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Alton Towers; DigiPass

Look out for the NEW DigiPass ride photography option at Alton Towers that allows you to pick up unlimited digital downloads during your visit. Whilst we’re always on the look out for Alton Towers Vouchers & Deals it’s worth trying to find ways to keep the costs down whilst at the park too.  The DigiPass works slightly differently at Alton Towers than at other Merlin Attractions and you can find out more details below on how this works.

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Rita at Alton Towers

Alton Towers; Rita, (photo; Phil Loach)


Alton Towers; 3 DigiPass Options

DigiPass 1 day; this one day DigiPass offers you a 1 day unlimited digital download from the park via a wristband, (currently priced at £30). This is ideal for those planning to visit the park only once during the season but would like a few photographic memories of their day.

DigiPass 2 day upgrade; provides you with the option of upgrading your wristband to include a second consecutive day of unlimited digital upgrades at the park, (currently priced at £40). This is ideal for those planning a short break or taking advantage of a 2 day discounted ticket offer.

DigiPass Merlin Pass; provides you with unlimited digital download at all 4 Merlin Theme Parks, (Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers & LEGOLAND Windsor), throughout the season and is available to Merlin passholders. Currently priced at £50pp or £37.50pp, (families) & ideal for those planning to visit parks on a semi-regular basis.

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Cbeebies land at Alton Towers

Alton Towers; Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, (photo; Phil Loach)


Alton Towers DigiPass; Top Tips

1. The DigiPass covers ride photos from all the main attractions including Oblivion, Rita, Galactica, Postman Pat Parcel Force, Runaway Mine Train, Thirteen, Rapids, Cbeebies Land Photo Studio & more.

2. We’ve been told that the 1 & 2 day DigiPasses at Alton Towers includes all accompanying riders, (at other Merlin parks this is restricted to the Digipassholder +1 guest).  With the Merlin Pass option it is restricted to the passholder & 1 guest.

3. Good to see that the DigiPass at Alton Towers includes the Masterblaster at the Alton Towers Waterpark as well as the Tree Top Quest too.

4. For those opting for a 1 or 2 day Digipass, you will be presented with wristband that you present to the staff at the ride photo booth. Your photo will then be added to your digital download collection.

5. If you are looking to purchase a Digipass that is valid throughout the season you will be provided with a photo pass, similar to your annual pass complete with a personal photo, that you present to the staff at the photo booth Again your ride photo will be added to your digital download collection.

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sonic spinball at alton towers

Alton Towers; Sonic Spinball, (photo Phil Loach)


Alton Towers DigiPass; More Top Tips

6. Merlin Passholders may prefer to opt for the DigiPass that covers all 4 theme parks throughout the season. If you tend to make ride photography purchases throughout the year & plan to visit more than one park, this could be the pass for you.

7. If you prefer, there are still options to purchase 2 photos/magnets/keyrings for a discounted price of around £15 that includes a free digital download without needing to invest in a DigiPass.

8. Unfortunately Alton Towers no longer offers Photo Passes at the park.

9. Passholders can pick up a 20% discount off standard price photos but cannot pick up any further discount off the 2 for £15 offer.

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  1. frances martin says:

    The digital photos
    how do you receive these ?
    are they on a memory stick
    or sent to your phone
    or is it a code for the customer to go onto site and down load on to phone to be able to print photos off


    • With the digipass at Alton Towers, you will receive a wristband on the day of visit to the park. Simply present this wristband to the staff at the ride photo booth and they will add this to your digital download collection. You can then access your images online that you can then store, save and/or print off as many as you wish. Hope this helps, Liz