Westminster Abbey

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Visiting Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is steeped in over a thousand years of history and is the final resting place for many notable historic figures including the Rudyard Kipling & the Unknown Solider.  More recently Westminster Abbey hosted the royal marriage of Prince William & Catherine Middleton & remains a popular visitor attraction in the heart of London.

Those visiting London for a few days can pick up a sightseeing pass that offers entry to Westminster Abbey plus access to 60+ other tourist attractions too. Alternatively follow our top tips below for Westminster Abbey to see how you can pick up free entry.

Top Tips for Visiting London

If Westminster Abbey is just one stop on your itinerary then follow our Top Tips for Staying in London to help you find affordable accommodation that you can rely upon.


Westminster Abbey in central London

Westminster Abbey, (photo; Phil Loach)


Free Entry to Westminster Abbey

Whilst Westminster Abbey relies on paid admission charges to cover their running costs, the Abbey offers free entry to those that wish to worship by attending a service.  Alternatively visitors to London can gain free entry to Westminster Abbey with a sightseeing pass that covers 60 top attractions including fastrack access to popular settings such as the Tower of London.

Another option to secure free entry is to attend choral evensong at Westminster Abbey that offers you a chance to experience the Abbey as intended and enjoy the ethereal voices of the Choir.  We’ve tried this option out recently and you can see our thoughts below.

Top tip; why not combine at trip to Westminster Abbey with a flight on the London Eye or a tour of the Houses of Parliament that are both located nearby.


Westminster Abbey and ticket office

Westminster Abbey, (photo; Phil Loach)


Evensong at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is free to those that wish to worship and join for Evening Song that regularly takes place during the year. Whilst this is a religious service rather than a sightseeing option, (you wont be able to explore the Abbey before, during or after the service), it does offer you an opportunity to take in the delights of the Abbey in all its ecclesiastical magnificence & well worth a visit.

This is a truly delightful experience, particularly for those that plan ahead and manage to secure seats with the Quire, where you will be rewarded with an restricted view.  The choristers all come through the well respected Westminster Abbey Choir School & offers visitors a chance to hear the choir in all their glory.

Follow our top tips below to make the most of your visit to evensong at Westminster Abbey or enjoy other historic settings in London such as the Tower of London or the glass floors at the Tower Bridge Exhibition that have recently been installed. 


Westminster Abbey visiting in London

Westminster Abbey, (photo; Phil Loach)


Westminster Abbey Evensong; How It Works

Free Entry; you do not need to pre-book tickets for evensong & entry remains free of charge.

Entrance For Evensong; simply queue at the Great West Doors at Westminster Abbey, (this is usually the point of exit if you are on a sightseeing tour).

Queue Times; generally crowds for evensong are relatively small so you should be able to secure a seat if you arrive 15 minutes before the service.

Limited View; worth noting that many of the seats available for evensong offer only a limited view of the choir so worth arriving ahead of the crowds if you are looking for an unrestricted view.

Unrestricted Access; those at the front of the evensong queue will have the opportunity to sit among the (Quire) pews alongside the choir.  On the day of our visit, we arrived an hour before evensong, began queuing at the Great West Door and were rewarded with seats within the Quire.

Photography; there is no photography allowed during the service, (or in fact within Westminster Abbey at any time), and attire should be respectful.

Services; vary throughout the year so worth checking out when evensong at Westminster Abbey is running during your visit.

London on a Budget?

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Westminster Abbey visiting in London

Westminster Abbey, (photo; Phil Loach)



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