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Drayton Manor Theme Park Family Break

Enjoy a Drayton Manor Theme Park Family Break that includes overnight accommodation & breakfast, family tickets to Drayton Manor + 2 other visitor attractions from £170 per family, (up to 1-2 adults/1-3 children under 12 years).

The great advantage with this offer lies within the choice of accommodation options available, including the Drayton Manor Hotel, as well as the range of other visitor attractions you can include within your package. Along with your family tickets to Drayton Manor, you can opt for family entry to 2 other attractions including the Trentham Monkey Forest, SnowDome, Water World, Conkers & even the New Vic Theatre!

More details available at Drayton Manor Theme Park Family Break.

Drayton Manor £23.50 Meal Deal Tickets

Look out for the Drayton Manor meal deal package that offers theme park admission, (including Thomas Land & Drayton Manor Zoo), plus a choice of meal options for just £23.50pp. With availability throughout the summer this offers a 48% discount off the walk up price with a further option to upgrade to a 2 day ticket for those looking to extend their stay.  More details available at Drayton Manor Meal Deal Package for £23.50pp.

Follow our Guide to Drayton Manor packed with top tips & money saving ideas to help you get the most from your day out to this popular Theme Park.




Drayton Manor & Thrill Hopper Ticket

Consider a Thrill Hopper ticket that offers you one admission to all four of the following; Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Water World & Tamworth Snowdome, (limited to specific activities). This is a substantial saving against the cost of four separate entries with Thrill Hopper tickets priced at £60pp or £170 for a family of 4! This ticket works well for those looking for a short break or alternatively for those looking to space out their trips during the season.

More information available at Thrill Hopper Ticket.

Drayton Manor; 4 Tik’s for £70

For a limited time you can pick up 4 tickets to Drayton Manor for £70 that works out at just £17.50pp! Running until 21 October 2016 this Attractiontix deal offers 1 day entry to the Theme Park, Thomas Land & Zoo. This offer is valid for both adults & children, (for children age 2-3 years best value to purchase a toddler ticket for just £6 at the gate).

More information available at Drayton Manor – 4 Tik’s for £70.

Budget Accommodation Close to Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor Theme Park Break; accommodation, tickets + 2 other attractions

Late Rooms; Drayton Manor Hotel


Drayton Manor Air Race Attraction

Drayton Manor; Air Race


Drayton Manor; Clubcard Vouchers

For those that shop regularly at Tesco, clubcard vouchers can offer some easy savings at Drayton Manor.  This ‘pay in full’ offers one day entry into the park but please note that vouchers must be redeemed for tokens  in advance of your visit as vouchers cannot be redeemed at the ticket kiosk.

Drayton Manor; Online Offers

During select times of the year, Drayton Manor teams up with ticket sites such as 365tickets or Attractiontix to offer discounted entry off standard price tickets.  Always worth checking these discount sites to see if they have any current deals running on Drayton Manor tickets before planning a visit.


Drayton Manor Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy

Drayton Manor; Jeremy Jets Flying Academy


Drayton Manor & Come Back Deals

Worth checking out Drayton Manor’s comeback deal that offers discounted entry for a second day  at the park.  Comeback tickets are valid at the park any day & are priced around £12 per person/£5 for children age 2-3 years.  Tickets must be purchased before leaving the park; simply present your original tickets to Guest Services after 3pm on the day of your initial visit.

Tickets are only available to purchase from within the theme park & includes FREE parking on the second day too!

Adult & Toddler Ticket at Drayton Manor

For those with pre-school children, check out the toddler ticket that runs Monday to Friday during Staffordshire term time.  This adult & toddler ticket offers 1 adult & 1 toddler, (under 4 years), entry to the park for just £20.  This can offer value for money as under 2’s go free & a chance to visit Drayton Manor during less busy times.  This offer is only available on select days so worth double checking before planning your visit.

Top Tip; why not build your own short break by combining accommodation offers available through Late Rooms; Drayton Manor Hotel with some of the Drayton Manor ticket offer highlighted on this page for double discounts!


Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks


Drayton Manor; Rainy Day Guarantee

At select times of the year, Drayton Manor offers a FREE return visit if it rains continuously for 2 hours or more for those that have pre-booked tickets at least 1 day in advance with Drayton Manor.  Worth double checking if your visit is eligible for a rainy day guarantee before banking on this offer.

More information available at Rainy Day Guarantees; Worth It?

Free Entry to Armed Forces

Drayton Manor are offering all serving military personnel FREE entry to Drayton Manor during the main 2016 season, (checking park opening dates before visiting).  Simply present your valid military identification card at the ticket booths on the day of your visit to secure free entry.

This offer is open to all serving & ex-serving members of the army, navy and air force.  Whilst there are no family or friends discount available with this offer, this is a pretty reasonable offer from Drayton Manor.

Tips To Beat the Queues at Drayton Manor

Tips to Beat the Queues at Thomas Land

Insider’s Guide to Drayton Manor



Dino Trail


Drayton Manor Online Discounts

Drayton Manor regularly teams up with 365tickets to offer discounted tickets/flash sales that run for short periods of time. Worth checking out what ticket offers are available for the date of your visit.

More details available at Cheap Tickets for Drayton Manor.

Drayton Manor; After School Ticket

NEW for 2016, look out for this after school ticket for Drayton Manor that offer discounted entry to the park from 3pm during any weekday of the Staffordshire term time.  Pick up entry for 1 adult & 1 child under 11 years for a combined price of just £10.  For those living locally this can offer value for money for a later visit to the park.  Worth checking dates that this offer is available before setting out to the park.

Thomas Land; More Information

Drayton Manor Theme Park Break; accommodation, tickets + 2 other attractions

Top Tips for Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Expansion of Thomas Land at Drayton Manor


Flynn's Fire Rescue Ride at Thomas Land

Drayton Manor; Flynn’s Fire Rescue


2 for 1 Voucher for Drayton Manor; Travel by Train

Not currently available.

Previously, Drayton Manor has run a popular 2 for 1 voucher for those that travel by train. In essence this deal offer one free entry when you present valid train tickets & downloaded voucher to the ticket booths at Drayton Manor on the day of your visit, (exclusions apply). Whilst this offer is currently unavailable, we’ll bring you more details is this offer runs again in due course.

Practical Information for Drayton Manor

Parking Charges at Drayton Manor

Drop Off/Collection Point for Drayton Manor

Lockers & Picnics at Drayton Manor

Ride Photography Deals for Drayton Manor



Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor Thrills


Drayton Manor 2 for 1 Vouchers & Special Offers

Drayton Manor run a selected number of discount voucher throughout the year, so worth keeping an eye out with;

  • Drayton Manor Free Entry Offer; St George’s Day, (April 2016)
  • Free Entry to Drayton Manor for Royal Namesakes.
  • Free entry to Drayton Manor.
  • £5 entry to Drayton Manor.
  • Free entry to Drayton Manor for teachers.
  • 2 for 1 voucher Capri Sun.
  • Yoplait Thomas the Tank Fromage Frais; 2 for 1 voucher.
  • Free Entry for those wearing a morphsuit.

More Drayton Manor Information

Drayton Manor Theme Park Break; accommodation, tickets + 2 other attractions

Insider’s Guide to Drayton Manor

Tips for Thomas Land at Drayton Manor




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  1. Are there currently any 2 for 1 discounts for September ??

    • Hi Alex, not that I have come across although if you book online 7 or more days in advance with Drayton Manor, you can pick up savings of up to 40% off the standard gate price ticket.

  2. Drayton Manor 2 for 1

    • Hi, whilst I cannot find a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor, I can see an online discount of up to 40% off standard price tickets if you book directly online with Drayton Manor 7 or more days in advance.

  3. Chloe Burgess says:

    Hi I can’t find any 2 for 1 deals anywhere. We where going to go Drayton manor on Friday could u tell me the best deals for 4 adults 2 13 yr olds 12 year old and a 3 year old or would in be cheaper going some where else

    • Hi Chloe, yes I’ve struggled to find a 2 for 1 vouchers for Drayton Manor too unless you are travelling by train. There a some good online discounts that worth taking a look at either through Drayton Manor directly or 365 tickets that offer quite a discount off on-the-gate prices. Alternatively redeem Tesco clubcard vouchers for tokens?

  4. Hi do you have any deals for a family of 6

    • Hi Paul, Drayton Manor offer family tickets for families of 3, 4 & 5 that are available on the gate only that are priced at £81, £108, £135 respectively this summer.

  5. I’m interested in the £109 deal for drayton manor theme park and hotel stay.
    How do I go about booking this ?


  6. WE are interested in any savings for days out

    • The best discounts currently running for Drayton Manor are be either by booking online, (adults £20, children £15, (4-1 years) before 1 September OR take advantage of a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor from Vouchercodes that is valid until 31 August 2013. Enjoy:)

  7. Maggie Turner says:

    I wanted to pay for 2 tickets for my son and grandson but will not be visiting myself. The terms and conditions say the tickets will only be given to the card holder!! Not a good option. The office is now closed so I cannot ask anyone for advice and I wanted to book online for tomorrow. Looks like I will miss out on the £20, £15 deal.

    • Hi Maggie, I understand that Drayton Manor does this to help protect against card fraud but I have raised this with them to see if there is a possible route round this. I will let you know if I receive any further information that could help your situation.

      • Hi Maggie, I have now received further information that may help your situation…the reason they ask for cards to be shown upon collection is as proof of identity as well as purchase and to prevent fraudulent purchases. If buying on behalf of someone else, tickets can be bought at the online discount rate from the call centre (0844 472 1960) instead of online. Tickets can then be posted out to the home address of the person buying them (the cost of postage will need to be covered) and then physically given to those visiting.

        • One other option available to those that want to book tickets online at Drayton Manor, is to ensure the recipient is aware of the full booking information. Then if the card holder is not present to collect the tickets, the park’s staff will ask the guest to confirm all of the booking info (address, telephone number and email) before releasing the tickets.

  8. crazycarl says:

    PLEASE UPDATE: In the first para on this page it states adults are £20, kids up to 11 are £5 in advance, yet the prices are now £25 for adults and £20 for kids between 4 and 11

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Crazycard, it is a little confusing I know but tickets are indeed £20 an adult/£15 a child,(£5 for 2-3 year olds) if you book in advance and visit between 20 July & 1 Sept….don’t worry about the stated prices on the Drayton Manor website as you first go through to the site, just select a date between 20 July & 1 September and the discounted ticket prices will come up.

  9. shagufta Kanwal says:

    Hey where I can pik my vouchers

    • Hi Shagufta, do you mean the 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor? For this deal, just follow the link through to vouchercodes, sign up and download your 2 for 1 voucher. Not long to go on this deal as it expires on 30 June. If you are looking to go over the school summer holidays, then check out the reduced price ticket offer from Drayton Manor with adults tickets £20, (12 years +) or children, (4-11 years) £15.

  10. Glenys L says:

    Can I use Tesco clubcard vouchers for Thomasland at Drayton Manor?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Glenys, yes you can use Tesco clubcard rewards tokens for entrance charges as Thomas Land sits within the offer of Drayton Manor Theme Park. For Drayton Manor, you can use clubcard vouchers as a ‘pay in full’ reward with every £10 in clubcard vouchers gaining each person entry to the park, (& thus Thomas Land as well). Remember to redeem your clubcard vouchers for reward tokens before you visit the park.

  11. Hi there….where can I pick up a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor for May? Thanks!

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Tanya, try the visittheheart website, (link above) that has a current 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor. Always worth checking online with Drayton Manor too as they often have 2 for 1 vouchers on their site especially around school holiday times.