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Cheap Cinema Tickets

There are plenty of ways to keep the costs down on a trip to the movies including FREE Cinema Preview Tickets that doesn’t necessarily mean forgoing the popcorn. Follow our guide to cheap cinema tickets below to help you enjoy a trip to the movies on a budget.

1. Vue Cinema Mini Mornings, (from £2.49pp)

Take advantage of this Mini Mornings promotion from Vue Cinemas where tickets are priced from just £2.49pp.  Running each weekend and throughout the school holidays, guests can enjoy a range of family movies at a budget price.  This offer is valid for use for children, (age 2 – 12 years) and any accompanying adults where movies are listed mid-morning from around 10am.  Whilst this won’t be a trip to the latest blockbuster, there are a surprising range of popular movies available with selections changing each week, (small additional charge for 3D movies).  More details available at Vue Cinema Mini Mornings.

Follow our Guide to Cheap Cinema Tickets & Mid Morning Movies packed with top tips to help you make the most of this offer.


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Cheap Cinema Tickets


2. Free Cinema Tickets

Did you know it was actually possible to pick up FREE tickets to the movies?  We’ve managed to wrangle complementary tickets to cinema previews over the years where all you are being asked to do to provide some simple feedback.  Films tend to run at off peak times, such as Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings, and you need to be quick to use the screening code to confirm you tickets.

More information available within our Guide to FREE Cinema Preview Ticket Screenings.

3. Odeon Kids; Mid Morning Movies from £2.50pp

Look out for Odeon Kids that offers mid morning family movies from £2.50pp.  This promotion runs every weekend & select school holidays where you can enjoy a trip to the cinema on the cheap.  Children, (age 2 to 12 years) and accompanying adults can pick up tickets from £2.50pp and you can even book online without paying any booking fees.

4. Cineworld; Movies For Juniors from £2pp

Take advantage of this Movies for Juniors Cineworld promotion that offers adult & child tickets from just £2pp, (small upgrade charge for 3D moves).  The standard promotion offers mid-morning movies that have already been pre-released from £2pp or try the Premium Movies for Juniors that comprises of previously unreleased new movies from £5.65pp. Whilst cineworld usually offers a range of movies throughout the year, it is worth noting that not all Cineworld cinemas participate in this deal.

More information available from Cineworld; Movies for Juniors.


Cheap Tickets to the Movies

Cheap Tickets to the Movies


5. Avoid Blockbuster Tax Charges

Some cinemas are now effectively running a blockbuster tax on top movies when demand for tickets is likely to be high. This enhanced ticket price tends to run for the first few weeks following release relying on the willingness of fans to pay extra to watch the latest blockbluster.  Often ticket prices return to standard entry charges a few weeks after release so it can be worth waiting it out!

More information available within our Guide To Cinema Blockbuster Tax Charges.

6. Weekend Cinema; Empire Jnrs

Empire Cinemas offer discounted family cinema tickets at the weekend for those with children aged under 12 years.  Ticket prices vary from setting to setting but both adults & children can take advantage of the discounted prices offered.

7. Tesco Clubcard Vouchers & Cinema Tokens

Tesco shoppers can redeem clubcard vouchers for cinema tokens that offers you a ‘free’ visit to the movies.  This offer is valid for use at both Odeon & Cineworld cinemas where clubcard cinema tokens for children can be slightly cheaper.  Simply redeem your vouchers for reward tokens prior to your visit and present at the box office on the day, (terms & conditions apply).

8. Odeon Cinema; 40% Voucher/Promo Codes

At select times of the year Odeon Cinema runs popular a 40% voucher/code promotion that can offer value for money.  Previously, these voucher codes can be used more than once during the promotional period offering discounts off adult, student, child & senior tickets.  Whilst this offer is not currently available, we’ll bring you more details if this runs again in the future.

9. Vue Cinemas; Super Mondays

Vue cinemas offer discounted tickets for current screenings and new releases at most cinemas throughout the year for those that opt to visit on a Monday, (t&c’s apply). Simply apply for your free code before making your purchase online. More details available at Vue Cinema Super Tuesdays.

Recently we picked up 3 free tickets to the Opera & 2 free child tickets to the theatre within just 7 days!  Find out how we did it within our Guide To Cheap Theatre Tickets.


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Top Tips For Cheap Cinema Tickets

i. Cheap Cinema Tickets; Watch in 2D

It only hit me recently that I actually don’t like 3D movies! One of the main reasons 3D movies are here to stay is that the film industry love them because 3D movies are impossible to pirate.  However if I take into consideration how uncomfortable those glasses can be, the additional expense incurred plus the sudden realization that I actual prefer the 2D experience, then it is time to revert.

ii. Unlimited Cards

Both Cineworld & Odeon Cinemas now offer unlimited cards that can offer value for money for true movie fans.  For those that plan regular trips to the cinema throughout the year, then you may wish to consider either Cineworld’s Unlimited or Odeon Limitless.  This offers you the option of paying a monthly fee to watch as many movies as you wish but look out for the terms & conditions for these offers before signing up.

More information available from Guide To Odeon Limitless.

iii. Visit On A Tuesday

By simply planning your trip to the cinema for a Tuesday, you’ll find there are savings to be made!  A number of the cinema chains offer enticements to encourage you to visit during their quiet days so for those with flexibility on when they can visit, this can make financial sense.  You can find more details on Super Tuesdays & Saver Tuesday promotions below.

iv. MeerKat Movies

Whilst Orange Wednesdays is no longer available, Compare the Market customers can take advantage of similar MeerKat Movies 2 for 1 promotion.  Running each Tuesday or Wednesday customers can pick up 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1 throughout the year.  More details available from MeerKat Movies.

Follow our Guide to Cheap Mid-Morning Movies packed with hints & tips to help you make the most of this offer.


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  1. Jane Stephens says:

    Please send me details of any offers to Odeon and Vue cinemas.

    • Hi Jane, within the article you’ve probably seen the off peak deals that run at both Odeon & Vue cinemas, (family movies at the weekend, cheap ticket Tuesdays & MeerKat Movies). Odeon cinema tend to run regular 40% off promotions throughout the year and we’ll update this page & include within our email newsletter when this & other cinema offers run again.

  2. I always like to see a great film, but there just aren’t that many of them…. However I expect Spectre to be a great film….

    • Hi Andrew, Spectre is likely to be a big hit this autumn and if you can pick up a deal on cheap movie tickets then surely that’s all the better:)

  3. Please have you any offers for 3 mobile customers I luv the cinema 🙁

    • Hi Marion, I’m the same – the cinema is such a different experience but it can get expensive. I don’t know any specific deals for 3 mobile customers but if you can visit at a less busy time, (Tuesdays are a popular day to find cheaper tickets), or enjoy a family movie that has been released some weeks before, (such as the family mid morning movies that run at the weekends), then there are deals still to be had. You could also sign up for a screen preview site that offers you the opportunity to pick free cinema tickets from time to time:)