Budget Paris; Paris Respire

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Velib Paris Bikes

Velib Paris Bikes

Paris on a Budget; Paris Respire

Paris Respire is a car free scheme that runs every Sunday & Public Holidays between 9am & 5pm.

Many busy roads in central Paris become car free allowing cyclists, walkers & rollerbladers to take to the streets hassle free!  This is a wonderful way to see Paris as the locals do; why not pick up a Velib Bike and join in!

Paris Respire opens up a myriad of roads within central Paris including busy stretches along the River Seine, Marais, Montmartre & Canal Saint Martin.

The Paris Respire Maps are not particularly easy to follow and will take some studying.  We found it easier to keep our eyes peeled for the Paris Respire road signs, (Blue Yellow & Green road signs with a plan of respire road closures underneath), as we began to explore Paris during the week.

Once you have begun to get your bearings, you can begin to work out your own route!  Our favourite has to be along the River Seine.

The Paris Respire River Seine Route

On the left bank, the car free roads run between Pont de L’Alma & Quai Voltaire.

On the right bank, the route runs between Tuileries Gardens & Pont de Charles de Gaulle.

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