SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Vouchers with Kellogg’s

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SEA LIFE & Kellogg’s 2 for 1 Vouchers

There are plenty of ways to make some savings with SEA LIFE Deals and Discounts for those planning a trip to this popular attraction.  Kellogg’s have once again teamed up with SEA LIFE to offer a 2 for 1 voucher that is valid until 30 June 2022.  This promotion is valid at SEA LIFE  locations around the UK including Birmingham, London, Manchester & Brighton.

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Inside the London Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Centre, (photo; Phil Loach)

Kellogg’s 2 for 1 Vouchers; More Information

This offer is valid at the following SEA LIFE Aquariums & Centres; Birmingham, Great Yarmouth, Loch Lomond, Blackpool, Gweek, London, Brighton, Manchester, Scarborough, Bray, Hunstanton and Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park).  This voucher is valid until 30 June 2022 but be mindful of excluded dates that include 30 & 31 July plus any Friday, Saturday or Sunday in August 2021 at any SEA LIFE centre.

Worth noting that your 50% discount is against FULL PRICE admission rather than against discounted ticket prices available when you book Tickets Directly with SEA LIFE.

To guarantee availability, it is recommended that you redeem this 2 for 1 voucher online, in advance, to avoid disappointment should the Sea Life attraction of your choice reach entry capacity.  To book online, use the given promotional link set up for this discounted offer.  Alternatively go online  directly to the attraction of your choice, select day ticket and you will see a ‘promotional code’ tab where you  enter your unique code.

For cereal boxes, simply enter the 10 digit unique code printed inside your pack.  Alternatively for snack packs, use the code KELLOGGSGUGF, (if buying one child ticket and obtaining one free adult ticket) or KELLOGGSMGF, (if buying one adult ticket and obtaining one free adult ticket).  Remember to retain your actual voucher as you will need to show it on the day of your visit.

This grown ups go free voucher will be available on a range of Kellogg’s promotional products including cereals, breakfast bars and snacks. We’ve come across this on promotional packs of Crunchy Nut, Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies, Frosties, KRAVE, Rice Krispies as well as the following snack pack products – Fruit Winders Multi Packs, Rice Krispie Squares Multi Packs, Coco Pops Bars, Frosties Bars and Rice Krispies Bars Multipacks, Nutrigrain Multipacks.

Now you’ve secured a deal, take a look at our SEA LIFE Guide packed with tips & tricks to help you enjoy a day out on a budget.

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  1. Hi was wondering if I use the 2for1 1 adult go free 1 adult pay. I have a 34month old child Cam I still take him? For free.

    Please reply

    • Hi Shain, if you use a 2 for 1 voucher for SEA LIFE this allows the voucher-holder free entry when accompanied by a full priced adult. Under 3’s go free of charge at SEA LIFE so wouldn’t be counted as part of the 2 for 1 promotion, Liz

  2. Hi I have been hunting for Kelloggs cereal boxes for an entry in Sealife attractions and I can’t find it in our local supermarket including superstores. Any advise where can I securely get 1?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • Hi Ivy, sorry to hear you are having trouble locating a promotional item of Kellogg’s cereal/cereal bar containing the 2 for 1 voucher. Unfortunately stocks are limited so it might be worth considering another promotion – you could try promotional items of Carex hand soap that come with a half price voucher for SEA LIFE as I’ve seen these readily available in the stores around me. You can find more details over at Carex Half Price Offer for SEA LIFE, Liz.

  3. I want to use the code at the sealife centre however it says adults go free with a child but the tickets are the same price. Can I bring an adult friend and we both go inside or is it only 1 adult allowed in

    • Hi Sajit, within the terms and conditions of this Kellogg’s 2 for 1 is states that the ‘Free adult ticket offer entitles the voucher holder to one free adult entry ticket with the purchase of one full “gate”* priced child or adult ticket’ so you can indeed use it for 2 adults at SEA LIFE, Liz

      • Hi I am tryign to put in the code on sealife centre birminghyam however it says I have to buy an child ticket in order fo an adult to go free. Is this correct

  4. How do we enter the kelloggs voucher code on the sea life website before checking out for tickets? We really would like to take our 4 year old on the 27th October but it won’t allow us to pay in advance for an allocated time slot?

    • Hi, it depends upon the voucher used and the attraction you are looking to visit. If you have a cereal pack with a 10 digit code, then you can input the code when booking online, (simply go to the attraction of your choice, select day ticket and then the promotional code tab). If you have a snack pack then click on the booking link snack pack or cut out voucher. For participating London Merlin Attractions, enter the code KelloggsGUGF, (for 1 child and 1 adult) or KelloggsMGF, (for 1 adult ticket and 1 free) but remember to take the original on-pack voucher from the product packing with you on the day, Liz

  5. Mrs sally Gilbey says:

    Bit of a rip off I thought having to pay £15 for my 3 year old grandaughter! Come on sealife centre! could’nt use Kellogg’s voucher today as not valid for the date! So after thinking it was £15 all in? we ended up paying £45! Bit misleading & rather naughty I think! ‘Plus the gift shop & ice’creams! Turned out to be rather an’ expensive day out!🤦‍♀️ Just sayin…🤷‍♀️

    • Hi Sally, sorry to hear your day didn’t turn out as you had expected. We at Topdogdays are independent of all visitor attractions and promotions, (we just let you know where the deals can be found), but can understand your frustrations at not being able to use your 2 for 1 voucher for SEA LIFE. As with all 2 for 1 promotions, there are some restrictions on dates these can be used plus seemingly only a limited number of vouchers that can be used on any one day. It is recommended that all 2 for 1 vouchers are redeemed in advance alongside pre-paid tickets to try to avoid such a situation unfolding as, unfortunately as you experienced, costs can be high at the door. Thanks for your feedback that can hopefully help other readers going forward.

  6. I got 2voucher and we are five how can I use on this Wednesday

    • Hi Raj, this 2 for 1 voucher from Kellogg’s allows one free adult ticket when a full standard price adult or child ticket is purchased. Only 1 voucher can be used per person and per transaction so will need more than one voucher for your party. As you are a party of 5, perhaps you could combine Kellogg’s 2 for 1 vouchers with a Carex/SEA LIFE Half Price Voucher offer as the Carex offer works best for individual tickets, Liz

  7. Sidney Hart says:

    we have bought two packs of Kellogg,s cereals neither codes are been accepted
    we need tickets for Sea Life Scarborough for 12th August for two Adults and Children We would be grateful if you can help us

    • Hi Sidney, although the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher is not valid at any Merlin Attraction on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday in August, I note the date of your planned visit is a Thursday. Our readers are suggesting that there are only a limited number of tickets available for this 2 for 1 promotion on any one day so you might find if you can be flexible on your date of visit availability could open open up? Liz

  8. Have a Kellogg’s code which is showing invalid, have found a different one for adults 2 for 1, but unable to add my two children, who are under 3 please advise thanks Claire

    • Hi Claire, worth double checking if your chosen 2 for 1 voucher is valid at SEA LIFE on the date of your visit as some do have restrictions over the summer. The 2022 Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher cannot be used at SEA LIFE on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July 2021, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August 2021 and 25 December. We are seeing dates booking up at many Merlin Attractions so it might be that all allocated spaces have been redeemed for this offer so worth checking other dates if you have any flexibility. Kellogg’s 2 for 1 vouchers also state that only one voucher/unique code can be used per person and per transaction so this might be causing you some difficulty. Topdogdays is independent of all Merlin Attractions & all vouchers and promotions, (we just let you know where the deals are) so if problems continue, might be worth contacting Kellogg’s directly on their care line 0800 626066, Liz

  9. Nikki Darnell says:

    I bought 2 packs of Kellogs Coco Pops with the Promo code inside, but when I tried to buy tickets online and it said that the offer is no longer valid! It’s 20 th June and therefore not in any advertised exclusion dates…..This isn’t fair…I don’t like Coco Pops. Can you help please?

    • Hi Nikki, I’m not sure why that message came up when you tried to redeemed your Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher. There are differing expiry date vouchers running as Kellogg’s have been running this promotion for a number of years so worth double checking the date of expiry on your voucher. Remember you can only redeem one voucher per person and per transaction so you may need to a number of transactions if booking for a larger group, Liz

  10. Paula Gabbitas says:

    Hi I’m looking at using the kelloggs voucher but not sure if I can use it towards a adult pass has they is four adults and I have 2 kelloggs voucher would I be able to use them toward both thankyou

    • Hi Paula, yes 4 adults can use this Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher at Sea Life as within the terms and conditions it states that the free adult ticket offer entitles the voucher holder to one free adult entry ticket with the purchase of one full priced child or adult ticket. Please note that only one voucher/unique code can be used per person and per transaction. Worth taking note that you cannot use this offer on 30th or 31st July 2021, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August 2021 or 25th December 2021 and worth booking in advance using the promotional code tab to ensure entry on the day. Liz