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Paris On A Budget

There are plenty of ways to explore Paris on a budget when you follow our tricks and tips to help you plan a visit.  Opt to walk up the  Eiffel Tower for a cheaper option or take advantage of FREE ENTRY Sundays are just two of the ways to enjoy Paris on the cheap this season, (more information below).

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Eiffel Tower in paris


Eiffel Tower on a Budget

1. It is cheaper to walk part way up the Eiffel Tower rather than use the lifts.  Not only does this give you an alternative perspective of national treasure but saves you money too.  Take the steps to the second floor and then if you’re bent on getting to the top, you can upgrade your ticket to the top, (this still works out a cheaper option).  More information available within our Eiffel Tower Guide.

2. Alternatively why not view the Eiffel Tower from the ground and save on admission charges altogether.  Plenty of visitors opt to pack a picnic and find a space within the Parc du Champ de Mars, (located directly below the Eiffel Tower), to watch the sun go down as the Eiffel Tower lights up before your eyes.

3. The one thing missing in your view of Paris is of course the Eiffel Tower so consider a visit to the Montparnasse Tower that covers this quandary.

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Paris Museums on a Budget

1. Choose Sundays; most top Paris Museums, including the Louvre & Centre Pompidou offer FREE entry on the first Sunday of the month.

2. Late Nights; look out for discounted late night entrance tickets that not only saves you money but reduces the crowds too!

3. Double Up; check out joint ticket offers that can save you money on combined tickets for associated attractions.

4. Paris Pass; consider a Paris Pass that offers you discounted entrance to over 75 Paris museums & monuments including the Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Paris of Versailles.

5. Less Known Entrance for The Louvre; look out for the hidden entrance to the Louvre that offers faster access for those with pre-purchased tickets!


Luxembourg Gardens


Paris Parks

There are plenty of beautiful parks around Paris and if you want to do as the Parisians do & take in the atmosphere or a game of boules, head for the open space. Our favourite has to be Jardin du Luxembourg that is set in the heart of the city and evokes thoughts of a bygone age with a boating lake, (you can even hire a sailing boat), an adventure playground, old fashioned swings and even a puppet show. Whilst there are small charges in place for many of these activities, it’s a great way to enjoy an afternoon in the heart of Paris on a budget!

Velib Bikes in Paris

Why not hire a velib bike and explore Paris by cycle.  We found that this works out remarkably cheap, particularly for shorter journeys around Paris.  By navigating your way around the city on your bike, it gives you a unique view of the city as well as saving you money on transport charges.

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Disneyland Paris

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris this year, then worth checking out cheap tickets options to help you keep the costs down at this popular visitor attraction.  Find more information within our Guide To Disneyland Paris.

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