Warwick Castle; Drop Off & Collection Point

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A Guide To Warwick Castle

There are now car parking charges in place at Warwick Castle but there is still FREE drop off/collection points if you can arrange a lift.  You can find more details below within our guide to Warwick Castle.

Top Tip; take advantage of online discounts for up to 30% off standard price tickets if you book online in advance, (discounts vary depending upon the season).


Warwick Castle grounds

Inside the grounds of Warwick Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Warwick Castle; Drop Off & Collection Points

If you are looking to drop off or collect from Warwick Castle there are 2 options available to you;

1. Warwick Castle Standard Car Park

There are provisions in place to allow car drivers to drop/collect Warwick Castle visitors from the standard car park without having to fork out for costly parking fees.  As you enter the car park through the barrier, you will quickly spot parking attendants directing vehicles into the car park.  Simply explain you are looking to drop off/collect & they will direct you through to the accessible parking area.

Continue to drive past accessible parking & the coach park to the drop off area, (this also doubles up as a turning area for coaches), that is directly in front of the Warwick Castle entrance.  As you leave, the parking attendants will then be able to automate the barrier to allow you to leave the car park.


birds of prey attraction at Warwick Castle

Birds of Prey Demonstration at Warwick Castle, (photo Phil Loach)


2. Drop Off/Collect from the Stables Priority Car Park

The Stables pay & display car park offers priority parking literally next to the main Warwick Castle entrance/exit.  Whilst there is no actually collection/drop off point within the car park, it does lend itself to a convenient location to drop & leave.

For those planning a trip to Warwick Castle why not follow our top tips to get the most from your day out.




By Liz Walsh


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