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How to Beat the Queues at Cadbury World

1. Choose Your Day Carefully at Cadbury World

Of course Cadbury Wold is busy during school holidays, particularly half term holidays, where Cadbury World can be catering for around 3000 visitors a day! Even a visit mid-week during term time will find you surrounded by school trip parties.

If you are not limited to school holidays, then it’s worth considering a visit term time where you can take advantage of Purple Thursday 2 for 1 vouchers too!  Alternatively, try an afternoon visit as the school parties begin to depart.

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Cadbury World

Tips to Beat the Queues at Cadbury World


2. Pre-Book Your Cadbury World Ticket

Tickets are not only limited to capacity but are also time slot managed.

Pre-booking, (rather than pre-paying), allows you to book your time slot in advance rather than turning up to find the next available time slot isn’t until some hours later. Cadbury World recommends that everyone pre-books their time slot however you plan to pay for entrance even if you plan to use a voucher.

Those with discount offers will need to present their vouchers at the reception desk that can get busy very quickly.

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Cadbury World Guided Tour

Guided Tour at Cadbury World


3. E-Tickets at Cadbury World

Cadbury World now offers an e-tickets system when booking online.  This does hold the added attraction of bypassing the initial reception desk queue as you arrive.  With an e-ticket, you will have already pre-booked your tour & can take your pre-printed ticket directly to the main exhibition tour/shows etc.

4. Early Bird at Cadbury World

The best chance to beat the queues at Cadbury World is to be one of the first of the day to have undertaken the main exhibition tour, (check what time on the day of your visit).  Even when you have pre-booked your ticket, you will still need to queue for your time slot, (plus those with vouchers will need to queues at the main reception desk as they arrive).

With 80 time slots being allocated for every 10 minutes, the queues build quickly. At peak times, it is wise to arrive by 10am at the latest to avoid lengthy queues. The busiest times being between 11am & 3pm, so try to ensure you are ahead of the crowds.

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Cadbury World Playground

Adventure Play at Cadbury World


5. Cadabra Tour & Queue Times at Cadbury World

The Cadabra Tour is primarily a visual tour, within a carriage, that is of most appeal for pre-school children.  There can be quite a build up in the queue for this ride & older visitors may wish to bypass this experience and move directly to the demonstration area…look out for signs along the route that offers this detour.

6. Moving Through the Attraction at Cadbury World

If you manage to complete the main exhibition tour early in the day, you will be ahead of the queues as you access the other parts of the attraction.  I would suggest making your way straight to Essence, (for more interactive tasting sessions), where queues can also build during the day.

Top Tip; with all these free samples of chocolate, children will quickly be asking for a drink so have a bottle of water with you!


Cadbury World Adventure Play

Cadbury World Adventure Play


Have a Break at Cadbury World

Picnics are welcome at Cadbury World and, whilst there aren’t any lockers available, the car park is close by.

There is a large picnic area located close to the play park with plenty of seating & benches. There is an indoor tented area close by for wetter weather. Although this is often used for additional activities, it tends to be available for picnics on wetter days.

The Social History of Bournville

The social history surrounding the creation of Bournville is fascinating and can be glimpsed upon within the Bournville Experience.

It is always worth asking at reception whether the free guided tour, Discover Bournville Village, is running on the day of your visit.  This 30 minute tour gives you a greater insight into the Cadbury World founders & their philanthropic attempts to enhance the life of their workers during the industrial revolution & beyond.

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Cheap Tickets to Cadbury World & Free Parking

The great news is that the parking at Cadbury World if free of charge.

Accommodation with a Difference

Whilst a wide range of accommodation is readily available, one worthy of note is Woodbrooke. This is the former family home of George Cadbury and offers bed and breakfast, half & full board. More details can be found at Woodbrooke & Cadbury World.




By Liz Walsh


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  1. David osborne says:

    Good afternoon ,

    I am planning to visit your attraction but due to the distance I have to travel I am worried about what time slot to book and what if I miss my slot??
    On average how much time would you recommend to allow to see all that is to see and do?!

    • Hi David, topdogdays is independent of Cadbury World so you would be perhaps best placed to contact Cadbury World directly with your query on I would imagine that if you miss your time slot you would be able to join the queue but worth double checking with Cadbury World. Cadbury World is a popular attraction so on busy days you can spend considerable time queuing to enter attractions so you are probably looking at a full day out if you plan to explore all aspects of the setting. Enjoy your visit, Liz

  2. gail yarwood says:

    Quite helpful

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Good afternoon , I am planning to visit your attraction but due to the distance I have to travel ... Read more »

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