Insider’s Guide to Tower of London

1. The Tower of London; Fastrack Entrance with The London Pass

The Tower of London is included within The London Pass that offers entry to 60+ London attractions & tours.  For those planning a trip to London, this regional card can offer value for money with the added advantage of FASTRACK ENTRANCE into the Tower of London too to beat the queues.

More details available at The London Pass.

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The London Pass; discounted entry to 60+ London attractions


Beafeaters at the Tower of London

Beefeaters at the Tower of London, (photo; Phil Loach)


2. The Tower of London; Arrive By Boat

The Thames Clipper, known at the commuter ferry, offers a cost effective trip along the River Thames at a fraction of the price of other river cruises.  As the Thames Clipper stops directly outside the Tower of London, here’s a chance to arrive in style and take in the sights of London along the way.

More details available at River Thames On A Budget.

3. The Tower of London; Online Tickets

Take advantage of online discounts if you book in advance directly with the Tower of London with greater savings available for those that opt out of the voluntary donation added to your ticket price, (although this donation does go towards necessary repairs but ultimately the choice is yours).

If you have opted to collect your tickets at the Tower of London, then head directly for the Group Ticket Kiosk or the Welcome Centre avoiding the large queues that build at the standard ticket kiosks.

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the tower of London from the River Thames

Photo; Phil Loach


4. Do The Crown Jewels First

The queue to visit the Crown Jewels tends to build throughout the day & can take a good hour or more on busy days.  A top tip to reduce your wait time is to head directly to the Crown Jewels as you arrive at the Tower of London, (this is particularly worthwhile for those that can arrive early) & take a later Beafeater Tour.

5. Join A Free Yeoman Warder/Beafeater Tour

Included with the price of your ticket is an entertaining tour around the Tower of London by a real life Yeoman Warden, (popularly known at ‘Beefeaters’).  This not-to-be-missed experience brings the history of the Tower of London alive to both adults & children & is packed with tales of treachery & treason throughout the years.

These 1 hour tours run regularly throughout the day and start close to the main entrance.

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the crown jewels sign at the tower of london

Visit the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, (photo; Phil Loach)


6. Royal Palaces Membership

For those interested in visiting other historic settings around London, it can be worth investing in a Historic Royal Palaces Membership.  This offers unlimited entrance to settings such as Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Hillsborough Castle as well as the Tower of London.

More details available at Tower of London Deals.

Tickets purchased directly from the Tower of London can be used to upgrade towards membership, (you can upgrade anytime within 2 weeks of purchase) with added savings for those that sign up by direct debit.

7. The Tower of London; Picnics & Lockers

Picnics are welcome at the Tower of London and, whilst seated areas are limited, visitors just tend to find a space within the grounds to settle down with a sandwich.  Unfortunately there are no lockers available on-site so you will need to carry your own lunch with you but this option does offer some easy savings on a day out.

Make use of the free water fountain located on Tower Green close to the Scaffold Site.

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Tower Bridge; Tried & Tested


Tower of London on the Thames by night

Photo; Phil Loach


8. The Tower of London & Photography

Whilst visitors are generally permitted to take photographs within the Tower of London, there are some notable exceptions including the Crown Jewels & the Chapels.

Beware, the Tower of London is not the place to flout the rules!

9. The Tower of London Audio Guide

There is limited information available as you tour around the buildings so you may wish to invest in an audio guide.  Whilst there is an additional charge for this service, for those with a thirst for knowledge, this provides a greater insight into the workings of the Tower of London.

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The Tower of London Guards

Photo Phil Loach


10. The Tower of London; What’s On

Don’t forget to pick up a Daily Events guide/leaflet that lets you know what is running on the day of your visit so you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Ceremony of the Keys

This 700 year tradition takes place every night and offers you a chance to watch the locking up of the Tower of London for FREE.  To be part of this historic ceremony, you will need to apply for tickets in advance.

More details available at The Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys.

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The tower of london teddies and beefeaters

Photo; Phil Loach


By Liz Walsh

Skip The Lines With The London Pass
Skip The Lines With The London Pass