Insider’s Guide to Ironbridge Gorge Museums

Ironbridge Gorge Museums

There is plenty to see & do within this collection of ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums including the flagship visitor attraction Blists Hill Victorian Town & family friendly Enginuity. You’ll find a range of special offers running throughout the year including attractive annual passport options that, when coupled an extensive range of attractions, will help you find something for all the family.

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View of Ironbridge in Shropshire

Ironbridge in Shropshire, (photo; Phil Loach)


Ironbridge Gorge Passport

The Ironbridge Passport scheme covers all ten visitor attractions including the family friendly Blists Hill, interactive Enginuity & the slightly unusual Tar Tunnel that all make the connection between the industrial revolution of the Victorian days & the world we live in today.   Even better news is that the 1 or 2 adult family passports allow you to bring along ALL your children for free including step children, cared-for children and even grandchildren!

Ironbridge Annual Passport Ticket; What’s Included?

The Ironbridge Annual Passport includes ALL the following attractions; Blists Hill Victorian Town, Enginuity, Coalport China Museum, Jackfield Tile Museum, Museum of Iron, The Iron Bridge & Tollhouse, The Museum of The Gorge, Broseley Pipeworks & the Tar Tunnel

Whilst each attraction complements the passport offer, each setting offers a unique perspective on the industrial revolution with plenty of  interactive activities to keep young minds engaged.  The great advantage with this annual membership scheme is that you can combine a day trip to the more popular attractions, such as Blists Hill or Enginuity, with a shorter visit to a lesser known attraction such as the Tar Tunnel.  Even after 12 months, if you still haven’t visited a particular site, the annual passport gives one visit to any site that you missed in the first 12 months that is valid indefinitely!


Blists Hill Victorian Town candle dipping activity

Candle Dipping at Blists Hill Victorian Town


Blists Hill Victorian Times

Blists Hill, in particular, provides children with an interactive learning experience as you enter the bygone days of the Victorian age.  Complete with costumed characters, visitors can explore the life of Victorian times complete with old fashioned fairground rides, a music hall sing-a-long, an interactive Victorian school lesson or even a ride on a horse & cart.

Check out the fish & chip shop, (cooked the old fashioned way in beef dripping), a sweet shop and don’t miss the Blists Hill bakery, (worth aiming to get to the bakery around mid-day as their supplies sell out quickly on busy days).  The sing-a-long music hall takes place within the New Inn Public House at certain times during the day so worth planning this into your day out as this is a hit with all ages.

There is no cash point on site at Blists Hill so it is worth ensuring you have cash in your pocket before you leave for your day out as unfortunately the Victorian shops cannot take credit cards as there were no personal cards in those days!

Follow our top tips for Blists Hill Victorian Town to help you make the most of your day out.


Blists Hill in Shropshire

Blists Hill Victorian Town


Parking Charges at Ironbridge Gorge Museums

Whilst there is a small charge for parking, this parking ticket is valid at all other Ironbridge Gorge Museums, (with the exceptions of Museum of the Gorge & Ironbridge where local authority charges apply).

Follow our guide to Enginuity including cheap ticket offer and hand hints to get the most from your visit.


By Liz Walsh


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