Insider’s Guide to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

A Guide to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We’ve put together a guide to Blackpool Pleasure Beach packed with top tips to beat the queues plus other money saving ideas to help you get the most from your day out. If you are planning a longer break, we’ve put together information on accommodation & other attractions in the area too.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach coaters


Top Tips To Beat The Queues; The First Queue

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a quite complicated entry system into the park that causes substantial queues on busy days.  Whether you have booked online or paying on the day, everyone needs to queue at the ticket kiosks to receive their passes/wristbands before moving through to a second queue for bag checks & turnstiles into the Pleasure Beach.

This antiquated system causes delays entering the park & the best advice is to get there early.  As the ticket booths open earlier than the park, I’d suggest getting before the desks open on the day of your visit to avoid any delay into the park.

Look out for online promotions for Blackpool Pleasure Beach that offers substantial savings off standard walk-up price tickets.

Short Break To Blackpool?

Blackpool Travelodge; located literally next door to the Pleasure Beach for an easy budget break away.

LateRooms Blackpool; a round up of available accommodation in & around Blackpool to suit all budgets.


Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Revolution


Top Tips To Beat The Queues; Early Bird

Worth taking note of the opening times for the park as these do not necessarily correspond with when the rides open for the day.   Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a staggered opening of the main thrill attractions as ride checks are completed.

Ride opening times are usually signposted at the entrance to each ride, (we tend to find Infusion opens first followed by the Big One ), so ensure you don’t find yourself queuing for rides that haven’t opened for the day yet!  As ever the first 60/90 minutes of the day will carry the lightest queues so ensure you utilising this time effectively.

Blackpool Resort Pass

For those planning to visit a number of Blackpool attractions, it’s worth considering the the Blackpool Resort Pass that offers discounted entry to a number of Blackpool Attractions & allows you the option to combine Accommodation Offers from LateRooms with savings made on a Resort Pass for double deals!


red arrow skyforce at blackpool pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Skyforce


Beat The Queues; The Speedy Pass

The Speedy Pass offers you a method to buy your way out the queues by allowing you to virtual queue rather than actually stand in line.  There are 3 Speedy Passes to choose from with the greater the functionality reserved for those that pay the most.

You can find more information available within our Guide to Speedy Passes.

Pleasure Beach; Older Rides & Queue Capacities

Generally speaking, the older rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, (such as the Big Dipper, Grand National) have a much slower queue capacity than many of the newer rides at the park.  With this in mind, it could be worth undertaking the older rides earlier in the day to reduce your wait times.

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Blackpool Pleasure beach airlines

Black Pleasure Beach Vintage Rides


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Picnics & Lockers

Although picnics are banned at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, these restrictions aren’t as onerous as you’d think.  With a pinch of planning there are plenty of ways & means to work around these restrictions if your know how.

For more information follow our Guide to Food & Drink at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ride Photography Deals

If you are looking to invest in ride photography souvenirs at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, then consider a Photopass that not only offers substantial savings on image but allows you to space out your purchases during the season.

More details available at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ride Photo Deals.


Skyforce at Blackpool Pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Skyforce


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass

The great advantage at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass is that for those that prefer not to ride there is reduced priced ticket just for you.  The Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass, (priced around £6pp), is particularly effective for those who want to accompany children into the park rather than access the rides.

For parents with younger children, worth noting that that minimum height restrictions are in place on many of Nickelodeon rides, so you may need to ride with your child thus requiring a token/wristband!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Parking

Parking charges are in operation & charge can vary depending upon the season, (up to around £9 per day).  There is limited free street parking if you do your research or look out for discounted parking options available when booking tickets online bookings on select day. Car parks are located as follows;

North Entrance (Balmoral Road)
South Entrance (Ocean Boulevard)
East Car Park (Bond Street)
Arena (Watson Road)
West Car Park (Ocean Boulevard)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Deals

Guide to Blackpool Pleasure Beach Deals





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  1. Hey there, we were considering going to visit the pleasure beach tomorrow but the weather seems very windy and we not sure whether this means some of the rides won’t operate? Also, Is it busy usually on Sunday? Thanks

    • Hi Sunny, my apologies you are probably already there. Whilst rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach can be weather dependent, (particular The Big One), most will operate throughout the season. As you arrive at the park, you will see notifications advising you of any closures.

  2. Does anybody know what days of the week if any during peek time would be quietest?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sophie, Fridays tend to the busier than any other weekday but after that I’d say it’s down the weather and pot luck.

  3. Caroline says:

    Anyone know if its ok to take juice .crisps etc into bpb…thanks for tips.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Thanks Caroline, glad to hear the Blackpool Pleasure Beach tips have come in handy:) My understanding is that you can take non-prepared snacks & bottle drinks in with you, (such as crisps, shop wrapped cakes) but not picnics. You can find more information over at Picnics at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

  4. Holly fields says:

    Hi, I’m costing pleasure beach on September 6th. But we are planning to arrive at 12. We have prebooked ticket. How long will the queue for the wristbands be at this time? What is the best time to arrive?

    • Holly fields says:

      I meant visiting not costing

    • Hi Holly, it is difficult to be accurate as queues times can change from day to day. The one thing to be aware of Blackpool Pleasure Beach is that you all have to join the same queue regardless of whether you have pre-booked tickets or are purchasing tickets on the day. This can cause considerable queues. You then have to join a second queue for security checks & ticket turnstiles before entering the park. Whilst you are visiting out of the main peak season, I’d still leave sufficient time & accept you are likely to queue to gain entry.

  5. MArtin James says:

    Whats the deal with leaving the park – grabbing some food and then coming back in later in the day? Allowed? Great tips by the way

    • Hi Martin, thanks for the feedback:) Yes, there’s nothing to stop you leaving the Pleasure Beach to pick up some food…just remember to just your hand stamped to gain re-entry. You’ll more than likely have to eat your food off-site but it can make sense to keep the costs down.

  6. With more and more people exchanging vouchers and reward tokens, e.g. Tesco Clubcard for their Pleasure Beech, Blackpool Wristbands [which have a fixed expiry date], it would be very useful to know which dates the Pleasure Beech will be open in 2014 – at least for the early months up until the Easter holidays, perhaps?

    • Hi Al, sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this query as we are independent of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and simply provide information & ideas for days out on a budget. You can contact BPB directly on 0871 222 1234.

  7. Hi myself and family enjoyed are time at bp all we did to keep the costs down was made a picnic and left it in the car we then left the park enjoyed are lunch and returned to the park. It cut cost and waiting times for food.

  8. Me and my wife have boycotted PB because of the sandwich police. Shame most other folks don’t do the same and they would change this silly policy.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Edward, I have to agree I’m not a fan of restricted food into Blackpool Pleasure Beach but there ways & means around this policy.

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lizwalsh, 19/07/2015

Hey there, we were considering going to visit the pleasure beach tomorrow but the weather seems very... Read more »

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Hi Sophie, Fridays tend to the busier than any other weekday but after that I'd say it's down the we... Read more »

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Does anybody know what days of the week if any during peek time would be quietest? Thanks :)... Read more »

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Thanks Caroline, glad to hear the Blackpool Pleasure Beach tips have come in handy:) My understandin... Read more »

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