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1. The Eden Project & The National Lottery £25 Days Out Voucher Code

Look out for this National Lottery Days Out promotion that offers you the chance to secure £25 off entry charges at the Eden Project.  This time limited offer allows you to use voucher codes against family tickets too so there are some great savings to be made. More information available at The National Lottery £25 Days Out Voucher Code.

2. Eden Project Locals’ Pass

The Eden Project runs a great value local residents winter pass for those whose main residence in either Devon & Cornwall.  This offer allows local residents the chance to pick up an unlimited visits from 1 November 2021 – 31 March 2022 from just £10pp/£25 a family. The cheaper prices are reserved for those willing to pay via direct debit and remember you will need to book your free timed entry slot every time you wish to visit to manage bookings.  You need to purchase your pass by 30 November 2021.  More details available at Eden Project Winter Locals’ Pass.

3. Eden Project, (FREE Annual Pass Upgrade)

One of  the best ways to save money at the Eden Project is to book online as entry day tickets are upgraded for free to annual passes!  The Eden Project treats your admission fee as a donation to their charity and then as such upgrades your ticket to an annual pass. This allows you to enjoy unlimited return visits to the Eden through thee year, (subject to capacity restrictions).



the eden project site in Cornwall

The Eden Project, (photo; Phil Loach)


4. The Eden Project; Clubcard Vouchers

Tesco shoppers can redeem their clubcard vouchers towards entry costs at the Eden Project. Worth noting that guests using clubcard promotions cannot take advantage of the free annual pass upgrade offer.  Simply redeem your Eden Project vouchers online before midnight the day before you plan to visit as voucher codes will not be accepted at the attraction gate.

5. Eden Project Tickets; Off Peak Savings

For those that have flexibility on when they can visit, look out for online discounts on off-peak dates.  The Eden Project currently runs an off-peak, standard and peak rate ticket depending upon the date of your visit.  Worth noting that all 3 ticket bands come with an annual pass upgrade for savings throughout the year.

6. Eden Project ; Blue Peter Badges

Blue Peter badge holders can pick up FREE entry to the Eden Project when accompanied by a full paying adult. This offer is only valid for children age 6 -15 years that hold a Blue Peter Badge & valid badge card. You will need to book online in advance via a designated link and will need to show your badge, ID card or letter on the day. More details available at Free Entry to the Eden Project – Blue Peter Badgeholders.

7. Eden Project; Child Passes

Look out for attractive child passes for those age between 5 & 16 years that are current priced around £10pp.  Even better news is that children under 5 years go free of charge so this can offer great savings on family entry throughout the year.  There are also discounts available for students too but remember you need to to provide proof on the day of your visit, (NUS card etc).

8. Eden Project 2 for 1/Gardeners’ World, (not currently available )

For a number of previous years, the Eden Project was included within the 2 for 1 Gardeners’ World Magazine discount card promotion. We note that, unfortunately, the Eden Project is not included within the 2021/2 promotion but we’re hoping this is more to do with the current climate rather than a permanent decision to move away from this promotion.  We’ll bring you more details on this promotion for 2022/3.

9. Eden Project; Free Entry Weekends

Previously, the Eden Project ran popular FREE weekend offers for those that work in particular fields of employment such as Teachers, Armed Forces, Youth Groups, Emergency Service Staff & Charity Workers. These offers have tended to run during off-peak times and are often only valid for those living in Devon or Cornwall. We’ll bring you more details on these free offer promotions if they run again in the future.

10. Eden Project deals; Walk, Cycle or Public Transport

Not surprisingly the Eden Project is keen to support those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.  Previously we found discounts for those that walk, cycle or take public transport to the Eden Project.  Check if these are running on the day of your visit.

11. Eden Project; Forest Walkway

Look out for  attractions running within the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project.  Explore the wobbly 23 metre aerial rope bridge across the biome, travel through the clouds within the fully-accessible Cloud Bridge before taking shelter from the tropical rain in the new Rain Shack.  Find more information over at the Eden Project; Forest Walkway.


zip wire above the eden project biomes

Zip Wire Above The Eden Project, (photo; Phil Loach)


12. Eden Project; Free Entry Offer

Previously we’ve seen that you could book an evening meal at the Eden Mediterranean Terrace, (located within the Mediterranean Dome), and you can pick up free entry into the Eden Project. Whilst the rainforest biome will be closed, the gardens & Mediterranean Dome will be open during your visit. Worth checking if this offer is still running.

13. Eden Project Summer Pass

Each year local residents living in Cornwall or Devon have been able to take advantage of an Eden Project Summer Pass. These seasonal passes offer value for money for those planning a trip or two during the summer season.

14. Eden Project; Late Entrance Discounted Ticket

In previous years, the Eden Project has run a discounted late entrance ticket on select days during August.  Tickets are available to purchase from 3.30pm & comes with the added advantage of avoiding the queues that build at the kiosks during the early part of the day.  More details if this runs again this season.

Thrill seekers should look out for the Zip Wire, Giant Swing or The Drop that are all located at the Eden Project.



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  1. Hi do you do BlueLightCard or army veterans discount if tickets bought at entry, ?

    • Hi Linda, unfortunately there are not any Blue Light discounts currently running for the Eden Project. I’m not aware of an army veterans discounts running but you may wish to double check directly with the Eden Project, Liz

  2. Carmel Murray says:

    Do you offer ticket discounts for Blue Light card holders.

    • Hi Carmel, unfortunately there are not any Blue Light card discounts currently running for the Eden Project, Liz

  3. Sumitra Chongbang says:

    Hi, I am a serving armed force personnel. Do I get discount in my entry ticket. If yes how do I get it online? I have booked tickets. Thank you

    • Hi Sumitra, in previous years the Eden Project have offered free entry to armed forces personnel on select weekends during November and January for those that live in Cornwall or Devon but I’m unsure whether this will go ahead this year. You may wish to approach the Eden Project directly to see if they have any current Armed Forces promotions running as I cannot find any current offers at this time, Liz

  4. Corinne Rouchy says:

    Hi I am planning to come with my family. I have a career card for my daughter who has autism, does it count as personal assistant?

    • Hi Corinne, the Eden Project states on their website the following ‘we have arranged our ticketing so that accompanying personal assistants can come in for free (one carer for each person who is being cared for, eg a person with disabilities) All visitor must pre-book a time slot including carers, Liz

  5. Michele ross says:

    I am disabled and need to use a mob scooter. My daughter and son in law are my carers as i have mobility problems. We are coming on hols from bedford at the end of august and would like to visit. How much would it be for 3 adults that is myself plus my 2 carers and my 9 year old grandson to come. I cannot see any reference to disabled visitors or are we excluded. Thank you.

    • Hi Michele, you can find further information regarding accessibility and free carer tickets over at the Eden Project Accessibility Guide, Liz

  6. Mel Pierce says:

    How do I purchase the late entry tickets?

    • Hi Mel, the Eden Project have scaled back their promotions this year due to the pandemic, so although the late entry discounted ticket was popular in previous years, I cannot see any information about it running this season – you might want to check directly with the Eden Project to double check, Liz

  7. Julie Hood says:

    I would love to be notified when and if you start the free weekend passes again for teaching staff and our family members . My family and l took advantage of this when you had it running before and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards Julie

    • Hi Julie, I understand that the Eden Project have scaled back their promotions and free ticket offers during the pandemic but we’ll update our deals and discounts for the Eden Project if and hopefully when these promotions run again in the future, Liz

  8. Dawn Mc Cord says:

    Hi we were wanting to use our Tesco vouchers as part payment. We sucessfully downloaded the voucher, went onto the Tesco Eden site, put in how many people, the voycher applied and balance showing. Underneath this it asked for Tesco voucher to be applied ( it was already applied) but we were unable to pay balance through credit card ?? We are on holiday and was looking forward to visiting but ?? Regards Dawn

    • Hi Dawn, sorry to hear you are having problems with this clubcard voucher offer for the Eden Project. Topdogdays is independent of all promotions and visitor attractions, (we simply signpost to current offers) and might be worth contacting clubcard/Eden Project directly with your query. It does state on the clubcard site that you can ‘top-up the price difference with another payment method on the Partner website’ so I’m not sure why you are having difficulties with this unless the Eden Project has already reached capacity numbers for this offer on the date of your visit? Liz

  9. Zinkle Shah says:

    Hello, I am looking to come on 31/07 I worked for NHS do I will get any offer please thanks

    • Hi, the Eden Project have cut back on promotions and offers running on tickets this season due to the current situation. I am not aware of any particular discount running for NHS workers but you may wish to check directly with the Eden Project to double check? Liz

  10. Sue Harding says:

    I’ve missed the Locals Pass date!! I didn’t realise this was time sensitive. When will I be able to buy a Locals Pass, I’m so disappointed.

    • Hi Sue, yes unfortunately this Eden Project Locals’ Pass has now come to an end. This offer only runs at select times of the year, so worth checking back regularly to see if this offer is running again. In previous years, we’ve seen this Eden Project deal run again in November/December time but, as things are anything but normal at the moment, it would be difficult to know if this would be the case this year, Liz

  11. Aruna Solanki says:

    We’re arriving in Cornwall on the 10th July for a week. We’re a party of 6ad and children ages 2,4 and 8. We got 1ad who is NHS worker and a teacher. What the best way to buy our tickets?
    Bought Gardeners World magazine to get 2for1 offer, but you are not offering this.

    Thank you.


    Thank you

    • Hi Aruna, the Eden Project have seemingly scaled back their promotions this year due to the current situation so the concessions available at much more limited. Children age 4 years and under are currently free. Children age between 5 & 16 years are offered discounted entry of just £10pp. Clubcard vouchers offer an alternative option for those that regularly shop at Tesco but remember to book in advance to guarantee entry. I am not aware of any specific discounts for teachers or NHS workers, (no Blue Light cardholder discounts at present),although worth checking with your employers. Unfortunately, as you say, the Gardeners’ World promotion does not include the Eden Project this year.

  12. please update. may edition of bbc gardeners world has 2 for 1 but it clearly states it cannot be used in Eden Project. 🙁

    • Hi David, thanks for your feedback on our Eden Project page. I have amended the content to ensure readers are aware that the Eden Project is not participating in this Gardeners’ World 2 for 1 promotion this year. We’re hoping that the decision not to participate in this popular promotion this year was more to do with the current climate that a permanent move away from this offer, fingers crossed.

  13. Jane Walker says:

    Hi are there no offers on for 3 pensioners as it’s going to cost over £90 for a few hrs visit which I find very expensive

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Jane, unfortunately due to current restrictions in place, the Eden Project reports that they are unable to accept their normal wide range of promotional vouchers & discounted entry offers that you previously could redeem/purchase on the door. You can still exchange Tesco clubcard vouchers to book tickets as long as they are redeemed in advance. If you have anyone classed as disabled in your party, then an accompanying personal assistants can come in for free (one carer for each person who is being cared for, eg a person with disabilities). Again, all visitors must pre-book a time slot. There are differing prices relating to off-peak/peak times that might be worth looking out for. Hope that helps, Liz

  14. trevor norish says:

    can I still use my gardeners world 2for1 entry at the eden project

    • Hi Trevor, yes the Gardeners World 2 for 1 voucher offer remains valid at the Eden Project. This discount card offers either one free entry with one full-paying adult or a 20% discount on a single visitor entry. Unfortunately this offer is not valid for events with a separate charge. The Eden Project suggest that before setting off, check the garden’s website or call direct, as opening details can vary and one-off restrictions may apply.

  15. Melanie Pendrey says:

    Is there a discount for over 65?

    • Hi Melanie, unfortunately I cannot see a senior discounted ticket for the Eden Project. However if you purchase a standard ticket, you can upgrade for free and enjoy unlimited return visits during the following 12 months. Alternatively if you’ve managed to get hold of a Gardeners’ World 2 for 1 discount card that were issued April/May, this normally includes the Eden Project too.

  16. I am just practicing some basic on-site, I didn’t realise it was so
    hands-on-luckily I had a few useful sites to follow
    I will definitely be coming back, its a great blog!

    • Hi Chana, thank you for the feedback & I hope you have found the Eden Project information useful to you when planning your next trip, Liz

  17. Brenda Laker says:

    We sent you a message on 1st August, we have two Annual Passes from when we visited the Eden Project last September, unfortunately on the back of the passes no date was shown of our visit in 2014. We are coming to the area this September, would you please let us know whether we can use our current Annual Passes. Thanking you in anticipation of your reply. Brenda and Maurice Laker

    • Hi Brenda, I’m sorry you don’t seem to have picked up my reply to your initial query regarding Eden Project annual passes? Unfortunately, as Topdogdays is independent of the Eden Project, I am not in a position to clarify whether your annual passes are valid and you would be best directing your query directly to the Eden Project who I am sure will be able to assist you further. Kind regards, Liz

  18. Brenda Laker says:

    We visited the Eden Project last September,we are again be in the area this September, we have Adult Eden Annual Passes, un fortunately on the back of the cards an expiry date was not completed, numbers of the back of the card are 028107/8 are these still valid. Please let us know our holiday is from 5th September to 12th September. We are senior citizens. Thanking you in anticipation

    • Hi Brenda, thank you for getting in touch with us regarding your Eden Project annual pass. Unfortunately, Topdogdays is independent of the Eden Project and I think your query would be best directed to the Eden Project who I am sure would be happy to help you. You can contact them at Eden Project Contact. Have a nice holiday, kind regards Liz

  19. owen reynolds says:

    are there any free weekend tickets for the police force in 2015. we are coming from south wales and are both serving officers.

    • Hi Owen, often visitor attractions do team up with large employers to offer a discounted entry ticket although I do not have any specific information regarding the Eden Project. You are probably best contacting your employers directly to see if they offer any corporate discounts.

  20. Hi ,

    We are visiting the area on the 27thmarch for 4 days is there any offers on that weekend there is 10 of us that is including 3 children thanks

    • Hi Hannah, Eden Project offer group discounts for parties of 10 or more that pre-book & travel by mini-bus or coach? If you live locally, you can take advantage of locals pass? There are discounts on tickets if you combine accommodation & tickets if you are planning to stay over? If you book online you can take advantage of cheaper ticket prices plus the chance to upgrade to a 12 month annual pass.

  21. We are 4 senior citizens spending a long weekend in Cornwall 17, 18, 19th October. Do you have any special offers on that weekend? Many thanks.

    • Hi Susan, unfortunately I don’t see any Eden Project deals that relate specifically to the weekend you are travelling at present. Whilst we are independent of the Eden Project we have listed all the available Eden Project deals that we can see currently running that might be of interest to you. Have a lovely break, Liz

  22. We (6) are in cornwall w/c 21 Jan.
    Are there any offers available ?
    Also what are the opening hours ?

    • Jan,
      1. Do you live in Devon or Cornwall? There is a great annual pass deal currently available for Devon & Cornwall residents for just £7.50 per person.

      2. Are you a regular shopper at Tesco? You can redeem Tesco clubcard vouchers for Eden Project entrance, (£7.50/£3.50 adult/child in clubcard vouchers)

      3. Order a back copy of Gardeners’ World Magazine, (May 2012 edition). This comes with a 2 for 1 discount card for over 270 UK gardens including the Eden Project. Whilst this card is valid until April 2013, there are some restriction on dates so best to check directly with the Eden Project before ordering a back copy.

      4. Do you work for a charity or voluntary organisation? This is a long shot but last year during the weekend 20-22 January 2012, the Eden Project offered free entry to those working for a charity or voluntary organisation. It maybe worth a call to the Eden Project to see if there are any plans to run this offer again this year.

      5. Do you plan to return to the Eden Project in the next 12 months? It can be worth paying full price for entrance to the Eden Project and gift aid/donate your entrance charge to receive a free annual upgrade.