Manchester Sea Life Centre

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SEA LIFE Manchester

We’re always looking for SEA LIFE Vouchers & Codes and our guide below helps you navigate this popular attraction located within Trafford Centre. SEA LIFE Manchester is a half day attraction & works well as either a stand alone visit or in conjunction with LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, (located next door). Prepare yourself for a relatively smaller SEA LIFE attraction as it’s not in the same league as Merlin’s Birmingham or London aquariums but great to pop in to break up the shopping.  Follow our guide below packed with deals & discounts plus top tips to help you get the most from your day out.

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aquarium tunnel at sea life centre

Photo; Phil Loach


1. SEA LIFE Manchester, (save up to 20%)

Here’s a chance to save up to 20% off standard ticket prices when you book online in advance. With capacity limitations in place, this option allows you to guarantee entry whilst enjoying cheap ticket options.

TO BOOK TICKETS GO TO SEA LIFE Manchester – save money off standard price tickets.

2 Free Tickets to SEA LIFE with The Sun

Here’s a chance to pick up 2 FREE tickets to SEA LIFE Manchester with this newspaper promotion.  Start collecting either tokens or codes in The Sun during September 2022 and follow the application process to the letter to be in with a chance of complimentary entry to this popular Merlin Attraction.

More information available at 2 Free Tickets to SEA LIFE with The Sun.

2. SEA LIFE Manchester; 2 for 1 Vouchers

You’ll find plenty of 2 for 1 vouchers that are valid for use at SEA LIFE Manchester that effectively offers half price against standard ticket prices.  Remember that 2 for 1 vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with online ticket savings and it is recommended that vouchers are redeemed in advance to guarantee entry.

More information within our SEA LIFE 2 for 1 Ticket Guide.

3. SEA LIFE Manchester & LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Look out for the Combi Ticket that offers entry to both SEA LIFE Manchester and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.  This joint ticket offers substantial savings & priority entrance at both attractions.  The other great advantage with this offer is that you can space out your visits as you can use your second attraction visit up to a year later.

To BUY GO TO SEA LIFE & LEGOLAND Discovery Centre – Joint Ticket Offer.


sea life centre photography

Photo; Phil Loach


4. SEA LIFE Manchester, (avoid the bottlenecks)

One quick tip as you enter SEA LIFE Manchester  is to bypass the Turtle Beach Show by taking the doorway signposted School Room.  This access point takes you directly through to the main area allowing you to bypass the queues that often build at this point. You always have the option to return to the show later should you wish that is primarily aimed at younger visitors.

5. SEA LIFE Manchester – Say Cheese? No Thanks!

Avoid the inevitable photo opportunity as you first enter the setting. Not many people realise that can take your own photos throughout the Sea Life Centre as long as you turn off the flash.

6. SEA LIFE Manchester; Food & Drink

Worth noting that there is no cafe on site at SEA Life Manchester although you will find a number of vending machines available. On less busy days at the setting, why not take advantage of the limited seating within the soft play area to enjoy your own picnic & keep the costs down.

7. SEA LIFE Manchester; Toddler Tickets

Another great way for young families to save money is to take advantage of the Toddler Ticket that runs at select times of the year.  This offers discounted entry for 1 adult & 1 child, (3-5 years), and remember children under 3 years are FREE too.

More information available at SEA LIFE Manchester Toddler Tickets.


young child looking at the fish at sea life aquarium

Photo; Phil Loach


8. SEA LIFE Manchester (additional entrance)

If you plan to combine a visit with a spot of shopping or a trip next door to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre then ensure your hand is stamped as you enter the setting.  This gives you the option of returning via the gift shop rather than the main entrance to bypass the queues at the main entrance.

Sea Life Centre Manchester; Look Out For..

Younger Guests Rule! Manchester Sea Life Centre, in my opinion, is primarily a younger guest experience. With plenty of nooks & crannies, this attraction offers a plethora of options to view the underworld through a range of tunnels, alcoves, & walkways.

Size Counts? Whilst the size of the attraction has attracted a number of negative reviews since it opened, the flip size is that younger guests won’t become overwhelmed and they will definitely enjoy the soft play area half way around.

Connect; there are plenty of interactive opportunities for children from touching live crabs to clambering under the rock pools, (not currently available).

Add On Experiences; you can enhance your visit with a Sea Trek Experience where you join the divers in the main pool to get up close & personal with marine life including sharks & a giant turtle! Best booking in advance for this one and remember your swimwear & towel.

Behind The Scenes Tour; there is a Behind The Scenes Tour for fish enthusiasts who want to know more about the feeding, quarantine areas & water temperatures.

Follow our SEA LIFE Guide packed with money saving ideas to help you get the best from your day out!


sea life aquarium jelly fish

Photo; Phil Loach


Sea Life Centre Manchester

Free Parking; great to see that parking remains FREE for Trafford Centre customers.

Merlin Galore; literally next door you’ll find the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with discounted combination tickets available.  Merlin passholders can gain their money’s worth too!

Talks & Events; check out feeding times and other events running to get the most from your day, (subject to availability).

Follow our LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Cheap Ticket Guide with more money saving tips & tricks to help you get the best from your day out.


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