Alton Towers Lockers

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Alton Towers Lockers

There are lockers all around Alton Towers Theme Park that are available for use to theme park customers.  These lockers are available either by the hour or by the day…whatever you prefer.

As the car park is some distance away from the Theme Park, this is a great option if you are planning to bring a picnic for the day.

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How much are the Alton Towers lockers?

You can now choose between small & large lockers that you can hire by the hour or by the day.

  • Small locker, (1 hour) £1
  • Small locker, (all day) £5
  • Large locker, (1 hour) £2
  • Large lockers, (all day) £10

Prices as of April 2015

How often can you access your locker at Alton Towers?

You can access your locker as many times as you wish during the day.  If you run over your hourly charge, you will be required to make a further payment before you can access the locker.  However there are no other additional charges for accessing your locker as many times as you wish.

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How do the lockers actually work at Alton Towers?

Choose your locker size and length of time required

1. Pay the required fee

2. Input your date of birth

3. Confirm your date of birth

4. Remember the given password

5. Your locker will now automatically open

6. Remember to shut the locker door firmly once you have placed your possessions inside.

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How do you open your Alton Towers locker?

1. Locate your locker!

2. Enter in your date of birth

3. Selected your memorised password

4. Your locker will now automatically open once more.

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Best Value Lockers at Alton Towers

Clearly it is better value to choose the all day option rather than moving your possessions around with you all day and incurring the hourly charges.  Take note that Alton Towers is located within extensive grounds so it is best to find a central point to store your possessions.  Try the lockers to your right as you enter through the ticket barriers.

The lockers at Alton Towers only take coins or credit cards and don’t accept notes.

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  1. Sharon lambert says:

    How big are the lockers?

    • Hi Sharon, the lockers at Alton Towers are large enough to store a small rucksack, picnic cool bag or handbag but not large enough to be used for the storage of luggage. Hope that helps? Liz

  2. Very useful site. I hadn’t realise there were lockers. Will definitely be using.

    • Hi Nicci, thanks for the positive feedback – always good to hear:) Yes, there are lockers all around the park and generally under-used so easy to locate a free locker.

  3. Gary Laechelt says:

    Do the lockers require cash or can I use Credit/Debit card?