Tesco Clubcard Rewards & Hotel Offer

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East Midlands Hilton HotelTesco Clubcard Vouchers & Hotels; Special Offer

For those regular shoppers at Tesco, you might be interested in the hotel sale that is currently running at Tesco Clubcard.

For a limited time only you can redeem £10 is clubcard vouchers for £40 worth of hotel vouchers at any one of the following hotel chains;

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Best Western
  • MacDonalds
  • Novotel
  • Mercure

Simply order your Tesco Clubcard tokens by 28 February.  Whilst hotels must be booked by 14 March 2013, stays are valid until 31 December 2013.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards & Hotel Restrictions

As hotels normally only offer three times their value in Tesco Clubcard Vouchers, this is value for money.  However, I must say I’ve personally found it increasingly more difficult to gain best value with this deal with all the added requirements that have come into force over the years.

There are now a great number of conditions attached to these offers such as;

  • Minimum 2 night stays, (must be taken Friday/Saturday)
  • Special up rates for clubcard bookings
  • Difficulties securing a family room.
  • Maximum age of accompanying children
  • Limited rooms available to clubcard customers


Hilton HotelFor instance, Marriott Hotels now only offer ‘superior rooms’ to clubcard customers.

Not only do these rooms cost more than standard rooms but only come with a king size bed, (instead of 2 double beds that works for the family).

2 double beds are only available in standard rooms that cannot be booked with clubcard vouchers!

Refreshingly MacDonalds Hotels do offer 1 night stays when possible, (I was recently offered this option for the Glasgow Hotel) & family rooms were available too.

It’s certainly worth ringing around the hotel chains to see which one offers you the best deal…particularly if you can be flexible with your dates.

Best Value Tesco Clubcard Vouchers & Hotel Bookings

1. Clubcard Offers; look out for clubcard hotel offers that tend to run intermittently through the year.

2. The small print; keep an eye on booking & visit dates.  Often the actual date of your visit can be a long way ahead should you wish to space out your stays.

3. Put in the leg work; ring around the hotel chains to see which one offers you the best deal.  Time consuming I know, but my efforts paid off at the McDonalds Hotel recently.

4. Flexibility; have a number of dates in mind once you have decided on a hotel chain & location…you don’t want to start again if they haven’t got your date!

5. Plan! Plan! Plan! Don’t just turn up & be stuck eating at an expensive restaurant.  See what’s in the area & check out special offers.  Always worth having a wad of restaurant vouchers in your purse for every eventuality.




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