Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ride Photography Deals; Photopass

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1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Photopass

If you are looking for a deal on ride photography at Blackpool Pleasure Beach check out the photopass that offers discounted souvenirs throughout the season.  Priced at £20 for 4 photographic items, the great advantage with this deal is that the photopass is valid all season long.

The photopass allows you to select any 4 ride photography items including keyrings, magnets or photos.  Photos also come with a free digital download and you can either collect all 4 items in one day or space out your photographic memories during the season for added savings.  You can use your Photopass at any of the following rides; Ice Blast, Infusion, Valhalla, Big One, Avalanche, Rugrat’s Lost River, Blue Flyer & Wallace & Gromit, (subject to availability).

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach the big one

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach;  USB Wristband

Whilst the USB wristband is not currently available, there are plans to re-introduce a similar scheme later in the season. Another photo ride deal is to invest in a USB wristband that allows you to digitally download your favourite images.  You can pick up a USB wristband for £15 that includes your first ride photo with subsequent images priced at £1 each.  Again you can use this wristband all season at the Pleasure Beach.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Skyforce



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