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The Tower; The University Church of St Mary’s

If you are looking to pick up one of the best aerial views of Oxford, then look no further than the tower at St Mary’s University Church.  Set in the heart of Oxford, you can climb the tower for just a few pounds and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding area. Tickets are very reasonably priced with further discounts available for children, students & family tickets.  Simply purchase tickets on the day of your visit from gift shop at the base of the tower.  There is only limited space available at the top of the tower so you may need to wait in line on a one-in-one-out basis so it could be worth planning an early trip on busier days.

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Oxford Building Radcliffe Camera

Views from the tower of St Mary’s Church


The Tower at St Mary’s Church

Access to the top of the tower is by staircase only, (including a spiral staircase as you begin your final ascent), so you will need a good level of mobility.  Once at the top of the tower, space is very limited with little room for passing other visitors.  However that said, the location is ideal, the tickets are cheap and the views are fantastic.

This 13th century tower remains the oldest part of the church and is beautifully decorated in stone gargoyles & grotesques.  From the top of the tower, you can pick up clear views of the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library plus various Oxford University Colleges.  The great benefit of this vantage point is that it offers a 360 degree view of historic Oxford which each balcony offering a fresh outlook over the city.

More details available at University Church of St Mary’s.


Oxford Views from St Mary's Church Tower

Views from the top of Tower; St Mary’s Church

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