Blackpool Pleasure Beach Speedy Pass

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Speedy Pass

For those looking to bypass the queues at Blackpool Pleasure Beach then a Speedy Pass might be the answer.  A Speedy Pass allows you to virtual queue for your rides rather than actually stand in the real queue.  There are even options to upgrade to a VIP Speedy Pass or a VIP Plus Speedy Pass that both provide fastrack entry onto the rides for those willing to pay more, (more details below).

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Old Rides at the Pleasure Beach

The Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Speedy Pass Options

i. Standard Speedy Pass; allows you to electronically reserve one ride at a time where the reserved ride time reflects the actual length of the queue. This allows you to avoid standing in line for busy rides so you can fit more into your day at the park.

ii. VIP Speedy Pass; reduces you queue times by half where your reserved ride no longer reflects the actual length of the queue but rather reduces your wait times by half. The advantage with the VIP Speedy Pass is you’ll get more rides done in a day but you’ll pay more for the privilege.

iii. VIP Plus Speedy Pass; reduces your wait times by 90% and thus ensures you will enjoy all the rides at the park in one day but it comes at a greater cost.

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Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Revolution


Speedy Pass at Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Worth It?

The advantage of the Speedy Pass is, like a fastrack ticket, you have all the thrill of the rides without the queues.  The downside is they are costly with each person who intends to experience the rides requiring a Speedy Pass.

Speedy Passes are now available both as a hand-held device or through your own mobile device.  Using your mobile has the added benefit of avoiding deposit charges plus you won’t have to queue at the end of the day to return your device.  However using the Speedy Pass on your mobile can drain your battery relatively quickly so ensure you have a full battery life before electing for this option.  Look out for enticements to encourage you to opt for the mobile option at the park.

TOP TIP; whilst picnics are banned at Blackpool Pleasure Beach there are plenty of  Ways & Means To Bring Refreshments into the park!


Blackpool Pleasure beach airlines

Black Pleasure Beach Vintage Rides


Speedy Passes; Tips & Tricks

1. It’s always worth checking out actual queue times before investing in a Speedy Pass.  Speedy Pass tickets can be purchased from Guest Services close to the park entrance, but worth venturing further into the park to assess actual queue times before making a purchase.  This will give you a better idea of value for money for the day.

2. To maximize the number of rides you can fit into a day, it is best to use your Speedy Pass for rides with long wait times & actually physically stand in line for those rides with shorter waiting times.

3. If you have children of differing ages/likes, can you share Speedy Passes? For instance, if one child enjoys thrill rides & another is more suited to the younger rides, perhaps you could alternate with a smaller number of Q Bots.  Clearly you will not be able to reserve both rides at the same time as the principal remains a virtual queue rather than an actual queue.

4. Look out for additional costs should you wish to bolt-on either the Red Arrows Skyforce or the Grand National Ride.

5. If electing for the hand held device, you will need to leave a £50 refundable deposit per Speedy Pass.

6. Be aware that rides are subject to availability and may vary depending on the day of your visit.

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By Liz Walsh

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  1. If I’m buying two vip speedy pass do I have to pay the 50 pounds deposit twice or once

    • Hi Nathen, my understanding is that it is a £50 deposit for the device rather than per person for speedy passes at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

  2. Hi
    We are going to pleasure beach this weekend as a family of 4 with 2 young children aged 6 and 7.
    We plan on getting the VIP Speedy Pass would that mean one device will cover all of us and could we get on the rides as a family?

    Thanks in advance.

    • There is a per person charge for the VIP Speedy Pass at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, (currently £25pp on the day or £20pp when purchased online). Unfortunately this means that one family cannot take advantage of one speedy pass rather that each family member requires their own speedy pass to access quick entry onto the rides.

      • I understand that I have to purchase passes for each family member but what I mean is will (1 speedy pass device/mobile app) cover my whole family and can I select 4 people to queue for a ride with it provided my kids meet the ride restrictions. obviously I can’t be renting 4x speedy pass devices and let my kids loose with them that would be a headache.

        I hope this is more clear thank you in advance.

        • Hi Lee, from recollection I think you can have up to 6 people on one speedy pass device but you are probably best contacting Blackpool Pleasure Beach directly for clarification, (we at Topdogdays are independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach). Have a good trip, Liz

  3. going to blackpool next week, just wondering if I need to get a normal pass as well as the speedy pass for things to work. thanks

    • Hi, you will need to purchase a ride wristband for Blackpool Pleasure Beach as well as a speedy pass if you are looking to bypass the queues. If you are book wristbands online, you can add a speedy pass to your transaction. Alternatively head to speedy pass booth as you enter the park on the day of your visit to make your selection & purchase. Have fun, Liz

  4. coming to Blackpool on 17/7/17 for 1 week

    I am wanting to get speedy plus passes for 2 adults and I’m just looking at the big ticket to see if its value for money.
    Can you tell me what’s included in this ticket and price for adults as web site not very clear


    • The Blackpool BIG Ticket includes 1 entry to all of the following attractions; Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Jungle Jims, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, SEA LIFE Blackpool & Madadme Tussauds Blackpool and is currently priced at £45 an adult, (15 years & over) or £32.50 a child, (3-14 years) when booked in advance. However the Blackpool BIG Ticket does not include Blackpool Pleasure Beach/Nickelodeon Land. If you are looking for a combined ticket that includes the theme park, then consider the Blackpool Resort Pass that includes 1 entry to all of the following attractions; Blackpool Pleasure Beach/Nickelodeon Land, (ride wristband included), Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Sea Life Blackpool & Madame Tussauds Blackpool that is currently priced at £55pp when booked in advance. Hope this helps? Liz

  5. Hello Liz, do you need a speedy pass for each person or could you just use one for like 2 people? And I have read on a few places that you can give your credit card details instead of the £50 deposit, is this true?
    Thank You, Sharna

    • Hi Sharna, v difficult to navigate the park successfully if you are sharing a speedy pass particularly if you both like the same sort of rides. It would mean one could virtually queue and the other would have to actually queue for the ride which would seem to nullify the reason for it in the first place. I can see from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach site it states that ‘A £50 refundable deposit applies per Speedy Pass rental. This will be taken in the form of a manual credit swipe or cash deposit. Should the Speedy Pass be lost or damaged in any way a £50 charge will be made.’ My understanding of this is that no actual charge will be taken from the credit unless the speedy pass is lost, damaged or you fail to return the device.

  6. Hi were planning on coming to Blackpool from the 26th July to 2nd Aug 2014. Which of those days do you recommend we visit the pleasure beach, we wont be able to come on our arrival day though as were not going to be getting into Blackpool until about 2pm, so we are looking at the dates of 28, 29, 30, 31 July. Which day would you say is best to visit?



    • Dave, that is a tricky one as all your dates fall within the school summer holidays. Generally, Fridays tend to be the most popular week day to visit but difficult to nail it down further than that except keep an eye on the weather as that will affect visitor numbers for each day:)

  7. MArtin James says:

    Whats the deal though if two of you and both want to go on ride together can you select times you ride or will it give you different times so you can’t go on as a couple/family??

    • Hi Martin, if you go as a couple/family, it is my understanding that your speedy passes will be set up so you will be able to enjoy the rides together:)

  8. brian convery says:

    hi could you please tell me the price for an adult wristband and a childs aged 10 and would my son be able to go on the big rides accompanied by me thanks brian c

    • Brian, Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristband prices tend to change each month. This month, if you book online, you can pick up wristbands for £23 per adult or child, (October 2013). Height restrictions are in place for many of the big rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, each ride has its own height restrictions, (Avalanche 112cm, Big One 132cm, Big Dipper 117cm, Steeplechase 127cm, Infusion 132cm & more).