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BCLM Deals

BCLM Deals

1. Free Annual Pass Upgrades

Plenty of visitor attractions offer free annual upgrades when you purchase, donate or gift aid your day’s admission charge.  By upgrading to an annual pass  you can enjoy further visits at no extra charge!

More details available at Free Annual Upgrade Passes for Visitor Attractions.

2. Loyalty Cards & Deals

It’s always worth signing up for loyalty card schemes especially for regular spenders. Tesco Clubcard rewards provides great savings on entrance fees & annual passes & a Nectar card accumulates points that can also be redeemed at tourist attractions.

3. Regional Cards & Offers

Many regions are keen to promote their visitor attractions & offer some great package deals on visiting local attractions. With the rise of the staycation, it’s  worth keeping up to date with regional offers both in your own area and those further afield. Examples of these can be found at;

Stay Play Explore Packages

Thrill Hopper Tickets

4. Come Back Deals

Visitor attractions are always looking for ways to entice you back to visit another day.  Worth keeping an eye out for come-back deals that can offer substantial savings but ensure you read the small print!

Gulliver's Theme Park Deals

Gulliver’s Theme Park Deals

5. Late Entry Tickets

Plenty of visitor attractions run extended opening hours and are keen to offer an incentive for people to visit during quieter times of the day.  This can be a great way to save money on a day out as well as beat the queues at popular tourist attractions.

Free Entry to the Science Garden at the Think Tank

Gulliver’s Theme Park Late Entrance Deal

Blue Peter Badges & Free Entry to 200 Visitor Attractions

For children aged between 6 & 15, it is worth keeping hold of that Blue Peter badge and head for some top attractions. Flash your badge and accompanying blue peter badge card and gain yourself free entrance to nearly 200 top attractions.  Badgeholders must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

More information available at Free Entry with Blue Peter Badges.

6. Associate Networks or Trade Organizations

Networks such as PTA Local usually cost nothing to subscribe, and can use their potential purchasing power to secure discounted tickets. Work associations, such as NHS discounts can also offer substantial savings so check out what is going on where you work.

7. Annual Passes & Memberships

If you intend to visit an attraction more than once a year, it’s worth considering an annual membership pass. These not only offer unlimited entry, (some restrictions can apply), but can sometimes provide substantial savings on secondary spend such as parking or discounts on food & drink.

Ironbridge family_small8. Family Memberships

Some visitor attractions are quickly cottoning on to the fact that families come in all shapes & sizes.  Ironbridge Gorge Museums offers family membership that includes all your children; grandchildren, step-children, foster children etc.

Both the National Trust & English Heritage also offer flexible family membership offers too!

9. Group Prices

You do not necessary need to belong to a formal organisation to pick up a group discount. Why not club together with some friends and as long as you meet the minimum requirement numbers, then these savings can be considerable.

10. Smaller Groups & Family Tickets

Consider whether you could make use of family tickets packages available. Just take note of the stipulated numbers of children and adults for each family ticket offered.

11. Special Events

Always worth keeping your eye open for special events running an top visitor attractions such as Christmas Fairs that often include free entry or polling day special offers.

12. Beat the Queues at Top Visitor Attractions

To gain greater value for your day out, follow our top tips to beat the queues at popular visitor attractions & other many saving hints & tips.

More details available at our Insider Guides.


By Liz Walsh


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