.

By Liz Walsh



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  1. very useful information

  2. When does the pleasure beach open in 2015

    • Hi Barry, the dates have yet to be listed on the BPB’s website, (we are independent of the Pleasure Beach), so I suspect that they have yet to be confirmed for 2015.

  3. Hi any offers for Blackpool pleasure beach in October please for 2 adults and 4 children thanks .

    • Hi Tracy, I am not aware of any specific deals for Blackpool Pleasure Beach for October at the moment. Often BPB run short notice offers to those that have signed up or their email newsletter or take advantage of their online booking discounts or redeem tesco clubcard vouchers for entry tokens.

  4. Hi, any deals for 3 Adults and 2 Kids for August 19th 2014? thanks

    • Nothing specifically for the 19 August. Often the best online discounts for Blackpool Pleasure Beach are for those that can book 10 days in advance. Another option would be to use clubcard vouchers or invest in a Blackpool Resort Pass if you are planning to visit a number of Blackpool attractions.

  5. anne wood says: planing to take my 2 granddaughters to the pleasure beach on the 17th u know if they are doing 2 for 1 on the passes?

    • Hi Anne, I’ve not seem so many 2 for 1 vouchers running at Blackpool Pleasure Beach this season although that’s not to say that might not be some towards the end of the season. At the moment, the cheaper wristband price tends to be when booking in advance & online but worth signing up for BPB newsletter as they often send out promo codes at short notice for select weekends.

  6. Any deals for 5 kids under sixteen…and two adults in august 2014..Thanks

    • Hi Ben, I’m not aware of any particularly offers running for August at the moment. If you are considering booking online then the earlier you book the greater the savings you will make so one to consider. You can also redeem clubcard vouchers for tokens that can be used at BPB. For anyone not looking to experience the rides, then a Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass will gain you entry to the park but not the rides, (priced at around £6pp).

  7. Hi r thr any deals 2 for 1 on Monday the 14th july

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Mary, unfortunately not that I am aware of:( Blackpool Pleasure Beach often send out promo codes from their mailing list for specific days/weekends during the season so could be worth signing up for that. You can also redeem clubcard vouchers for BPB tokens or if you can book 10 days or more in advance, there are online discounts that you can take advantage of.

  8. im visiting the park on the 8th november and noticed that its open till midnight, so if i go on at 11am and pay the 20 pound for the wrist band would that entitle me to stay there untill midnight or do i have to pay agin

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Sarah, I would be surprised if Blackpool Pleasure Beach is open until midnight on 8 November….I can see that it does currently state that on the opening times but I wonder if this is an error? Topdogdays is independent of BPB so best to contact the Pleasure Beach directly.

  9. Margaret Pillans says:

    Hi, I am going to a caravan site on the outskirts of Blackpool with my granddaughter on Fri 4th July 14 till Mon 7th July 14 & we would love to go to pleasure beach for the day on Sunday 6th, is there any deals on the wrist bands for that day. thanks.

    • Hi Margaret, it is not always clear at Blackpool Pleasure Beach whether to take advantage of their early bird offer, (currently if you purchase BPB tickets online at least 10 days in advance, you can take advantage of online discounts) or wait to see if a last minute deal comes up for the date you are looking for, (BPB sometimes run promo codes that they send out to those that have signed up for news directly with the Pleasure Beach). Alternatively you could look at redeeming tesco clubcard vouchers or invest in a Blackpool Resort Pass that offers discounted entry to a number of Blackpool attractions.

      • Margaret Pillans says:

        thank you for your rapid reply, I will look out for deals & hope something turns up as we cant take advantage of the 10 days in advance deal as our holiday starts on Friday. many thanks.

  10. Derek Cummings says:

    Hi we are two adults and 2 under 16 what are the best deals for tickets to pleasure beach and tower we the adults will not be using rides ages children 15 and 8.we are travelling for week commencing 28 of october 013.thanks

    • Hi Derek, if the adults are not looking to use the rides at Blackpool Pleasure, you are best purchasing Blackpool Pleasure Beach Passes that offers you entry into the Pleasure Beach but no access to the rides. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Passes are currently priced at £6 per day, (you can book online or pay at the gate). During October, wristbands (that gives you access to the Pleasure Beach as well as the rides) are priced at £23 per adult/child when purchased online. If you are a regular Tesco shopper, you could consider redeeming clubcard vouchers for BLackpool Pleasure Beach tokens for the children, (currently £9.50 in clubcard vouchers). Sorry, I am not aware of any Blackpool Tower deals.

  11. Hi going to Blackpool pleasure beach for the weekend on 4 th oct. . Got two clubcard tickets already do you know of any other deals. There is 3 adult and 2 children. X

    • Hi Claire, Blackpool Pleasure Beach tend to run new promotions at the beginning of each month…the current promotion for September is £20 wristbands but clearly this won’t work for you! I can see the current online price for 4 October is £23 a wristband so worth keeping an eye on their online prices.

  12. Sharon O'Brien says:

    Hi sent you a message earlier on, you answered one of my questions but not the other, is it £20 to get into pleasure beach at the gate on Sunday 29th Sept 2013 or is the deal just online …. Thanks x

    • Sorry Sharon…it is £20 online if you book in advance for 29 September. If you pay on the gate at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it will be £29.99 per person.

  13. Sharon O'Brien says:

    Hi am coming to Blackpool on Saturday night 28th Sept 2013 going into pleasure beach on Sunday 29th, iv got 2 4 1 entry throu Tesco petrol filling station do they include pleasure beach, also is it £20 to pay at gate if we dont want to order on line … Thanks x

    • Hi Sharon, I’m not too familiar with the Tesco petrol 2 for 1 vouchers…weren’t they for Merlin Attractions? Best check the terms & conditions on the voucher for this promotion for valid visitor attractions & dates for use. In general terms, a 2 for 1 voucher only works when accompanied by a full paying person, (generally an adult), and you cannot take advantage of any other offer, concession or discounted ticket including online ticket offers. 2 for 1’s tend to work only when paying on the gate prices so you will need to work out what offers you best value for money…using a 2 for 1 voucher or purchasing discounted tickets online for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

  14. michelle gibb says:

    Hi comingnto blackpool on sat the 21st september going to the pleasure beach on the sun 22nd sept was wondering if theres any deals on for 1 adult and 2 kids age 10 and 5

    • Hi Michelle, the best online deal I can see is £20 per adult/child. This price is valid if you book, in advance & online, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Another option is redeeming Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for Blackpool Pleasure Beach entry tokens.

  15. Roy Waring says:

    As already living here .when the grandchildren arrive on different days it becomes expensive for grandparents to keep on paying to enter the pleasure beach is there not a conscession for them and I mean the grandparents

    • Hi Roy, Blackpool Pleasure Beach have run promotions during the year offering free entry, (of course, you still need to pay for the rides) into the park so worth checking back regularly to see what offers are running. Whilst I can appreciate that admission charges can mount up, at least the Pleasure Beach offers entry for just £6 per person as most other theme parks would charge you the full admission charge regardless of whether you are looking to use the rides or not. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any senior or Grandparent discounts currently running for Blackpool Pleasure Beach at this time.

  16. Dave Whitehouse says:

    Can you improve your deal for 2 adults and 1 11yr old, total £59.98, if so please email me with your deal as we are trying to decide which park to go to before end of November.

    • Hi Dave, Topdogdays is independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach & simply signposts you to current deals & discounted ticket offers running. BPB tends to vary the deals running each month, so worth checking back so what offers are running nearer the time.

  17. Hi I’m going to Blackpool on November 2nd and I need to know if there are any offers/promotions for this date and any prices for the rides and something called pasje del terror which I would to try

    • Hi Lewis, Blackpool Pleasure Beach tend to run a new promotion each month so it might be worth waiting until a little closer to the time to see what promotions are running for the end of the season.

  18. Hi my son is coming to Blackpool on 23rd aug for weekend he is disabled so is coming with a carer
    Are there any deals for carers?
    My son is 21

  19. Hi we go to Blackpool on the 20th ov August till thev24th, an was wondering if you could give me more info n prices for the resort pass plus please,there is two adults n three children going one child is only one year old

    • Danielle, the Blackpool resort pass plus offers 1 entry to all of the following Blackpool attractions; Blackpool Pleasure beach, Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Dungeons, Sea Life Centre in Blackpool, Madame Tussauds Blackpool, Blackpool Zoo Sandcastle Waterpark & Blackpool Model Village. Each pass is priced at £77.50 per person and is valid for seven days from your selected visit date or date of purchase from the VisitBlackpool Tourist Information Centre.

  20. gary matley says:

    hi can u tell me how much 2 adult resort pass plus tickets are and do u have to use them on same day

    • Currently a Pleasure Beach Pass is priced at £6 per person. However, if you are purchasing wristbands for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, you do not need a Pleasure Beach Pass as the wristband will secure you entry to the park. Wristband prices change all the time but currently, (July 2013), if you purchase online you can pick up a Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristband for £24 per person.

  21. Forget to say we Will be coming 20th august

  22. Hi can u tell me how much wristbands are for 1 child age 4 years and 1 adult please

    • Hi Kim, the wristband online price at Blackpool Pleasure Beach often changes from month to month depending upon the promotion currently running. You can always purchase wristbands on the gate but you will generally be paying more than if you purchase wristbands online. I can see today, (15 July 2013), 2 Summer Saver Wristbands for 20 August are priced at £22.50 each. These include Nickelodeon Land & other rides at the pleasure beach.

  23. Hi could you tell me how much wrist bands are for the rides thanks

    • Hi Tracy, the online price of the wristbands changes from month to month depending upon what promotion they have running. For July, if you book in advance you can pick up a wristband for £24 per adult/child. The on the gate price is always more expensive so worth checking out any online offers or if there are any vouchers available for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, (no vouchers available at the moment that we can see).

      • 39,21 ,17,12 years will it be 3 adults and 1 child

        • How much will it cost

          • Not sure about the high ones scared off heights

          • The great advantage with Blackpool Pleasure Beach is that there is a range of rides available to suit thrill seekers & non-thrill seekers alike! Have fun :)

        • Hi Tracy, during July the adult & child wristband prices for Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristbands are the same price, (£24 per person). At different times of the year, BPB differentiate between adults & children wristbands but as a child is deemed as 11 years or under, your 12 year old would still need to pay the adult price…mad I know.

  24. D mc Guinness says:

    Going to bpb in July any promo codes avalible to get tickets 2 for 1 please let me know

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      No information as yet for promo codes for July at Blackpool Pleasure Beach but do keep checking back for the latest information.

    • Ferne Manniex says:

      Hiya, was wondering if you’ve any information about any promo codes for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, im meant to be going on the first of July and a 2-for-1 deal would be perfect!

      • Top Dog Days
        lizwalsh says:

        Hi Ferne, sorry I am not aware of any current 2 for 1 vouchers for Blackpool Pleasure Beach that are valid in July. There is currently a 3 for 2 on Blackpool wristbands with Moneysupermarket but this expires on 30 June. Again for June, BPB are offering 25% off standard price wristbands but this deal is also running out at the end of June :(

  25. R.bradshaw says:

    The free entry to the park code is back until the 15th June code 1367 thanks to Amanda Thompson via twitter

  26. R. Bradshaw says:

    Hi please help , cannot find anywhere on the Internet about prices of ride tickets for bpb in particular nickelodeon land as don’t want to but a wristband as only going on 3 or 4 rides in turn with me and my child then my wife on a ride with the child ? Also will he using the free entry offer but is that for only 1 person or can it be used for more.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Great thinking….you can use the promo code online to pick up your Free Pleasure Beach Passes, (you can have more than 1), then purchase ride tokens on the day.

      Tokens range from £2-£8 a ride. In Nickelodeon Land the tokens are priced around £2-£5 per person but do take account of height requirements that may require an adult to accompany the children. The higher end £8 a ride tokens are for the thrill rides such as Pepsi Max.

  27. Andrew Worrall says:

    where can we pre book parking at BPB for £6 /Day

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Andrew if you are thinking of visiting in June, you can take advantage of a £2 parking charge for 24 hours parking. This is available at South, Central Beach Londsdale Road & Central coach car parks with 2000 spaces for vehicles available at this reduced priced rate.

  28. Michael Chaplin says:

    Help please, I am looking for deals for Nickelodeon Land at
    Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Michael, Nickelodeon Land is part of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and particularly of interest to younger customers. You can therefore either make use of some of the deals listed for the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, (3 for 2 vouchers, Blackpool Resort Pass, clubcard vouchers etc), or take advantage of the Nickelodeon Land reduced price wristbands for just £18 per person. Be aware of minimum height restrictions on these rides but if your child does not need accompanying on the rides, you could take advantage of a £5 Pleasure Beach Pass.

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There are no other attractions in this area

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Hi Barry, the dates have yet to be listed on the BPB's website, (we are independent of the Pleasure ...

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When does the pleasure beach open in 2015...

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