National Trust Membership; Sites To Remain Open

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National Trust Gardens, Parklands, Coast & Countryside To Remain Open

Good to hear that the National Trust are keeping open a large number of their sites to allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air & exercise throughout Covid restrictions.  We’re always on the look out for Cheap National Trust Membership Deals as this can offer great value throughout the year and even more so during restricted times.

The National Trust have recently recently announced that their gardens and parklands with remain open with NT cafes available to offer takeaways too. We’ve also learnt that coast and countryside places owned by the National Trust will also be open to allow access as normal.  Members can still  take advantage of their National Trust Free Parking but unfortunately NT houses and shops will remain closed in line with Government restrictions.

Be aware that National Trust gardens and parks will continue to limit numbers to  maintain social distancing so visitors, members included, will need to book their visit online.


Stackpole nature reserve national trust

National Trust Stackpole Nature Reserve, (photo; Phil Loach)


National Trust Membership Deals

There are some interesting membership offers available throughout the year that can be worth taking account off.  We’ve always been interested in the family membership offer that secures free access to up to 10 children or grandchild throughout the year.  The great news is that this deal is available to both 1 or 2 adult family memberships and truly reflects families of shape and sizes.  More information available at National Trust Family Membership Offer.

Another great offer to look out for is the discounted senior membership rate.  This is not automatically deducted at source as you need to request this option and is only available for those that have been members for at least 5 of the past 10 years.  Here’s a chance to pick up 25% off standard membership prices and you can find more details over in our National Trust Senior Membership Guide.



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