SEA LIFE; 2 for 1 Vouchers & More Top Tips

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SEA LIFE; 2 for 1 Vouchers

For those searching for SEA LIFE Deals then it is worth remembering that you can find an array of 2 for 1 vouchers available each year to help keep the costs down.  The great advantage with a voucher is that it effectively halves your entry cost but it pays to remember that this is against full price standard entry NOT in conjunction with online ticket discounts.  Whilst there are an abundance of 2 for 1’s available, consider other promotions running too that can offer substantial savings plus timed ticket entry.

TO BOOK ONLINE GO TO SEA LIFE TICKETS – save up to 20% off standard price tickets.
SEA LIFE TICKETS – save up to 20% off standard price tickets.


sea life aquarium exhibits

Sea Life Aquarium, (photo; Phil Loach)


SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Voucher; Kellogg’s Cereals

Look out for promotional packets of Kellogg’s cereals that offers FREE adult entry when accompanied by a full price adult or child, (t&c’s apply).  Vouchers are valid until 30 June 2024 and it now stipulates that vouchers be redeemed in advance to guarantee entry.  Whilst plenty have asked, unfortunately you cannot combine a 2 for 1 voucher with online ticket offers.  More information available within our Guide to Kellogg’s 2 for 1 Vouchers for Sea Life Centres.

SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Vouchers; Best Value?

Whilst 2 for 1 vouchers offer half price entry, this is against full price SEA LIFE admission tickets and cannot be used conjunction with any online promotions or other concessionary offers.  Worth also considering that it is now stipulated in many promotions, that vouchers are redeemed in advance & presented with pre-book tickets so that element of spontaneity has been lost.  Remember if you book tickets online, without a voucher, you can pick up substantial discounts off standard price tickets plus special promotions such as Adult & Toddler Tickets/ Multi Attraction Tickets that can offer value for money.

TO BUY GO TO SEA LIFE Tickets – save up to 20% off standard price tickets when you book online.
SEA LIFE Tickets – save up to 20% off standard price tickets when you book online.


sea life centre fish exhibits

Photo; Phil Loach


SEA LIFE; 2 for 1 Promotion; National Rail

Another valid SEA LIFE 2 for 1 voucher is available to those that travel by train.  Valid at a range of UK SEA LIFE aquariums, this promotion now stipulates that tickets must be pre-booked in advance and presented alongside valid train tickets.  Remember to select the specific SEA LIFE you are looking to visit and watch out for any excluded dates.  You can find more information available at Sea Life 2 for 1 National Rail Promotion – travel by train.

SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Voucher; KFC Kids’ Bucket

Promotional 2022 Kids’ Buckets from KFC came with a 2 for 1 voucher that is valid at a number of popular Merlin Attractions including SEA LIFE attractions.  Valid until 31 July 2023, (excluded dates apply), this offers one adult /child FREE entry when accompanied by an adult paying for a full standard ticket price.  More details available at KFC Kids’ Bucket 2 for 1 Voucher.

SEA LIFE; Adult & Child Toddler Tickets

At select times of the year, SEA LIFE attractions offer an Adult & Child Toddler Tickets that allows entry for 1 parent/carer & a child, (5 years or younger).  For double deals children under 3 years gain FREE entry, so this can great value for money for young families. This tends to run during select off peak times during the year so worth checking if this is running when you are planning your next visit, (we’re seeing this running at SEA LIFE Birmingham & SEA LIFE Hunstanton).  Worth noting you do need to pre-book to take advantage of this offer with more information available at SEA LIFE – Parent & Child Toddler Ticket.


aquarium tunnel at sea life centre

View from above within a Sea Life tunnel, (photo; Phil Loach)


How To Redeem SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Vouchers

Often it is now stipulated that redeem your SEA LIFE 2 for 1 vouchers in advance to guarantee entry indicating that this promotion now needs an element of pre-planning.  We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you navigate this offer over at How To Redeem Your SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Voucher.

SEA LIFE; Carex Half Price Entry Voucher

Carex half price entry vouchers are valid until 31 May 2024, (t&c’s apply).  This promotion is particularly useful for those with an odd number in their party but remember to book in advance to guarantee entry.  More details available from Carex Half Price Entry Promotion.

SEA LIFE/LEGOLAND Discovery Multi Attraction Ticket

For those considering a trip to SEA LIFE Manchester, check out this discounted multi attraction ticket that offers substantial savings when you add admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.  The great advantage with this offer is that you have full flexibility to plan your second visit within 90 days.

More information available at SEA LIFE Manchester & LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Multi Attraction Ticket.

SEA LIFE/Cadbury 2 for 1 Voucher

Promotional packs of Cadbury chocolate & biscuits offered a 2 for 1 voucher at participating SEA LIFE attractions.  Valid until 31 July 2023, (exclusions apply), this free ticket offer secures one free child or adult entry when accompanied by an adult paying the full standard price ticket.  More details available at Cadbury 2 for 1 Voucher for Merlin Attractions.

SEA LIFE; A Few Top Tips

1. On busy days, the bottle neck tends to build around the SEA LIFE entrance & ticket reception. Worth considering whether your ticket entitles you to priority entrance to bypass the bulk of the queues & look out for a short cuts into the attraction avoiding the cinema/photo opportunities that often cause delays.

2. SEA LIFE attractions can often feel warm due to the temperature controls in place for marine life.  Bottled water is allowed into each setting and can help you make some easy savings during your visit, (worth also layering clothing).

3. Look out for any feeding times & talks that take place during the day and plan accordingly.  Plan ahead by reviewing what’s on online before you visit.

4. Often you can leave & return during the day under the same admission ticket, (depending upon capacity limitations).  This can allow you combine a visit to a SEA LIFE with a spot of shopping, (Manchester or Birmingham) or time at the beach, (Brighton, Blackpool or Weymouth)

5. With the exception of London SEA LIFE Aquarium, there tends to be less restrictions on use for Merlin passholders at SEA LIFE attractions.  Often passholders can make use of separate fastrack entry points too so worth double checking the arrangements at the SEA LIFE of your choice but remember you now need to book in advance.

6. Look out for VIP experiences that can include getting up close & personal with penguins, turtles and even sharks!   These Feeding/Diving Experiences are additional to your entrance charges, (worth booking online to avoid disappointment).

7. Look out for some more Unusual SEA LIFE Deals and Promotions running throughout the year including canal cleans & free ticket offers.

Look out for more cheap tickets options within our SEA LIFE Guide packed with vouchers, online promotions & even free ticket offers!


family at the london sea life aquarium

Photo; Phil Loach







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  1. Gwen waters says:

    How do I get 2/1 vouchers for Great Yarmouth sealife centre please

    • Hi Gwen, the 2 for 1 vouchers listed tend to cover all SEA LIFE attractions – just check the t&c’s to check for any excluded dates or attractions. One popular promotion is the 2 for 1 voucher on promotional packets of Kellogg’s cereals & breakfast bars that includes SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth, Liz

  2. Xiao Hong chen says:

    I have eight person to visit sea life.

    • Hi, I am not aware of any group discount offers for SEA LIFE although you could always use a number of 2 for 1 vouchers and gain discounted entry that way, Liz

  3. I would like to take my two children with me to Thorpe Park- I have a merlin pass so can I use the 2for1 cadburys for just them or does there have to an adult?

    • Hi Carly, with the Cadbury 2 for 1 voucher the terms and conditions state that the “Free Ticket” offer entitles the voucher holder to one free standard single day child or adult entry ticket with the purchase of one full “gate”* priced adult entry ticket. That said, Thorpe Park operates an individual ticket price, (rather adult or child ticket prices), which is the same for both adults and children, Liz

  4. I need 2 for 1 voucher

    • Hi Gouranga, looks like there is a new Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher hitting the stores soon. If you travel by train, National Rail often do a 2 for 1 voucher, (some excluded dates). Check out the National Lottery £25 days out voucher promotion that is valid at selected Sea Life Attractions, Liz

      • Hi,
        Would you know where I could find these vouchers in London?
        Would love to bring my kid to the aquarium but it is very pricey!

        • Hi Jennifer, there are plenty of 2 for 1 vouchers that can be used at SEA LIFE attractions including London. There is a new Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher that will be hitting the stores shortly valid at SEA LIFE London that will be worth looking out for. If you are travelling by train, look out for the 2 for 1 run by national rail that is valid at Sea Life London. Consider a £25 days out voucher run in conjunction the the National Lottery that can be redeemed against admission at Sea Life London Aquarium. With all vouchers and offers, check for excluded dates and worth booking in advance to guarantee entry for your preferred date, hope this helps, Liz

  5. hi, does anyone know if the kelloggs 2for1 deal is active at the mo? cant seem to find any in our local supermarkets.

    • Hi Jess, if you have managed to pick up a Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher when they were in store, they remain valid for use until 30 June 2022, (some excluded dates). Historically Kellogg’s tends to team with Merlin Attraction each year to bring promotional vouchers although I too am not seeing them in store as yet, Liz

  6. Shauni Mccurdy says:

    Hi, I was looking for a sealife Manchester discount offers. Where can I found this?

    • The vast majority of the 2 for 1 vouchers listed within this article are valid at SEA LIFE Manchester, (look out for excluded dates), so hopefully you will find something that suits, Liz

  7. I was looking to go to scarbrough sea life centre tomorrow for my 65th birthday. I assume there would be some kind of discounts for senior citizens but of course not the only discount is to buy online at ten minute arrival times ? How ridiculous, so we travel 90 miles to rush in on the 15 minute time frame or pay the full £25 price and please ourselves? As as suba diver I find it sad the you offer nothing of interest for such a lot of money hence you do not get my hard earned money, time or support, many thanks for having a useless site the take peoples time up for no value

    • Hi Alan, sorry to hear that you were having trouble accessing online discounts for SEA LIFE Scarborough. Whilst tickets are indeed time set for entry, as a small group you should be able to book online at enter the attraction together. We at Topdogdays are independent of all visitor attractions including SEA LIFE, (we simply let you know where the deals can be found), so you might wish to contact SEA LIFE Scarborough with your concerns regarding access, Liz

  8. hi ya I was interested getting 2 for 1 offer how can I get it 🤔

    • Carex handwash are currently running a 2 for 1 offer that is valid at SEALIFE centres through until May 2021 – simply look at for promotional packs in the shops.