Insider’s Guide to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Guide; Tips & Tricks

1. Thorpe Park Tickets; Bypass the Queues

Our Thorpe Park Cheap Ticket Guide suggests an easy way to bypass the ticket kiosk queues as well as pick up some savings on entry charges would be to book online.  With tickets priced from just £30pp, you can save up to 40% off walk up prices with the best deals for those that can book in advance.  Online tickets also come with a FREE return visit perk offer should the weather hamper your visit, (find out more details below).

2. Thorpe Park Hotel; Unlimited Fastrack Perk

Extend your visit with with an overnight stay at the Thorpe Shark Hotel that comes with a FREE Unlimited Fastrack that’s valid on your second day until 11am. Guests are provided with a wristband that allows them to use the fastrack entrance for any of the available attractions at the park up to 11am, (second day only). This is a great way to tick off a few of the more popular rides at the park early on in the day!  Guest can also enjoy free parking and a free second day at the park plus plenty of promotions throughout the season.


rush at thorpe park

Thorpe Park Rush, (photo; Phil Loach)


3. Thorpe Park; FREE Return Visit Promotion

Did you know that Thorpe Park runs a FREE return visit offer should the weather hamper your day out?  The Bad Weather Guarantee offers you a free like-for-like return visit if bad weather affects the ride offering for an hour or more during your visit. This is a great way to hedge your bets against the great British weather when tickets are purchased directly from Thorpe Park. Simply keep hold of your original tickets before checking online to check your date is among the list of valid days.

4. Thorpe Park; Early Bird

The first 60/90 minutes of the day is the best time to get round the main attraction rides before the queues start to build.  Ensure you arrive around 40 minutes before the park opens to give yourself time to park up, purchase your tickets and join the queue for the gates to open. Many people don’t realise that on busy days Thorpe Park opens at 9.30am thus giving you extra time on the rides before the queues begin.

5. Thorpe Park Tips; Preferential Entry Gate

Passholders can make use of the preferential entry gate that can be relatively quicker than the standard ticket holders queue.  Often those in the passholder queue have their passes checked & hands stamped prior to reaching the turnstiles so you are raring to go the moment the park gates open to the public!

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Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Tidal Wave, (photo; Phil Loach)


6. Thorpe Park; Fastrack Tickets

A fastrack ticket offers you a method to buy your way out of the queues on busy days at the park.  Tickets are additional to your entry charges with a full range of flexible fastrack options available.  Simply head to the separate fastrack entrance at your allotted time to gain quick access onto the rides.  For a budget quick fix, why not opt for a solo fastrack for a couple of the more popular rides such Swarm or Stealth.  This will then allow you to concentrate on the other main thrill attractions & slot in a fastrack ride during the busy times within the park. Be aware that fastrack tickets at Thorpe Park sell out fast!

More information available at Thorpe Park Fastrack Tickets.

7. Thorpe Park; Work the Park

The most popular thrill rides at Thorpe Park are Swarm, Saw-the Ride, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno & Stealth. If you are entering the park as the gates open, you may wish to head straight for Swarm as the queues for this ride tend to build throughout the day. Alternatively invest in a Swarm One Shot Fastrack for later in the day & concentrate on other popular thrill rides to avoid lengthy queue times. Don’t be distracted by Slammer or Samurai, (these often pick up large queues simply due to their proximity to Saw), but concentrate on the main coasters before moving onto other thrill rides.

8. Thorpe Park Top Tips; Queues NOT Rides

Not many people realise that it is the ride queue that closes at the stipulated closing time not the actual ride! As the park begins to empty, it gives you a chance at the main rides with generally shorter queue times.

Follow our Guide To Parking At Thorpe Park including a few FREE parking options to keep the costs down at this popular theme park!


Derren Brown's Ghost train

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park Photo credit:


9. Thorpe Park; Real Time Queues

Keep an eye out for current queue times and any rides not operating that day through the Thorpe Park App or electronic information boards found around the park.  By taking account of accurate queue times for particular rides, you can circumnavigate the park avoiding the the worst of the queues.

10. Single Rider Queues at Thorpe Park

Stealth was the last remaining ride at Thorpe Park to offer a Single Rider Queue but now this has also disappeared leaving no Single Rider Queues at Thorpe Park.  This is unfortunate news for theme park customers looking to avoid the queues without paying for fastrack tickets, (Single Riders can currently still be found at Chessington World of Adventures & Alton Towers).

11. Food & Drink

Picnics are welcome at Thorpe Park.  Why not take a sandwich and have an early/late lunch -this way not only do you avoid the food queues but manage to take advantage of shorter queue times!  Find more information within our Thorpe Park Locker Guide.

12. Thorpe Park; Cheap Ticket Options

There are plenty of cheap ticket options for Thorpe Park with a range of 2 for 1 vouchers, online savings and even FREE ticket promotions.  Finding the best deal for you can be time consuming so we’ve done the hard work and put together a round up of all the valid deals & discounts that we’ve come across.

More information available at Thorpe Park Cheap Ticket Guide.

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  1. Hi! I just wanted an opinion to see if the Ultimate Fastback deal for £85 is worth it? Does this give you chance to go on the same rides more than once? or is it only single shots? hopefully not considering the price!

    • Hi Nicole, yes the fastrack ultimate at thorpe park includes unlimited fastracks on rides at the park, (that offers fastrack), with the exception of Derren Browm’s Ghost Train that offers one fastback. I suspect this doesn’t include a fastback for any of the horror attractions but worth double checking with thorpe park before you book. The ultimate is in addition to park entrance fees.

  2. Can anyone help me because i have booked to go to thorpe park this sunday, but now i want to get the Ultimate Fastback ticket. My problem is can you go on the same rides with this more than once? i need to make sure it will be worth spending the money and if this only can work once on each ride, i’m not sure what to do?

  3. Samantha Scott says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if I qualify for the rainy day guarantee at Thorpe Park as I had free Sun perk tickets?

    • Hi Samantha, unfortunately the rainy day guarantee at Thorpe Park does not relate to free tickets in The Sun but relates only to tickets purchased directly online at Thorpe Park.

  4. hi can you use the 2for1 to get into the park on the fireworks shows?

  5. Can you use the 2 for 1 tickets on fright night.

    • Hi Tiffany, you can use the Kellogg’s Adults Go Free Vouchers on select Fright Nights, (not valid 23-31 October). Also the Birds Eye merlin vouchers are valid on select dates at Thorpe Park but not 23-31 October. One thing to consider is that a 2 for 1 voucher does not guarantee entry into the park due to capacity limitations & last year Thorpe Park only allowed entry to those with pre-purchased tickets on a number of the most popular Fright Night dates.

  6. Hi!
    i found this really helpful thanks! one question though, i am going this friday, will probe arrive round 10 ish. i dunno if i should bring money for ultimate fast track or not because i hate lines!!!!! and i also don’t know if i should get single tickets

  7. I followed these tips and it really helped, especially about the park opening early, which I never even knew. It has the live queue times for all of the rides, and it meant we didn’t walk across most of the park just to find the line for a ride was longer than we were prepared wanted to wait.

    • Hi Jack, good to hear our tips helped to reduce your queue times at Thorpe Park & thanks for passing on a tip of your own too, good to know:)

  8. Sally watt says:

    Great information, really helpful, thank you

    • Thanks Sally, always good to receive some positive feedback:) I hope you find the information on Thorpe Park useful for future visits.

  9. Chanelle says:

    On Thursday, My school is going to Thorpe Park. we’ll get there around 9-ish. I was wondering when does the ‘Full Throttle’ fastrack ticket start? and if it’s actually worth it since we’re going to leave at 5pm. what would you suggest? I’ve heard It starts at 1pm, what should I do up til’ then?

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Chanelle, I can see on Thorpe Park’s website it states that ‘Full Throttle Fastrack timeslots are available from 13:00. On the day of your visit to THORPE PARK Resort arrive at the rides during these allocated timeslots and you’ll be able to join the Fastrack queue!’ With the park opening from 10am during July, that does give you time to concentrate on other popular rides and leave those included in the Full Throttle, (Swarm, Saw-the Ride, Stealth, Colossus & Nemesis Inferno), until the afternoon Alternatively, there are plenty of other fastrack packages open to you that you can use during the full day. Enjoy:)

  10. lucy tingley says:

    very very disappointed 5 rides closed on 25/6/2014 why don’t you advertise this letting customer know.

    waiting hours to get on rides and paid more for fast track.

    Rubbish day !

  11. who ever came up with this crap idea of reserve n’ride need to throw it in ta bin. Wasted first hour of our day. Who ever is planning to come tomorrow make sure thy don’t have it. Been coming to Thorpe park for over 10 years. Don’t need a change.

    • Hi Tahzim, thanks for the feedback. Is this fastrack or is reserve n ride something new, I wasn’t sure?

  12. This has bin very helpfull thank you it’s hard work when a family of 8 want to go to one of the parks. As a treat for the kids I need al the help I can get. Thank you

  13. Hello, I’m going to TP next month and want to buy some fast track tickets. But, before I jump into any decisions I want to know if the “full throtle” fast track ticket (THE SWARM, SAW – The Ride, Stealth, Colossus & Nemesis) is for the whole day, or is it just a one shot?
    I know I can ask at the gate, but I’d prefer to know in advance. (I also know that the “Ultimate” fast track is all day, but it is for ever single fast track ride. This is too much money I think) Thank you for any help.

    • Hi Adrian, the ‘full throttle’ fastrack at Thorpe Park offers you 1 fastrack entry at each of the following; THE SWARM, SAW – The Ride, Stealth, Colossus & Nemesis Inferno. The only unlimited fastrack ride option is for The Ultimate fastrack which, as you point out, isn’t a very cheap option!

  14. Hi – we have bought a fast track ticket for 5 rides, all I know is it starts at 1pm. Wondered if you had any idea how long we would need to work our way throuygh them? I am hoping to go away and pick the teens up later. Thanks!

    • AJ, I’m assuming this is the Full Throttle Fastrack that offers fastrack tickets for 5 of Thorpe Park coasters? Generally, this should take you around 2.5 hours to undertake all 5 coasters although this is subject to some change depending on ride availability etc.

  15. Lesley, it is best to work the other way round with corporate discounts & check with your employer whether they have any corporate discounts running with visitor attractions such as Thorpe Park.

    • selina payne says:

      thankyou for your feedback thorpe park theme park is awsom and I have bought s annual pass 🙂

      • Hi Selina, always welcome & good to hear that the Thorpe Park information has been of use to you. Enjoy your annual pass:)

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Hi Samantha, unfortunately the rainy day guarantee at Thorpe Park does not relate to free tickets in... Read more »

lizwalsh, 25/06/2016

Hi, Can anyone tell me if I qualify for the rainy day guarantee at Thorpe Park as I had free Sun per... Read more »

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