Palace of Versailles

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Palace of Versailles

Not trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Palace of Versailles that is central to the fabric of French social history.  Along with our Eiffel Tower Guide this popular tourist destination attracts the crowds each year.  Follow our money saving guide to save you both time and money on your next visit to Paris.

1. Palace of Versailles Tour, (including transport)

This package from Attractiontix offers transport from Paris to Versailles, guided entry to both the palace and gardens plus a restaurant lunch. This tour takes away all the stresses & strains of arranging a visit to Versailles that is situated some 25km from Paris city centre.

To book go to Palace of Versailles Tour including entry, transport & lunch.




2. Palace of Versailles; The Paris Pass

The Palace of Versailles is included within the Paris Pass that offers entry to over 60 top Paris attractions PLUS free access to public transport within the city. For those looking to visit a number of top tourist settings, including the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe & Musee d’Orsay, the Paris Pass can offer great value for money.

More details available with our Guide to the Paris Pass.

2. Palace of Versailles; Free Entry Sundays

Pick up FREE entry to the Palace of Versailles on the first Sunday of each month, (running November to March).  This free entry offer is limited to the state apartments, hall of mirrors, coronation room, grand trianon & estate of Marie-Antoinette.  The Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Paris so queues are considerable whenever you choose to visit let alone a free entry day.  Get there early and be prepared to queue!

3. Palace of Versailles; Free Entry

Children under 18 years can gain free entry to the Palace of Versailles but only children 6 years and under can secure free entry to the gardens. You can purchase any subsequent garden tickets once you have completed a tour of the palace, (ticket booths are located directly in front of the grounds).  Those under 26 years who are citizens of the EU can also gain free access but remember to bring along documentary evidence to take advantage of this offer.

Top Tip; if you are entitled to free admission, you can skip the cash desks and head straight for entrance A.



Hall of Mirrors


Palace of Versailles; Bypass The Queues

1. About the only way to beat the queues at the Palace of Versailles is to arrive significantly earlier than the gates open! Not only can you avoid the worst of the queues, you will be in for a more relaxing experience during the tour itself.  Versailles is around 25km outside of Paris city centre and traffic is heavy.  However you plan to get there, ensure you have left adequate time to be in line BEFORE the gates open.

2. Avoid the first queue of the day by purchasing tickets online.  This allows you to miss the queue for the ticket booths and head directly to ‘Entrance A’.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of visitors are aware of this too so the wait in line will still be substantial.

3. Whilst the Paris Pass offers fastrack entrance at the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou, unfortunately this will NOT provide you fastrack entrance to the Palace of Versailles.

4. Opt for a later visit and undertake the gardens first. The Palace of Versailles suggest after 4.30pm but we hear hit & miss stories about this option.  For one, you will be restricted on the duration of your tour, (ensure you are aware of closing times), and often you can still be caught up in residual crowds that have been delayed by earlier queues!

5. Take a group tour that offers a fastrack entry option into the Palace of Versailles, (not all group tours offer this).  Not the cheapest option but it will offer you a way out of the queues although you will still be in the medley once you are through the entrance.

Follow our Guide to the Eiffel Tower to help you save time & money on your visit to Paris.



Hire a Golfing Buggy


Palace of Versailles; Top Tips

1. Please note that the Palace of Versailles is closed every Monday throughout the season.

2. Allow a full day to thoroughly explore the palace, gardens, grounds & additional attractions.

3. No food or drink can be taken into the state apartments although there is a baggage check area available as you enter the palace from Entrance A, (larger bags are no longer admitted).  There is an outdoor undercover picnic area that is available to all palace visitors should you wish to pack a picnic.

4. Make use of the bathrooms before entering the State Apartments as there are no further toilets available until your reach the end of tour.

5. You won’t find any signage within the state rooms & frankly you wouldn’t be able to see it over the crowds if there was! There is an audio guide that is included within your passport ticket, (available to adults and children age 8 years & above), that is worth picking up on your way into the palace.

6. There is only one route away around the palace & you will find it exceedingly difficult to navigate a path back to anything you wish to see again.  Ensure you have taken your photos before moving on as you won’t have a second chance.

7. If you are looking to purchase refreshments, try the Grande Cafe d’Orleans at the end at the tour.  Whilst the name suggests otherwise, I found they did offer reasonably priced sandwiches & drinks.

8. For something different, hire a golfing buggy around the gardens.  Drivers must be at least 24 years old with a maximum 4 people per car.  You pay for an initial hour & are then charged a supplement for each quarter of an hour thereafter.  You must provide a valid driving licence for this option – something I failed to have on me at the time much to the disappointment of my son!  In warmer weather, you can also hire a bike around the grounds of the palace.

9. Take the little train shuttle between the palace & trianon to save yourself the walk, (additional charge).

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Palace of Versailles
By Liz Walsh

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