Paris Velib Bikes & Paris Respire

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Paris Velib Bikes

For those looking to enjoy Paris on a Budget then a Velib Bike can offer a simple solution to navigating the city on the cheap.  Why not do as the locals do and explore Paris from an alternative perspective.  Velibs offer an affordable method of moving around Paris and the great news is that the first 30 minutes of any journey is free!

Paris Velib Bike; A Good Idea?

Budget Paris; it’s a great way to get around on a budget with the first 30 minutes of any journey FREE!

Go Green; Paris is a compact city and can easily be navigated with the use of a bike.

It’s Simple; it’s easy to sign up to the Velib bike scheme either on the day or in advance.  There is an art to removing and returning the bikes but simply watch how it’s done & you’ll soon pick it up.

Do As the Locals Do; follow the Parisians and enjoy city life on a bike.

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Velib_bikes in Paris


Paris Velib Bikes; Tips & Tricks

1. It’s worth downloading the free Velib app that locates the closest available docking stations in real time & location.

2. The Velib bike does not come with a cycle helmet so this is something you will need to consider before making a trip.

3. If the seat on the Velib Bike is facing towards the back wheel this indicates that there is a problem with the bike.

4. When returning a bike, if the selected docking station is full, you can secure an additional 15 minutes for free to locate a vacant spot.

5. Whilst the game is to return your bike within 30 minutes to keep the costs down, it does become time consuming.  Balance your own time against the cost you will incur for a longer trip.

6. Tickets do get stuck in the docking terminal and a good puff of air can sometimes dislodge the ticket!

8. For further details, check out our step by step Guide to Paris Velibs.

Paris Respire

Paris Respire is a car free scheme that runs every Sunday, (plus Public Holidays), where many busy roads in central Paris become car free for the day.  This is a great opportunity for cyclists, walkers & rollerbladers to take to some of the main Paris streets hassle free!

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Louvre museum in paris

Louvre Musee, Paris





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