Blackpool Pleasure Beach World Record Attempt; Richard Rodriguez

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Richard Rodriguez on The Big One

Richard Rodriguez World Record Attempt at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is playing host to Richard Rodriquez’s world record attempt to spend the longest continual time on a rollercoaster.

Richard Rodriquez, 53, started his world record attempt back in May & now spends 8 hours a day on The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Mr Rodriquez, an accountant by trade, is a true coaster fanatic & has already held an number of rollercoaster records including a head to head challenge in 2007 where he spent 17 days on The Big One, only taking a five minute break every hour out of his coaster routine!

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Richard Rodriguez chatting with coaster fans

From 31 May to mid September, you will find Richard Rodriques on The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in his attempt to break the current record for consecutive rollercoaster riding held at 103 days.

This is to be American Richard Rodriquez’s final world record attempt and visitors to Blackpool Pleasure Beach are invited to ride with Richard during his time on the coaster.

Richard has his own two seater carriage, complete with additional padding, but is very happy to chat with other roller coaster fans whilst he undertakes his world record attempt.



World Record Attempt on The Big One

My 9 year old was lucky enough to ride in the carriage directly behind Richard Rodriques on the Big One on our recent trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The added advantage of sitting close to Richard is that he’s on your ride photograph too!

Great to see a coaster enthusiast in action and, in a small way, be part of his world record attempt.

We wish Richard well with his challenge.

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