Drayton Manor Theme Park 2 for 1 Deals & Cheap Tickets

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1. Drayton Manor, (save up to 36% off walk up prices)

Our Drayton Manor Guide helps you to beat the queues whilst this money saving round up provides the low down on current deals & discounts. For those that can book in advance, take advantage of online savings with tickets priced from £25 an adult/£20 a child. This cheap ticket offer from Attractiontix secures you savings of up to 36% off walk up prices & includes entry to the theme park, Thomas Land & Drayton Manor Zoo, (more offers below).

TO BOOK TICKETS GO TO Drayton Manor Tickets – save up to 36% off walk up price tickets.


drayton Manor thomas land

Drayton Manor; Thomas Land (photo by Tony Charnock)


2. Drayton Manor; Free Entry to Armed Forces

Here’s a chance for serving military personnel to gain FREE entry to Drayton Manor during the season. Simply present your valid military identification card at the ticket booths on the day of your visit to secure complimentary entry. This offer is open to all serving & ex-serving members of the army, navy and air force.

3. Drayton Manor; 1 Day Ticket & Meal from £28pp

Take advantage of a Dayton Manor meal deal package that offers theme park admission, (including Thomas Land & Drayton Manor zoo), plus a choice of meal options from just £28pp. This offers savings of up to 39% off package gate prices that includes a theme park ticket, meal, drink & side at selected onsite restaurants. More discounts available on family packages plus further upgrades on 2 day tickets for those looking to extend their stay.

TO BOOK GO TO Drayton Manor 1 Day Ticket & Meal Deal Offer.

4. Drayton Manor; Clubcard Vouchers

For those that shop regularly at Tesco, clubcard vouchers can offer some easy savings at Drayton Manor. This ‘pay in full’ offers one day entry into the park but please note that vouchers must be redeemed for tokens in advance of your visit as vouchers cannot be redeemed at the ticket kiosk.

TOP TIP; follow our Guide to Drayton Manor packed with top tips & money saving ideas to help you get the most from your day out to this popular theme park!




5. Drayton Manor Hotel; Offers

For those looking to stay over at the Drayton Manor Hotel, look out for current promotions running over at LateRooms to build your own theme park short break. Often you can pick up some great deals on this on-site hotel that you can then combine with theme park ticket offers to enjoy a leisurely break away on a budget.

TO MAKE A BOOKING GO TO Drayton Manor Hotel – LateRooms.

6. Drayton Manor; Come Back Offers

Look out for Drayton Manor’s comeback deal that offers discounted next day entry into the park. Day2Tickets are only available to those already at the park who wish to return the following day. Simply present your original tickets to Guest Services after 3pm on the day of your initial visit and remember that tickets must be purchased BEFORE you leave the park.

7. Drayton Manor; Adult & Toddler Tickets

Look out for attractive toddler packages that run weekdays during Staffordshire term time. This adult & toddler combi ticket offers 1 adult & 1 toddler, (under 4 years), entry to the park for around £20. With under 2’s going free, this is a chance to visit the theme park during off-peak times. This deal only runs on select days so worth double checking before planning your visit.

TOP TIP; follow our Guide To Thomas Land At Drayton Manor packed with queue-busting tips & money saving tips to help you enjoy your next visit to Thomas Land!


Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks

Drayton Manor; Troublesome Trucks


8. Drayton Manor; 365tickets

Look out for cheap Drayton Manor ticket options from 365tickets that runs a range of packages throughout the season. Promotions vary throughout the year so worth considering what’s running on the day of your visit as we’ve seen substantial discounts off standard price entry & meal deal packages in previous seasons. More information available at Drayton Manor Tickets & Meal Deal Options.

9. Drayton Manor; After School Ticket

Look out for this after school ticket for Drayton Manor that offers discounted entry to the park from 3pm during any weekday of the Staffordshire term time. Pick up entry for 1 adult & 1 child under 11 years for a combined price of around £10pp. For those living locally this can offer value for money for a later visit to the park. Worth checking dates that this offer is available before setting out to the park.

10. Drayton Manor; Thrill Hopper Tickets

Pick up a Thrill Hopper ticket that offers one admission to all four of the following; Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Water World & Tamworth Snowdome. This combined entry deal secures substantial savings off individual entry to each attraction & is currently priced at just £60pp/£180 for a family of 4. This ticket can be used either in conjunction with a short break or can be used by those that prefer to space out their visits throughout the season.

More information available at Drayton Manor; Thrill Hopper Ticket.

13. Drayton Manor 2 for 1 Vouchers, (not currently available)

Previously, we’ve come across a popular 2 for 1 voucher for those that travel by train to the park. In essence this offers one free entry when you present valid train tickets & downloaded voucher to the ticket booths at Drayton Manor on the day of your visit, (exclusions apply).  We’ll bring you more details is this offer runs again.

15. Drayton Manor; Rainy Day Guarantee

At select times of the year, Drayton Manor offers a FREE return visit if it rains continuously for 2 hours or more for those that have pre-booked tickets at least 1 day in advance with Drayton Manor. Worth double checking if your visit is eligible for a rainy day guarantee before banking on this offer.

More information available at Drayton Manor – Rainy Day Guarantee.

Drayton Manor Guides

Tips to Beat the Queues at Thomas Land

Insider’s Guide to Drayton Manor

Lockers & Picnics at Drayton Manor


Shockwave at Drayton Manor theme park

Drayton Manor; Shockwave



By Liz Walsh

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  1. Tickets for this Sunday

    • Hi Alan, you could try the Attractiontix offer for Drayton Manor that is valid this Sunday, (adults £23, children 4 – 11 years £18), that is good value.

  2. Looking for offers for Drayton manor park for Saturday 16 April for my grandson 6th birthday for 5 adults 2children 6 and 4and 2 toddlers 18months and 15 months

    • Hi June, sorry for the delay – I’ve been off at a theme park myself today! Under 2’s go free at Drayton Manor so your toddlers will gain free entry:) If you are a tesco shopper you could redeem clubcard vouchers for 1 day entry tokens for Drayton Manor, (you must do this in advance of your visit). It might also be good to know that there is also a discounted rate for those age 60 years & over, (currently £18pp if you book online at Drayton Manor 7 or more days in advance). Depending upon the age range of the adults in your party, (& if you can book online 7 or more days in advance), you could combine senior tickets with the current ‘any 4 tickets for £80’ promotion and/or the discounted child ticket rate of £18pp. Also worth noting the family ticket prices that can be combined with individual discounted child/senior priced tickets too. There are plenty of options available to you, it is just worth calculating which of the combinations are available to you and the savings you can make. Have a lovely day, Liz

  3. My son will be 2 on the 4th of December. I was thinking of visiting Thomas land on the 5th. Does anyone know of any vouchers coming out, as he loves Thomas, and we’re low on cash atm thank you. X

    • Hi Kathryn, whilst the full Drayton Manor theme park is now closed for the season, Drayton’s Magical Christmas, (includes select rides & attractions), will be running on specific dates in November & December including 5 December 2015. Might be worth visiting a week earlier as under 2’s go free at Drayton Manor? You can also pick up cheaper tickets if you book park-only tickets online that excludes the Castle of Dreams & Santa. Unfortunately I cannot see any vouchers currently running:(

  4. Maria atherton says:

    Free tickets

    • Hi Maria, I wish I did know of a free ticket offer for Drayton Manor that I could pass on:( Whilst there are a range of deals available for Drayton Manor, these tend to offer discounted entry rather than free entry.

  5. leanne greenley says:

    is there currently any 2 for 1 deals on atm?

    • Hi Leanne, unfortunately I haven’t come across any current 2 for 1 vouchers for Drayton Manor. If you can book 7 or more days in advance, there is a good online ticket discount available if you book directly with Drayton Manor.

  6. Are there any 2 for 1 offers on branded products or in general

    • Hi Ghazia, unfortunately Drayton Manor is not part of the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher for theme parks:( I am not aware of any current 2 for 1 vouchers for Drayton Manor although you can pick up substantial savings on ticket prices when either booking online directly with Drayton Manor or 356tickets.

  7. I keep seeing 2for1 offers but can’t find any links and need them before tomorrow morning. Any advice?

  8. 2 for 1 entry tickets

    • Hi Sidhra, voucher codes are currently offering a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor, (terms & conditions apply), that could be of interest to you:)

  9. I had booked tickets and It came out to be in the wrong criteria of age group. I tried calling you guys since noon and has been put up on hold for more than 2 hours and still no response. I tried e-mail and still no response. How do I contact in order to follow up with the tickets. My plan of visit is tomorrow and it takes about 2 hours for me to reach your place. My booking ID is KISA902043.

    Awaiting your response.

    • Hi Akkshaya, I’m not sure it have resolved this matter yet? You are best contacting Drayton Manor directly either by phone, (0844 472 1950) or by email, ( I hope you manage to work it out and enjoy a day at the park.

  10. hi drayton manor is a very good place and it is AWESOME i like the animals there.

    • Hi Jade, I have to agree Drayton Manor is an all round theme park that not only has rides to suit all ages but also has the added bonus of the animals too. I hope you manage to visit this season:)

  11. Hi Drayton Manor,

    I was thinking of booking tickets for next weekend (Sunday) 2 Adults 1 disabled child. Do I get a discount of the child age (14) ? if so do I have to bring proof off his disability.

    Also I don’t go on rides due to a bad back 🙁 I cant understand why I have to pay full price to look round.

    I understand this is a big problem with most theme parks and it certainly puts me off from making visits has theme parks are not cheap. I also understand its a independent company all out for making money & ripping people off, I am sure more people would visit if their was a small fee for people who don’t go on the rides? I am sure they could use coloured bands that the staff check before letting people on rides the bands could be different colours throughout the week with bands printed with rides on persons who have paid full price and visitor on none riders, I personally think all companies should look at their pricing.

    Kindest Regards

    • Hi Katie, thank you for your feedback regarding Drayton Manor. Whilst we are not part of Drayton Manor, (we simply provide information for days out on a budget), we do hear similar feedback from other guests who would like theme parks to distinguish between guests that will be using the rides & attractions and those that will not. Some theme parks have set up a system that charges a smaller fee for those not intending to access the rides, (such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach), so the problems are not insurmountable so it might be worth considering venues that offer a wristband facility. In terms of your query for Drayton Manor, perhaps best to email directly.

  12. Hi I was looking at prices for Drayton manor and I noticed I would have to pay full price for a ticket for me which I think is unfair I know a lot of places do this to. I know I won’t be going on any rides at all it would be my husband and my kids going on them. Why is it I still have to pay full price? Things like this put me off going . Thank you

    • Hi Kelly, I can see your point and you are certainly not alone in this criticism of theme parks. Unfortunately, we do not have any influence over this policy at Drayton Manor as we are independent of all theme parks. I am aware that theme parks often say it would be difficult to police if there were customers at the park that cannot use the rides. However parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach or M & D’s Scotlands Theme Park manage to overcome this obstacle.

  13. lucy allcott says:

    My son really wants to go to drayton manor. But me and my husband cannot justify paying £25 each ( cheapest price ive found on the net) to supervise my 6 year old son, as we will not be going on any rides… why dont they do a cheap tickets for people like us instead of £50 to walk around.

    • Hi Lucy, you have a valid point and one we do hear quite often, (we are independent of all visitor attractions). Unfortunately, this does seem to be the way of many UK theme parks although Bleackpool Pleasure Beach does offer an entrance ticket only for around £6 per person. However, keep in mind there are height restrictions in place that require children under a certain height to be accompanied on the rides.

  14. Jansen brown says:

    Who much would it be for 2 adults and 3 children ages (18,18,13)

    • Hi Jansen, hard to give a definitive answer as prices change depending upon when you visit and the best price tickets available at the time. An adult at Drayton Mnaor is classed as 12-59 years, (discounted rates for seniors), so you will be looking at the price for 5 adults for your party.

  15. Michelle Langton says:

    Trying hard to get voucher codes for drayton manor for mon 18 th for my boys birthday there is 2 adults 2children plz help me find them

  16. angela kelly says:

    hi ive ttried to look how much tickets would be for myself an 3 kids,however it just keeps telling me there is a problem with tickets so still dont know what offers there are,any ideas plz,

    • Hi Angela, I think they are having a problem with their system today so perhaps just keep checking back. Doesn’t usually take too long to fix.

  17. Is their a 2 for 1 vouchers in the first week of August, , so if 2 adults an 2 kidz (4,8 yrs) go wot would da price be?? Thanks.

  18. 2 adults, 2kids with car for a day out in August 2014, wots da best deal or discount I can get for the family…..?? #HOLIDAYZ!!

    • Hi Asif, if you book online with Drayton Manor they are currently offering tickets for £25 an adult/£20 a child, (4-11 years) or 365tickets are also offering £25 an adult/£20 a child. As standard ticket price is currently £36 an adult or £27 a child, both options offer a discounted entry. You can pick up a 2 for 1 voucher if you travel by train but I can see you are looking to drive to Drayton Manor & I’m not aware of any other 2 for 1 vouchers currently running.

  19. Bev Porter says:

    I have a 9 month old grandson, would the rides at Thomas Land be suitable for him please. Are weekday tickets at the moment cheaper please. Thanks

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Bev, whilst a number of the Thomas Land rides wouldn’t be suitable for such a young age, there are a few rides that you would be able to sit on & enjoy with your grandson. You can also take the Thomas train from one side of the park to the other & enjoy the zoo.

  20. Mohammed Zulfiqar says:

    keep me updated on drayton manor offers

    • Hi Mohammed, the best way to keep up to date is to sign up for our email newsletter as we often include a round-up of all the latest deals including those for Drayton Manor. To sign up, go to Topdogdays Email Newsletter Sign Up. Alternatively, keep checking back to this page as we continually update here for new Draytom Manor deals.

  21. I am 12 and I am going Drayton manor with my school next Friday and my school said that it cost £25 for the enter and the travel but how much money should I take

    • Hi Haleema, once you have paid for your ticket, all the rides & attractions are included within the price. In the park you can purchase food & drink, (Drayton Manor welcome picnics though if you want to costs down), souvenirs, stalls, arcade & ride photos should you wish. Have a great day:)

  22. We are church children Coming As Group.what Is D Price For Group?

    • A group at Drayton Manor Theme Park consists of 12 or more people in one vehicle. Pre-booked group ticket prices currently stand at £18.50 an adult, (12-59 years), £18.50 a child, (4-11 years), £5, (2-3 years), plus free entry for one organiser per coach. More details are available direct from Drayton Manor on 0844 472 1960.

  23. How to buy tickets online

    • Faiaq, you can either purchase directly from Drayton Manor or through 3rd party site such as 365tickets or AttractionTixs.

  24. Considering it’s currently off peak, the deal isn’t so amazing:

    Children £3 more expensive than from Drayton’s website, adults £2 cheaper… I guess it depends on the demographic of your groups (3 kids + 1 adults, so no good for me!)

    • Hi Matt, I have to agree it is always worth shopping around for the best price & this will differ depending upon the make-up of your family/party. At least by forward planning you are likely to take advantage of substantial savings off the on-the-gate prices for Drayton Manor. Good luck in your search:)

  25. Hi Maureen,

    There is a 50% offer on at the moment at 365Tickets and they often have great sales throughout the year.

    • Hi, I’ve noticed that 365tickets have 30% off right now.. But when I add all people to basket. It doesn’t take any money off and stays at 25pp. I don’t understand how 25 can be the price after 30% off when the gate price is 36? Very confusing. Unless I’m missing something out? Thanks

      • Hi Sally, my understanding is that ‘save over 30% on adult tickets’ currently running at 365tickets relates to the discount from the on-the-gate ticket price so the £25pp quoted is already (approximately) 30% off the standard ticket price…does that make sense?

  26. Is there a deal if a coach of 50 go drayton manner theme park

    • Hi Damian, Drayton Manor offer substantial discounts for bookings for groups that pre-book their tickets. Groups of 12 or more will constitute as a group so that’s no trouble for you guys. Simply contact Drayton Manor directly for further details.

  27. Maureen Fewings says:

    Hi, after a great visit at Christmas we are looking to return for a day at Easter. We were wondering if there are any 2 for 1 offers as there will be 10 of us.

    • Hi Maureen, there are not too many 2 for 1 vouchers for Drayton Manor currently available although if you travel by train you can pick up a 2 for 1 voucher. Just check out the full terms & conditions before setting out.
      Do keep checking back and we’ll let you know when & if any 2 for 1’s become available later in the season.

  28. Hi,

    Looking to go to Drayton tomorrow, does anyone know if the voucher codes ‘2for1’ deal in-date at the moment will be excepted? Or if anyone has used it yet?

    Also can you get away with the £3 parking? Just wondered whether they actually check tickets etc.. sounds tight but I just really hate having to pay for parking!


    • Hi Jemma, there is a 2 for 1 voucher for Dayton Manor currently running with Vouchercodes that is valid until 31 August 2013.

  29. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    Hi! I have a coach party of 49 people and was wondering what kind of deal you can do for me with regards to entry to the theme park. There will be a mix of adults and children and if the price is agreeable we will be visiting next Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks and I hope to hear from you at your soonest.

  30. sarah mather says:

    Hiya how do I et this discount I’m looking to go over the next few weeks but when I’ve started the process online its the normal £20 adult £15 child is there s discount code I need to enter or is it only valid weekdays?

    • Hi Sarah, Drayton Manor have discounted their online prices for the summer season, (until 2 September) to the prices you have seen; adult £20, child £15. At the gate prices are £36 an adult or £27 a child, so this is a significant discount. There no discount codes that I am aware that will reduce this online cost any further.

  31. hey there
    i m planning the trip on 6th aug. i have got 2 for 1 voucher. can i use it if i have to book online?


    • Hi Shallu, unfortunately with 2 for 1 vouchers for Drayton Manor or other attractions you will need to be accompanied by a full paying person, (often this must be an adult), & cannot take advantage of discounted online prices or any other concession. The full price person must pay the on-the-gate prices on the day.

  32. Dissapointed with DraytonManor says:

    I’m really DISSAPOINTED with Drayton Manor Parkand their attempt at ripping people off 🙁 According to one of their web pages they claim that an adult ticket costs upto £38 when arriviung at the gates, but by pre-booking the ticket it costs just £20…come on how can that initial price be justified. And the kids prices arn’t much lower. Then to confuse things further they have another page that says that the discount kids tickets arn’t £15 ,as advertised elsewhere, but £18.50. Surely that is misinformation? Its no wonder people go abroad for holidays and why everyone is calling this rip off Britain!!

    • Whilst we are independent of Drayton Manor, we do always recommend that the best prices for visitor attractions comes with a bit of research & planning. Drayton Manor offer discounted ticket prices until 1 September when booked online & in advance, (adults £20, children £15)…turn up on the day & unfortunately the prices will be much steeper.

  33. Hello,
    I’m looking at the Drayton Manor deals & adventure theme park short break for family of 4 for £159 & it states its for 2 adults & 2 children but I want to take myself (definitely adult!) 2x 14 yr olds & a 13 yr old, would this be possible?

    • Hi Debbie, I understand that the standard Theme Parks Short Break Package relates to 2 adults & 2 children, (up to the age of 16 years) OR 1 adult & 3 children, (up to the age of 16 years) for the same price, (£159). You can also add further children onto this package for an additional charge. Full terms & conditions can be found at or contact them directly on 0844 888 5151.

      • Hi im planning a trip to drayton manor 7th aug for my sons 3rd bday is there any 2 for 1 an is vouchercodes offer still available?

        • Leah, Vouhcercodes have a Drayton Manor 2 for 1 voucher running that is valid from 15 July to 31 August 2013. Simply sign up & download your 2 for 1 voucher. Alternatively, check out the online prices for Drayton Manor that are discounted during the summer, (adult £20, child £15).

  34. Gary Williams says:

    Hi there, im planning on coming up on the 2nd of august 2013 … Are there any deals? 2 adults + 1 child (6 yrs old) thanks

    • Gary Williams says:


    • Hi Gary, currently the best ticket price is with Drayton Manor when you book online. Adult tickets, (12 years plus) are priced at £20 & children, (4-11 years) are priced at £15. Drayton Manor are running a promotion on 2 August where anyone under 11 years, named George, can pick up a child’s ticket for £5..if this is any good for you.

  35. Hi, I’m looking to come Sunday 7th July for my daughters birthday. But I could really do with some sort of deal. There will be 3 over 12 and 1 under. What’s the best deal available please.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Angela, you could try Tesco clubcard vouchers, (need to be redeemed for tokens before your visit), a 2 for 1 voucher if you travel by train, a child free voucher from promotional multi packs of Capri-Sun. If you have any flexibility on when you visit, you’ll find reduced online prices from 20 July, (adults 12 years & over £20, children £15). Remember that generally you will only be able to use one offer per transaction!

  36. Hi was just wondering if there is any 2 for 1 for July 6th

    • Hi Ange, there is a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor that is available if you travel by train? Unfortunately, the 2 for 1 Drayton Manor from Vouchercodes expires on 30 June & the online reduced price ticket promotion, (adults £20, children £15) starts on 20 July. Other options include tesco clubcard vouchers, Thrill Hopper tickets or the Stay Play Explore accommodation & ticket offer.

  37. Is this a 2012 article? The 2 for 1 doesn’t work for me.

    • Hi Paul, these are up to date Drayton Manor deals. There is a 2 for 1 voucher for Drayton Manor if you travel by train, (there is a link within the article). Alternatively, there is a 2 for 1 Drayton Manor voucher with voucher codes that has a few more days left on it, (expires 30 June) that is available at Drayton Manor 2 for 1 voucher.

  38. Pls can u tell me what is the best offer for me with 2 adult and 2children for end of june

    • Hi Parvin, there is a 2 for 1 voucher running with Voucher Codes that is valid until 30 June. This offer provides one free entry when accompanied by a full paying adult but does state that it is ‘Only one offer per voucher per transaction’….worth printing off enough vouchers & splitting into 2’s at the ticket kiosk. More details available at Drayton Manor Voucher

  39. Michelle c -ryce says:

    Hi I am planning on visiting tomorrow 2adults 2 children can u advise if I can use my voucher codes voucher which is 2for 1 for all of us plse? So I have two vouchers can I use for the children as well? Thanks

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Sorry Michelle, this reply is too late for you now but thanks for pointing out the 2 for 1 for Drayton Manor with voucher codes. This voucher is valid everyday between 15 April & 19 May & allows the voucher-holder, (adult or child) free entry when accompanied by a full priced adult. As only one voucher can be used per transaction, you would need to print off enough vouchers required for your full party & split into two’s at the ticket kiosks.

  40. Hi I have been looking at the thrill hopper ticket which you have the price as £47.50 how ever the price on the website that you are redirected to is selling them at £60 Im assuming that this is down to the prices being for last season and the £60
    just thought i would bring this to your attention

    • Hi John, my apologies for this oversight on my part…I have now updated the Thrill Hopper information accordingly.

  41. Hi, planning a visit with kids over Easter. I’m due another baby in 4 weeks so will not b able to go on rides. R there any discounts or will I still need to pay full adult price? Thanks

    • Linda, whilst the bad news is that you will need to pay for an adult ticket whether you are accessing the rides or not, the good news is Drayton Manor is running a good Easter promotion with adult tickets priced at £20, (standard price £36) for visits between 29 March & 14 April 2013.

  42. Looking at booking a ticket for nephew and his son (3years old) for thomas land.. maybe zoo? whats best deals for end of march (27th -28th -29th march)?

    many thanks

    • Jean, I am not aware yet of any possible deals that Drayton Manor maybe running over Easter but do keep popping back to Topdogdays as we will update our information if we hear of anything. Currently, online prices at Drayton Manor give the best savings we can see. Tesco shoppers can also take advantage of clubcard vouchers, (must be redeemed for clubcard Drayton Manor tokens prior to your visit).

  43. hi we are planning a trip to drayton manor for the first time on the 3rd April. there’s 2 adults and 2 children but one will be 12 and the other 2. what is the best deal on offer for us at that time????

    • Lizzy, your 12 year old is classed as an adult, so you’ll be looking for 3 adults and 1 child. Drayton manor have a special rate for 2-3 year olds, (just £5 a ticket) whether you book online or pay at the gate. Drayton Manor have not released any details yet regarding any offers over Easter but worth keeping an eye out over the next few weeks. We’ll be posting any further offers as they come in.

      Your best bet is to try to get the price down on the 3 adult tickets.

  44. during Easter we would like to visit Drayton manor theme park for a day between 25th March 2013 to 29 march 2013.
    We are 4 adults and 5 children, what is the best discount deal you have at this time, please could you let me know and do we need to book in advance? please could you email me. Thankyou.

    • Khadija, unfortunately for you group rates start from 12 people & more! Whilst there are family reduced priced tickets, these cannot be purchased in advance online.

      Drayton Manor have not released any details yet regarding any offers over Easter but worth keeping an eye out over the next few weeks. We’ll be posting any further offers as they come in.

  45. 2 adults 2 kids for day at drayton manor with car on thursday 23rd or the 30th aygust wots the best deal

    • Cowper, the best value deal currently running for Drayton Manor is the online adult, £20, child £12 deal that comes with free parking that is running throughout the summer. Drayton Manor are offering 2,012 discounted tickets for each day so worth checking which days remain available during August.

  46. there are four of us that want to come 3 adults and one child. if we use the two for one how much will it cost, we have two of the 2for1 tickets.

    • Jasmine, you may want to consider the current online Drayton Manor deal that offers £20 for adults, £12 for kids & free parking that may work out better value for you. In general terms a 2 for 1 voucher can only be used on the day against full price tickets. Check your 2 for 1 voucher as you may only be able to use 1 voucher per transaction, (can you split into twos at the ticket kiosk?) & you very well may need two vouchers.

  47. Ruksana sawed says:

    Please send me promotion dates and discounts that r available I would like to come with a party of 40 on 20th August

    • Ruksana, if you intend to visit in one vehicle/coach, I would suggest your best bet would be to take advantage of the group rates that Drayton Manor run. For groups of 30 or more people, you can gain entrance for just £17.95 if pre-booked, (

      Alternatively take advantage of the Drayton Manor summer promotion that is offering entrance for just £20 per adult that is running from 21 July to 2 September…there are only a limited number of tickets available for each day, (limited to 2012 tickets each day), so worth booking this one as soon as possible to take advantage of this deal. More details available at;

  48. i want to bring my daughter for her birthday and i want to bring 14 children on july the 14th all aged 11 i want the best price please for draton manor park