LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass

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LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass

Having recently wondered past the Lifetime Pass Holders Wall close to the entrance of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, I wondered if there was more to this offer than simply LEGO immortality.  Seeing all those LEGO names, made me consider whether it also makes financial sense for avid LEGOLAND fans to invest in a LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass?  Whilst for most of us this may well be a theoretical consideration, (Lifetime passes are priced around £696pp), it still begs the question as to whether this offers value for money.

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legoland windsor lifetime pass

LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass


What Is A LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass?

A LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass offers unlimited entry to LEGOLAND Windsor & every other LEGOLAND Park around the world for life plus some additional perks that are worth factoring into any value for money calculations.  Worth noting that benefits of the LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass are not valid for the duration of your pass and have individual expiry dates & are subject to availability.  Perks include;

  • Free preferred park.
  • Lifetime Passholder only events.
  • Your name in LEGO at LEGOLAND Windsor forever.
  • 20% discount in valid restaurants.
  • 10% discount in LEGOLAND shops.
  • Discounts off a Merlin Annual Pass

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driving school legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; Driving School


Does A LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass Offer Value For Money?

Whilst I do not pretend have the skills of an actuary, it seems clear that value for money is dependent upon a number of variables that include;

  • Your current age.
  • How many years of good health you can reasonably bank on.
  • How frequent you plan to visit a LEGOLAND Park in the coming years.
  • How likely is your interest in LEGOLAND Resorts to stand the test of time?
  • The relative price of an annual pass.
  • Your future personal circumstances.

Of course a number of these factors remain outside of our control, and so whilst I continue to aim for 102 long & healthy years, that LEGO bus in the sky may have different plans ahead.  Whilst currently your 6 year old may be gripped with LEGO creations, roll on a few years forward and your pre-pubescent may well have alternative plans that don’t include that plastic brick in any shape or form.


Miniland at legoland windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland


LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass; A Reasonable Life

In the end, it all comes down to a combination of reasonable expectations and predicted future lifestyle choices.  An adult LEGOLAND Premium Annual Pass currently stands at £100 and offers a similar range of perks & benefits, (no name in LEGO though), but does have the added benefit of flexibility should your interest wane in future years.

Assuming the prices for future passes continue to rise at a similar rate, even a very simple calculation would suggest you will begin to see the comparative financial benefits of an adult LEGOLAND Lifetime Pass after 8 years, (longer for children & seniors).  However, this doesn’t take account of what you could achieve investing a similar amount elsewhere.

Time for a LEGO pause for thought..




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  1. JOHN KILLEEN says:

    Our son has a Lifetime pass and his name was proudly displayed with all the others on the wall to the left as you entered Legoland Windsor. It appears to have been moved, but where to?

    • Hi John, that’s sad to hear – hopefully the Lifetime wall has just been moved to another part of the park. Best contacting Legoland Windsor directly with your query, (we at topdogdays simply let you know the best way to enjoy your day at the park and are not linked to the attraction). Do let us know how you get on as we’d like to let our readers know if this is no longer a perk that comes with the Lifetime Passes, Liz