Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal evokes visions of romantic movies & times gone by so no trip to New York would be complete without stopping by.  Whilst Grand Central Terminal is the largest train station in the world, you can spend quite some time there without ever spotting a train! Platforms have been purposely squirreled away out of sight so as not to detract from the glitter & shine of this grandiose building. Follow our guide to Grand Central below packed with top tips and information on ways to make the most of your visit.

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Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central; Tips & Tricks

1. Stand underneath the world famous meeting point; the Grand Central Clock located within the main concourse.  The setting for many a romantic reunion over the years.

2. Check out the whispering wall located close to the entrance of the oyster bar on the lower floor.  If you are uncertain as to the exact location, simply loiter around the area and all will soon become clear.

3. Climb the grand staircases, inspired from those within the Paris Opera House, that offers a great vantage point to people watch.

4. Prepare for a sensory overload as you wander through the Grand Central Market that offers a fine range of fresh food & drink.

5. Look out for GCT workers walking through the  double-pane main glass windows that is quite a sight to behold.

6. Look up at the spectacular mural on the ceiling within the main concourse; can you spot that the sky is in reverse?  Whilst officials of the time liked to explain it was God’s view of the sky, perhaps this was more spin than substance.

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Grand Central

Grand Central; watch people moving through the double-pane glass windows


Tours of Grand Central Terminal

1. Guided Tours; 75 minute guided tours of Grand Central are available each day. Groups are limited to 25 people per guide & you can now book online in advance to avoid disappointment. Unfortunately, on our recent trip we did not have a good experience with the guided tour, mainly down to trouble with the audio equipment, so we subsequently opted for a self guided tour.

2. Self Guided Tours; these audio guides or  iphone/android apps are available from the ‘GCT Tours’ ticket kiosk in the main concourse.  We found this to be an excellent, cheaper method to learn more about Grand Central with the added bonus of being able to move at our own pace.

3. Free Tours; there is a free 90 minute walking tour of Grand Central Terminal & the surrounding area that runs every Friday throughout the year at 12.30pm.  No booking is required; simply meet in the sculpture court, (120 Park Avenue directly across from Grand Central Terminal).

Check out footage below from one of the first flash mobs that took place at Grand Central.

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