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Sea_Life_CentreSea Life Centres; Online Ticket Offers

Often the best online ticket offers for Sea Life Centres tends to be when booking direct with the Sea Life Centres.

Ticket prices can vary throughout the year and often offer good online ticket discounts off standard price tickets….its also a good way to beat the entrance queues!

Booking online will secure you PRIORITY ENTRANCE into the Sea Life Centre, (except London Sea Life Centre),  thus allowing you to avoid the worst of the queues.

Beat the Queues at Sea Life Centres

Particularly during peak times, queues for popular Sea Life Centres can be anything up to a few hours even before you even enter the attraction!  Whilst Timed Ticket Sessions at Sea Life Centres will not completely avoid the queues, it will substantially reduce your waiting time.

In my book, if you plan to visit during peak times, it make sense to book online.

Please note for priority entrance at London Sea Life Aquarium, you will need to opt for a ‘Priority Entrance Ticket’.




London Sea Life Aquarium

London Sea Life is situated literally next door to the London Eye and is a popular choice for visitors.

It can be worth booking online to take advantage of online ticket discounts PLUS save time on arrival for those that opt for Priority Entrance.  You can also pick up discounted joint tickets for the London Eye & Sea Life Aquarium too.

For tips to beat the queues & more money saving tips go to Insider’s Guide to London Sea Life Aquarium.

Free Ticket to Sea Life Centres for TEACHERS!

In previous years, teachers have been able to pick up 2 FREE tickets to select Sea Life Centres during the summer holidays.  More details on this free ticket offer if this runs again in 2015.

Sea Life Centre Discounts; Toddler Tickets

A number of Sea Life Centres now offer an off peak Toddler Ticket.  This midweek, term time ticket provides entry for for 1 parent/carer and 1 child, (5 years or younger) for a combined discounted price of around £12.  Ticket prices vary depending upon location & sometimes this offer is only available when booked online, (depending upon the venue).

As children under 3 years can gain free entry to Sea Life Centres, this can offer a cheap day for those with younger children.

More details available at Sea Life Centre Toddler Ticket.




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Free Sea Life Centre Tickets with Beach Clean Ups

Here’s a great way to do your bit for the environment and pick up free tickets to a Sea Life Centre to boot!

We are starting to see a number of Sea Life Centres organising beach clean ups in their area and offering free tickets to the local Sea Life Centre as a thank you if you volunteer.

These are events are organised at quite short notice so worth keeping in touch with your local Sea Life Centre to see if they have any events coming up for a chance to pick up FREE tickets.

Sea Life Centres 2 for 1 Vouchers

Check out our current list of 2 for 1 vouchers for Sea Life Centres that are currently available.

In general terms, 2 for 1 vouchers can secure one free entry when accompanied by a full paying person and cannot be used in conjunction with online ticket discounts or any other offers.

More details available at 2 for 1 Vouchers for Merlin Attractions.




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Sea Life Centre Deals; Book Online

Simply Book Online at Sea Life Centres to take advantage of greatly reduced price tickets. Booking online can also have the added advantage of fastrack entrance to help you beat the queues.

More details available at Tips to Beat the Queues at Sea Life Centres.

Sea Life Centres Deals & Merlin Pass

Sea Life Centres are included within the Merlin Pass list of attractions.  Whilst there are some restrictions on use at the London Sea Life Aquarium in August, most Sea Life Centres have unrestricted access under the standard Merlin Pass …and remember your Merlin Pass discount off any purchases made.




Late Entry Tickets to Sea Life Centres

At select times during the year, Sea Life Centres can offer discounted late entry tickets when you Book Online at Sea Life Centres.  These late entry tickets are available from 3pm and offers you a great chance to secure a deal PLUS beat the queues at this popular visitor attraction.

Sea Life Centres Deals & Tesco Clubcard

If you are a regular spender at Tesco, this can offer a great way to slash costs at Sea Life Centres.

Opt for either daily entrance ticket tokens or invest in a standard Merlin Annual Pass.  Whilst there are restrictions on use with standard passes, these generally relate to London attractions during August.

You can upgrade to a Premium Merlin Pass for an additional cash payment of around £40.

Free Entrance to Sea Life Centres with a Blue Peter Badge

If you are aged 6 & 15 and hold a Blue Peter Badge & Card, you can gain free entrance to many Sea Life Centres around the country.  More details available at Free Entrance to Sea Life Centres with Blue Peter Badges.

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Sea Life Centre Manchester

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  1. 2 for 1 Sealife in Blackpool request.
    But also for any attractions if possible

    • Hi Piotr, you can pick up a Grown Ups Go Free Voucher, (technically a 2 for 1 voucher) on promotional packets of Kelloggs cereals that is valid at Blackpool Sea Life. If you are looking to visit a number of Blackpool attractions, then worth considering a Blackpool Resort Pass as this offers discounted entry on top attractions in the area.