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Alton Towers; Come Back Deals

Whilst looking for cheap Alton Towers Ticket Offers for a day at the park, did you know there are great deals to be had on second day tickets at the park that are available from just £7.50pp?   For double deals you can combine 1 day online savings & then add a second next-day ticket from just £7.50pp when you book in advance. There are also options to pick up tickets for later in the season too, (including Waterpark tik’s).

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Rita coaster at alton towers

Alton Towers; Rita, (photo; Phil Loach)


Alton Towers; Come Back Tickets

Look out for attractive come back ticket deals running at Alton Towers throughout the season.  Discounted tickets are available both for next day as well as later-in-the-season plus we’ve even found  a come back offer running on Alton Towers Waterpark tickets too.

1. Alton Towers; 2 Day Tickets, (next day)

Pick up 2 day tickets for Alton Towers online & take advantage of substantial discounts off next day visits.  This option allows you to combine savings on your first day, (up to £20pp), and add a second day from just £7.50pp.  Good to know that tickets purchased online also come with an attractive Rainy Day Guarantee should the weather hamper your day out.

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Cbeebies land at Alton Towers

Alton Towers; Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, (photo; Phil Loach)


2. Alton Towers Come Back Tickets, (next day)

You also have the option of picking up second next day tickets from the park from just £10pp.  Present your initial theme park tickets, (these are the tickets that were scanned as you entered the park), at the Resort Box Office BEFORE you leave the theme park.  You can take advantage of this offer even if your first day entry involved 2 for 1 vouchers, tesco clubcard tokens or even free ticket offers.

3. Alton Towers Come Back Tickets, (later in the season)

Choose to return to Alton Towers later in the season for just £15pp, (including Scarefest). This come back deals offers 1 return visit on any day the park is open up until October.  Again, you need to present your original tickets at the Resort Box Office before you leave the theme park.

4. Alton Towers Come Back Offer, (Waterpark)

Visit the theme park & pick up cheap return tickets for Alton Towers Waterpark.  Tickets are priced at just £7.50pp & can either be used next day or later in the season.  Simply present your original theme park tickets to the Resort Box Office before you leave the park.

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Alton Towers grounds

Alton Towers, (photo; Phil Loach)


How The Alton Towers Come Back Ticket Works

1. You must purchase your come back tickets BEFORE leaving the Theme Park at the Resort Box Office. Once you have left the theme park, you cannot take advantage of this offer.

2. You must present your Theme Park admission tickets, (these are the tickets that were scanned as you entered the park), to the staff at the Resort Box Office.

3. It doesn’t matter how you gained entry to the Theme Park; 2 for 1 vouchers, Tesco clubcard tokens, free tickets in The Sun etc.

4. Come back ticket prices vary depending upon when you wish to visit with different prices for the theme park & waterpark.

5. You can purchase a come back ticket for every original Theme Park admission ticket you present to the Resort Box Office.

For more top tips follow our Alton Towers Guide packed with money saving ideas and ways to beat the queues.

By Liz Walsh


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  1. If i book a short stay i night in the hotel and two day park pass – can we present these passes to get discount on the water park also?
    my daughter is 2 years old does, is she free for the waterpark?

    • Hi Laura, there are a range of accommodation packages available at Alton Towers, some of which include entry to the waterpark. Alternatively, there is a second day come back offer specifically designed for the waterpark that you could make use – you will of course need to present theme park tickets at the resort box office on the first day. Children 2 years and under are free of charge at the waterpark.

  2. Hi, if I attend with a merlin pass holder and use one of their family/friend tickets for £15 do you know if I can buy a comeback ticket for the next day?
    Thank you

    • Hi Rachael, that’s not something I’ve come across before I have to say. Whenever I have queried this come back ticket offer from Alton Towers, they have indicated they simply need to see the orginal entrance ticket. However it might be worth double checking this directly with Alton Towers before you visit. Do let us know if this works as would be a great further perk for passholders & guests.

  3. Graham Thorpe says:

    I bought three adult and one child ticket plus two priority car park tickets for use on Sat April 15th. I hadn’t realised that the come back for £15.00 had to be purchased on that day. I had spent a lot of money for a family day out and feel that the come back tickets should be able to be purchased when we come back. I am very disappointed with the terms and feel that Merlin as a company are just getting greedy at the expense of families.

    • Hi Graham, sorry to hear about your predicament regarding the come back deal currently running at Alton Towers. Unfortunately we at Topdogdays are not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the current deals & discounts for top visitor attractions can be found), but unfortunately I do know that this come back ticket offer is only available to guests within the park and cannot be purchased at a later date.

  4. Kirsty Cohen says:

    Can you purchase a come back ticket with another comeback ticket?

    • Hi Kirsty, my understanding is that yes you can as long as you hold onto your admission ticket and purchase the bounce back before leaving the park:)

  5. Hi,
    Can you tell me if I can use the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 offer on Alton towers Ickes and then buy return the next day bounce back tickets?

    • Hi Heather, yes you use a 2 for 1 voucher to gain entry to Alton Towers on the first day and then purchase come back tickets for the second day. Remember to hold onto your initial entrance tickets, (you will need to show them) & purchase your second day tickets from the resort box office BEFORE leaving the park.

  6. Hi, Do you know if tickets purchased using the current groupon deal will be able to be used when in the park that day to purchase bounce back tickets for the next day? We are going this Saturday 25/07/205 and I am curious if we will be able to purchase come back tickets for the following day, using the tickets acquired from the groupon deal. I only ask this cause the last time a question like this was answered, it was for a previous year, I wanted to make sure policies haven’t changed, and if the bar code tickets acquired through groupon will be valid for this, many thanks.

    • Hi Sam, good question and honestly I cannot be sure if you can combine the 2 offers. Previously Alton Towers have stated that as long as you provide them with an Alton Towers ticket for that day, they are not interested in whether you used a 2 for 1 voucher or other promotion. However, might be worth double checking directly with Alton Tower before you leave.

  7. Hi I was just wondering if I had purchased the thrill hopper through Staffordshire and this includes entry to Alton towers could I buy the bounce back ticket to return the next day? I’m asking as you do not receive a ticket but a card through the thrill hopper ticket?

    • Hi Owen, good thinking and I have to say I’m not sure if this is possible. I’m happy to query this tomorrow and see if I can find out whether this is possible with a thrill hopper ticket. Best, Liz

    • Hi Owen, I have doubled checked with the Thrill Hopper team and unfortunately you cannot combine a thrill hopper ticket with the comeback ticket offer at Alton Towers:(

  8. Many years ago, if you entered the park after a certain time, you could also use your ticket for the next day. Does this system still operate?

    • Hi Yvonne, unfortunately this is no longer the case but the current come back ticket offer at Alton Towers does give you a second day at the park at a significant discount.

  9. Hi I am just wondering if the towers2 tickets/bounce back are still being offered in the theme park for the next day?I am going in a couple of weeks and want to make sure I can get a 2 day park ticket this way or I will have to buy in advance just now.

    • Hi Gail, yes Alton Towers still runs a discounted second day at the park and this offer will run throughout the summer. Just remember to purchase your second day tickets before you leave the park on the initial day and hold onto your original Alton Towers entrance tickets.

  10. I have got free tickets from the Sun for October. Can I buy return tickets with this offer on the day to come back the next day?

    • Hi Louise, if you retain your original entry ticket and present it to the staff within the sales & information booths BEFORE you leave the park on the first day, you can pick up a second day at the park for just £9.60pp.

  11. I’m going to buy a come back anytime ticket when I next visit alton towers but when are these tickets valid from? Is it only specific dates?

    • Hi Sarah, yes Alton Towers are running a bounce back ticket again this season. You can return to Alton Towers the next day for just £10pp or any day in the season for £15, (this includes Scarefest but excludes fireworks events). You must hold on to your initial theme park ticket and purchase your second day tickets BEFORE leaving the park to take advantage of this offer:)

  12. hi i bought a come back any day ticket on the 22nd september just wondering am i able to come on the 19th november?

  13. I tried to buy the next day tickets for that price but was charged just under£10 each per return – no explanation why!!

    • Vickie, thanks for passing this information on…it looks like Alton Towers have increased the come back ticket price over Scarefest/Firework events. We’ll be sure to pass this on.

  14. Hi I’m planning on going to Alton towers on Friday the 8th of November for fireworks. Will I be able to buy a bounce back ticket for the Saturday? Thanks

    • Alton Towers tends to run a slightly different bounce back ticket for the fireworks that is priced slightly differently, (more expensive) & subject to availability. Perhaps best to check directly with Alton Towers to check out the current situation.

  15. Hi, I visited AT in May for the Smiler opening, however due to tech issues it didnt open on the specific day and we were given comp and revalidated tickets to return anytime. I wish to use these tickets for the next month befor the park closes, but as its Fireworks events will AT still honour them?

    • Hi Carl, I think you are best contacting Alton Towers directly with this query just to clarify any exclusion dates on your complimentary tickets. Their general contact number is 0871 222 3330. Fingers crossed for you:)

  16. Hi,

    i purchased tickets through my corp account so i got the discount. There are 2 adults and 3 children going on a saturday. can i get pay the £4.80 before leaving the resort and come back on the sunday?


    • Hi Lauren, Alton Towers always say to me that they don’t mind how you gain access to the park on the initial day, (whether it be free Sun tickets, 2 for 1 vouchers or any other concessionary rate), just hold onto your tickets that you have to scan through the kiosks on your arrival. You can then purchase come back tickets whilst within the park but only for the number of original tickets you can produce. This is not valid for anyone using a Theme Park Pass, (Alton Towers Annual Pass, Merlin Annual Pass). Have fun:)

  17. I have 3 tickets that are ‘return anytime for £15’ i am wanting to go on the 23rd of October and understand its ‘Scarefest’ i was wondering if i could use these tickets on that date?



    • Hi Wayne, I’ve checked with Alton Towers and they say that the ‘return anytime tickets’ are valid throughout scarefest but not valid for the Firework nights.

  18. Hi I got 2 free sun tickets for 12/10/13 and I got a voucher to return the next day for only £4.80. Because my sun tickets were free will I have to pay full price for one ticket if I am wishing to return the next day? And does this £4.80 offer let me buy 4x tickets the next day for only £4.80? Thanks.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Angela, I’m not familiar with this specific deal so I couldn’t really comment on this offer. You can see there is a general come back deal that is available to everyone at the park. These tickets are available to everyone within the park, (you must purchase these on the day of your initial visit), regardless of how they gained entry to the park.

  19. Hi can you please tell me if I exchange my tesco vouchers for AT tickets am I entitled to do the next day for £5 offer?!? If so how do I do this?!? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Rahcav, this information relates to 2012 theme park season. Whilst Alton Towers has historically run a come back offer each year, I do not have any information regarding the details of any come back offer for 2013. Again, historically come back tickets have been available to all Alton Towers customers regardless of how they have gained entry on their initial visit to the Theme Park including Tesco vouchers…however it would be worth checking directly with Alton Towers to ensure this remains the case for 2013 season.

      I like your thinking though…potentially a good way to keep the costs down at Alton Towers.

  20. Hi, my family went to Alton tower in march and we are thinking to go again if we use the same tickets we will pay just £15 per person?

  21. Hi, my family went to alton tower in march and we are thinking to go again if we used the same tiquets we will pay just £15 per person?

  22. i have two free sun tickets and am bringing a child under four year old will i have to pay for the child

  23. i have two free sun tickets and am bringing a four year old will i have to pay for the child

    • Hi Julie,

      Children under 4 years are free of charge at Alton Towers.

      For those 4 and over, there is a child’s admission charge. Your sun free tickets will stipulate that these relate to free entry for two adults and it is not clear whether they will allow you to use one of these tickets for a child; you maybe required to pay for the 4 year old.

  24. I have got the sun readers offer – where I have two free tickets. can the tickets be used for one adult and one child? also, if I bring in an under 1 (5 month old baby) then do I have to purchase a child ticket? Just to confirm….there will be one adult, one child, and one infant visiting the park. oh, and am I right in saying that given this offer we can return the next day for £5 as per the sun terms and conditions?

    • Children under 4 years are free at Alton Towers so you will not need to pay for your 5 month old baby.

      As far as I can see, The Sun offer was for two free adult tickets and the terms and conditions do not specify whether they can be transferred to a child. Adults are aged 12 years and above at Alton Towers. You may wish to check this one further with Alton Towers before the day of your visit. If this deal doesn’t work out, another option you may wish to consider is the toddler deal if your child is under 4 years;

      Last year, the park confirmed to me that the comeback deal was for all theme park users regardless of what deal they used to enter the park. The 2011 comeback deal is slightly more expensive and the above link gives up to date information for the 2011 comeback deal for Alton Towers.

      Hope this helps.

  25. Hi, If I buy a return ticket do you need to proove who you are?

    • This is last year’s come back deal. The 2011 come back deal, the Towers2ticket, offers a return trip for the following day for £10.20 an adult & £6 a child that can be used at the theme park or water park. Alternatively you can come back later in the season for £15 an adult & £10.80 a child. You have to actually be in the theme park to purchase either of these Towers2tickets.

  26. I have free tickets from The Sun promotion going in October. Can I still pay for a towers2tomorrow tickets using the free Sun ticket?

    • I asked Guest Services at Alton Towers this very question back in June – they said to me that all they wanted to see was your Alton Towers entrance tickets regardless of how you got in – whether you’ve used 2 for 1 vouchers, other promotions or free Sun tickets …it wouldn’t matter to them. The only thing you must do is purchase your towers2tomorrow tickets before you leave the park. So you should be ok with this offer.

  27. Can I still buy a Towers2 tomorrrow ticket, if I use the 2 for 1 tickets to get in?
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Yes, once you are in the park, you can purchase towers2tomorrow tickets. These come-back tickets are available to everyone whatever deal you use to get into Alton Towers. You can use the towers2tomorrow ticket at either Alton Towers Theme Park or the Waterpark. Thanks for your query and hope this helps.