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LEGOLAND Windsor Kennels – update

Previously LEGOLAND Windsor offered a kennels service to customers whilst they visited the theme park.  Unfortunately LEGOLAND Windsor have since taken the decision to close the kennel service much to the disappointment to theme park customers.  What had started out as a free service, moved to a charged option, (although relatively small costs were incurred), but then those high up in the LEGO world made the unpopular decision to close the facility once and for all.

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Legoland Windsor Kennels

LEGOLAND Windsor Kennels


LEGOLAND Windsor Kennels, (not currently available)

There are 7 kennels available to LEGOLAND Windsor guests that can be booked online to reserve a place in advance.  As you start the transaction to purchase theme park tickets you will be asked to ‘add more products’ where you will find the option to add a dog kennel ticket. Any remaining vacant kennels will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis on the day.  Kennels are priced at £15 per kennel when booked online or £20 on the day, (this includes a a £10 refundable deposit to ensure the safe return of their padlock & bowl).

This is an unsupervised kennel service so you will need to check back on your dog.  However as the kennels are located close to the main entrance of LEGOLAND Windsor, this won’t take you too far out of your way.

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The dragon coaster at Legoland Windsor

LEGOLAND Windsor; The Dragon, (photo Phil Loach)


Kennels Available at LEGOLAND Windsor On The Day? (not currently available)

Having spoken with Guest Services at LEGOLAND Windsor, they advise that anyone wishing to use the kennels should ring up before they leave on the day of their visit to ensure space is available. Wise advice as dogs that are left in cars will be reported to the authorities.  These kennels are also available for other household pets but best to discuss prior to your visit before bringing down something unusual!

So is this something we will be seeing more of at Merlin attractions in the future?  It doesn’t seem likely; I was told research indicated that LEGOLAND Windsor was the most likely attraction that the whole family would visit and so the need for the kennel was more marked.

Not sure I agree with this but I can’t see Merlin branching out into the kennel industry quite yet!


Legoland Windsor Heartlake City

LEGOLAND Windsor; Mia’s Riding Adventure, (photo Phil Loach)

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  1. stuart andrews says:

    Are the dog kennels available next week please

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Stuart, whilst we are independent of LEGOLAND Windsor, I can see from their website, that they continue to advise that the dog kennels remain unavailable until further notice. You could always contact Legoland directly for any further updates on when this facility is available again to theme park guests.

  2. Sarah Halton says:

    Thanks! Yes I saw that from your other comments. It’s a hotel nearby that I’m after that does accommodate dogs? Maybe within 10 miles?

  3. Sarah Halton says:

    Can anyone recommend a nice/luxury hotel near Legoland that accommodates dogs? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, unfortunately I am aware that the kennels at LEGOLAND Windsor do not allow overnight stays even for those making use of the on-site Resort Hotels but perhaps someone else has some ideas?

  4. Is it ok to leave two dogs from the same family in the same kennel? They would be happier together. Also wonder (as it sas unasupervised) is it possible to anyone else than the dogowners that have there dog in the kennels to go and disturbe the dogs? Are my dogs safe left in the kennel??

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Sofia, whilst topdogdays is independent of LEGOLAND Windsor & not involved in the running of this service, my understanding is that the kennel area is open to the public although the dogs are locked within an individual kennel using a padlock. It would be worth checking with LEGOLAND Windsor as to whether you could have more than one dog per kennel. If you get a chance, do let us know if you can as it would be great to pass this on to fellow readers.

      it would be one pet per kennel but it

  5. Hi we are annual premium pass holders and recently just got a rescue dog. Was hoping to make use of your kennels in 2016 but i am shocked to read they are unmanned, Really!! Surely you should have 1 staff member monitoring them after all there are only 7 kennels and as long as you have contact number for owners in case needed that would be fine. Maybe you can consider this for next year as would make for a more enjoyable day out for all.

    • Hi Keri, thanks for getting in touch regarding the kennels at Legoland Windsor – unfortunately we are not involved in the running of this service as Topdogdays is independent of Legoland Windsor. Whilst the kennels are not supervised by LEGOLAND Windsor staff, they are located close to the main entrance so you have the option of popping in & out to check on your dog.

  6. imran ahmed says:

    I would like to go legoland with family of 9 people how can i get 2 for 1 voucher

    • Hi, you can pick a kids go free voucher, (that works in the same way as a 2 for 1 voucher) from promotional packets of Kellogg’s cereals or breakfast bars. Only 1 voucher can be used per person & per transaction so ensure you have enough for your party. Another 2 for 1 voucher promotion that has just gone live can be found on promotional packs of Birds Eye products. With an odd number in your party, you may wish to consider the current £27pp LEGOLAND Windsor from Groupon. More details available at Legoland Windsor Deals.