Free Tickets to Alton Towers With The Sun

February 25th, 2013 / Alton Towers, Heart of England / 22 Comments »

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Alton Towers Free Tickets with The Sun

Alton Towers runs a free ticket promotion with The Sun each year allowing readers two free tickets to this popular theme park.

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Free Tickets to Alton Towers in The Sun


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  1. Paul burgess says:

    I have collected 9 tockens for the free Sun tickets but do not no how to apply for my free tickets , can you please inform me how to get my sun free tickets .

  2. Paula Wood says:

    Icannot find the application gor for the two free tickets. I have looked at previous comments. but it doesn’t seem to be there

    • Hi Paula, whilst I can’t vouch for it, Dave kindly added a link to print off an application form…see the very bottom comment for further details:)

  3. How do you download application form for Alton Towers ?

    • Hi Dawn, whilst I can’t vouch for it, Dave kindly added a link to print off an application form…see bottom comment for further details:)

  4. I sent my application form for the two free ticket to alton tower via the sun but I never put my address on the SAE do think I will receive my free tickets

    • Natalie, they do tend to be pretty strict on people following the instructions to the letter with this deal but fingers crossed for you

  5. tracy cowap says:

    could you please send application form as i have not got one

  6. hiya i was woundering if you could send me an application out form for alton towers as i missed last wednesdays paper please many thanks

  7. hi how do i book the hotel with 50% off have noticed that that part of the information was on the form sent off to get the tickets

  8. i have 2 adult tickets for the 1st June im looking to swap for the weekend after the 9th June.

  9. sukh, i have 2x 16th may,27th may or 4th june if you would like to swap any of these ?

  10. Just read some websites not a good idea too sell them, as they can get cancelled and become invalid!

  11. Can you sell the tickets on ebay if you can not go on the dates youve been given?

  12. Hi, I have received 2 tickets via the sun offer for 21/05/2012. Unfortunately I can’t make this day and was wondering if anyone can swap their dates??

  13. could you please send me application form for alton towers sun i have made a mess of the paper one thank you

  14. hello my name is marcin im have 3 kids im have 9 alton towers token bat my kids lost applications for the free ticket can you send for me the applications for pleas pleas thanks marcin .my kids like alton towers pleas thanks thanks

    • Hi Marchin, I have attached a link to The Sun’s free ticket offer that allows you to download a further application form, (see reply to Fiona). Remember that applications need to be received by 22 March 2012.