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Go Ape Forest Segways

For those that have explored our Go Ape Cheap Ticket & Promo Code Guide look out for the Go Ape’s Forest Segways that offer you a novel way to explore woodland paths on wheels.  Not content with aerial assault courses & zip wires, Go Ape have now extended into these motorized two wheeled vehicles for an unusual experience that is suitable for adults & children alike, (10 years +).  Follow our guide below to find out more about this latest range of adrenaline fuelled activities.


People on go ape segways in the forest

Go Ape Forest Segways, (photo; Phil Loach)


1. Go Ape Forest Segways Promo Code, (not currently available)

We’ve teamed up with Go Ape to offer you a Go Ape promo code that is valid for Forest Segways.  Find out more details over on our Go Ape Segway Special Offer page to secure a 10% discount off your total booking, (not currently available).

2.Forest Segways; Tried & Tested

These self balancing electric transporters are deceptively easy to pick up & before you know it, you are out of training mode and whizzing around the forest.  With a Forest Segway guide on hand at all times, you’ll feel comfortable exploring the forest with this latest mode of transport.

Once we’d found our Forest Segway technique, (which really doesn’t take long with a fully trained Go Ape instructor by our side), we were taken off the beaten track & into the forest.  Guided by an instructor we were taken through forest trails, through woodland, open terrain & alongside waterways to put the Segways through their paces at a speed you are comfortable with, (the Segways will reach a maximum of 16mph).

Using a Segway on uneven ground is a particularly exhilarating when navigating your route around trees, bumps, obstructions, narrow pathways, down slopes & up hills.  Whenever I’ve been on a Segway, I have always been struck with how quickly the the instructors recognise both your aptitude & objectives; whether this be difficult terrain,  picturesque surroundings or an adrenaline fueled adventure.  Your Segway experience last for an hour and, whilst this might not seem a long time, you are certainly beginning it to feel it, (particularly in your legs) by the time you head back to base.


Go explore on a forest segway

Go Ape Forest Segways, (photo; Phil Loach)


3. Go Ape Forest Segway Requirements

1. To enjoy the Go Ape Forest Segways, you will need to be over 10 years old AND over 45kg/7 stone in weight, (but under 125kg/19.5 stone). These Go Ape requirements are in place for navigation purposes and be aware that Go Ape have scales on site too!

2. Children aged 10 – 15 years must be accompanied by a paying adult with a maximum of 1 adult to 3 children under 16 years. Whilst those aged 16 & 17 can ride unsupervised they cannot supervise others. So this isn’t an experience you can leave to the kids, (though why would you want to miss the fun!) Kidding apart, it is something to take account of when costing your Segway trip.

3. Remember to dress sensibly for this Segway experience so no sandals or high heels! A Go Ape Segway is an all weather experience so you will still be going out in the wet & rain, (I hear it makes for an enhanced experience). If you do want to cancel, you will need to provide 48 notice to re-arrange your visit.

4. Go Ape Segways session offers you an hour’s off road experience, (including training time), with an accompanying guide.

5. You can now pick up a Segway at a range of forest locations including the Forest of Dean, Bracknell, Black Park, Grizedale Forest, Moors Valley, Thetford, Cannock, Dalby Forest, Delamere Forest & Sherwood Pines.

6. Look out for further tips & tricks to pick up a promo code within our Go Ape Tree Top Deals.


climbing the go ape assault course

Go Ape Tree Top Adventue, (photo; Phil Loach)

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